In honor of my 4,000th, here’s my top 100.

So get this noise . . .Ken Davenport Top 100 Blogs

Today is my 4,000th post.

I really can’t believe it, but it’s true.  Since I started bloggin’ back in 2008 (!), I’ve written four-freakin’-thousand entries.  Huh.  Let’s think about that for a sec.  If each entry is about a page, then I’ve written the equivalent of War and Peace . . .  two-and-two-thirds times over!

Crazy, to think about it.  Especially when you consider that if someone walked up to me six years ago and asked, “Ken, will you write a 4,000 page book about theater and producing?” I’d tell them to go stuff themselves because there’s no way I could write a 400 page book on theater and producing!  (Once again proving that big goals should be chunked down to bite sized goals so they are more easily digestible by your self-conscious.)

Back in January, when I asked you all, “Yo!  What’s Your Problem!?!” I got a bunch of emails from new subscribers saying, “Ken – where do I start?!?”  When I got this in the past, I used to say, “Browse it up!”  But now, with 4,000 posts, and some blogs better than others (even I know when I write a stinker), I figured it was time to solve this problem with a little more structure.

So I put together a book of my Top 100 Blogs!

But I had nothing to do with picking the Top 100.  I let you do that.  And you didn’t even know it.

The Top 100 blogs that made it into this book are the blogs that were the most popular and the most read over the last six years.  They are the blogs that, for whatever reason, resonated with you.

Blogs like:

– “What do Barry Manilow and Mike Tyson have in common?”
– “Does an attack on The Times signal a change in the times?”
– “Why you should focus on getting people to NOT see your show!”
– And 97 more of your faves.

It was so tempting to just fill up this book with the blogs I personally enjoyed, and the ones I thought were “important.” But, when it comes down to making something that you want people to read (or see . . . if you apply this theory to a show), you have to put the audience first.

(Huh.  I think that’s actually my producing mission statement.  I gotta remember that one.)

So, the blogs in this book are not my Top 100.  They are yours.

If you don’t want to click through the 4,000 to read the “most read” then get the book.

You can get it in ol’ fashioned paperback here.

Or you can get the eBook version here.

And if you want to see the other books I’ve put out in the world there, click here.

Thanks again for gettin’ me to 4,000.  I wouldn’t have gotten to four blogs if it weren’t for all of your passion keepin’ me goin’.  Because believe me, I’ve wanted to stop several times.  But your emails and comments (even the ones that disagree with me!) keep me bloggin’ away.

But, I think I’ve got another 4,000 in me.  You in?

Great.  I’ll see you in six years!


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