Tony Awards are poppin’ up all over!

pop-up store tony awardsA few years ago, around Halloween, pop-up costume stores starting appearing in empty street-level shops, doing a ton of biz in a short period of time.  The retailer was happy.  The landlord was happy.

One thing you can always count on in business:  when someone does something successful, someone will try to do the exact same thing (usually without the same results – originality is the best advertisement ever).

And then came the Christmas pop-up.  And the Superbowl pop-up.  And so forth and so on.

I blogged about this phenomenon last December, so what’s got me intrigued yet again?

This Friday, a Tony Awards pop-up store will open at The Paramount Hotel!

It’s supposed to feature merch, “fan experiences” and a ton more (I’m hoping there’s a “Get your picture taken while accepting a Tony” cutout).

It’s a super smart idea since the majority of people who walk through Times Square are at the very least interested in the theater.  Giving them an immersive reminder that the theater’s biggest honors are to be televised in just a few weeks should engage a lot more viewers than a billboard.  Remember, we all live and breathe Broadway all year ’round.  But the casual tourist from Alabama or Uzbekistan may not even know the Tony Awards exist!

I’ll be poppin’ by The Tony Awards pop-up store on Friday, and you should too.  The Tony Awards are the biggest tool we have to grow our audience.  The bigger the ratings we have this year, the bigger the audience we will have tomorrow.


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