And the nominees for the 1st annual Ghostlight Awards are . . . (Updated 2018).

Ok, so . . . I had a feeling The Ghostlight Awards would be popular (a job of a producer is to do things that they think are going to be popular, of course), but I had no flippin’ idea how popular they would be!  (If you just joined the blog, and aren’t sure what they are – they’re the awards for all the people that don’t have awards – click here to read more.)

We got gobs of submissions for all of our backstage and front of house employees, from Stagehand to Stage Door Person.  We got so many that we couldn’t even get them all counted and sorted by last Friday (when we were supposed to announce the nominations) and had to spend the weekend making sure we counted right!

My assistant and her team of interns have double and triple checked all the submissions and I am proud to say that we have our slate of nominees for the 1st annual Ghostlight Awards!

We don’t have Kristin Chenoweth to announce them on NY1 (yet), so let’s just get to ’em.

Here they are!


Best Box Office Staff Member:

Matt Fearon – Jersey Boys – August Wilson Theatre

Rodney Giebler – Matilda – Shubert Theatre

Alexis Greer Bond – The Cripple of Inishmaan – Cort Theatre

Tim Moran – The Bridges of Madison County – The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

Geoffrey Nixon – Casa Valentina – Samuel J. Friedman Theatre


Best Child Guardian:

Shanna Allison – Mothers and Sons – John Golden Theatre

Jenna Bauman – Act One – Vivian Beaumont Theatre

Thomas Bradfield – Pippin – Music Box Theatre

Bridget Mills – Kinky Boots – Al Hirschfeld Theatre

Jill Valentine – Annie – Palace Theatre


Best Company Manager:

Kate Egan – Rocky – Winter Garden Theatre

Scott Ellis – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Erin Moeller – Casa Valentina – Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

Susan Sampliner – Wicked – Gershwin Theatre

Roseanna Sharrow – Cabaret – Studio 54


Best Concessions/Bar Staff:

Vinnie Costa – Once – Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre

Zac Denhamn – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Eric Pagan – Aladdin – New Amsterdam Theatre

Jeremy Plyburn – The Book of Mormon – Eugene O’Neill Theatre

Andrew Sanford – The Realistic Joneses – Lyceum Theatre


Best Dance Captain:

Graham Bowen – The Book Of Mormon – Eugene O’Neill Theatre

James Brown III – Rocky – Winter Garden Theatre

Michael Mindlin – Aladdin – New Amsterdam Theatre

Brad Musgrove – Pippin – Music Box Theatre

Sara Sheperd – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – Stephen Sondheim Theatre


Best Dresser:

Fran Curry – The Bridges of Madison County – Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

Carrie Kamerer – Aladdin – New Amsterdam Theatre

Leslie Moulton – Aladdin – New Amsterdam Theatre

Kathe Mull – Wicked – Gershwin Theatre

Thelma Laretta Pollard – The Phantom of the Opera – Majestic Theatre


Best House Manager:

Michael Composto – The Book of Mormon – Eugene O’Neill Theatre

Susan Elrod – A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder – Walter Kerr Theatre

Jim Joseph – Casa Valentina – Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

Johannah-Joy Magyawe – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Tim Pettolina – If/Then – Richard Rodgers Theatre


Best Merchandise Seller:

Lucas Camp – Newsies – Nederlander Theatre

Heather Card – Aladdin – New Amsterdam Theatre

Clint Escandell – Aladdin – New Amsterdam Theatre

Jeff Knizner – The Lion King – Minskoff Theatre

Paul Moon – Wicked – Gershwin Theatre


Best Musician:

David Evans – Wicked – Gershwin Theatre

Philip Fortenberry – Rocky – Winter Garden Theatre

Matt Hinkley – First Date & Violet – Longacre Theatre & American Airlines Theatre

Sean McDaniel – Violet – American Airlines Theatre

Trevor Neumann – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – Stephen Sondheim Theatre


Best Musical Director:

Charlie Alterman – Pippin – Music Box Theatre

Chris Fenwick – Rocky – Winter Garden Theatre

Jason Howland – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Brian Usifer – Kinky Boots – Al Hirschfeld Theatre

Daryl Waters – After Midnight – Brooks Atkinson Theatre


Best Stage Door Person:

Rose Alaio – Matilda – Shubert Theatre

Neil Perez – Kinky Boots – Al Hirschfeld Theatre

Eddie Peterson – Annie – Palace Theatre

Christine Snyder – Jersey Boys – August Wilson Theatre

Rita Wozniak – Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark – Lyric Theatre


Best Stagehand:

McBrien Dunbar – Rocky – Winter Garden Theatre

Chad Hershey – Cinderella – Broadway Theatre

Jocelyn Smith – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Adam Smolnski – Act One – Vivian Beaumont Theatre

Rob Presley – The Cripple of Inishmaan – Cort Theatre


Best Stage Manager:

Lisa Dawn Cave – Rocky – Winter Garden Theatre

Matt DiCarlo – Rock of Ages – Helen Hayes Theatre

Bess Glorioso – Once – Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre

Michael Passaro – Pippin – Music Box Theatre

Ron Vodicka – The Lion King – Minskoff Theatre


Best Usher:

Rob Abud – Casa Valentina – Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

T.J. D’Angelo – A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder – Walter Kerr Theatre

Megan Duffy – Aladdin – New Amsterdam Theatre

Josh Garcia – Aladdin – New Amsterdam Theatre

Sarah Pauley – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – Stephen Sondheim Theatre



Congratulations to all of the nominees!  You obviously love what you do and do it well, because you’ve got a lot of friends out there willing to speak up about your skills.

And now that we’ve narrowed the field, it’s time to vote!

Click here to vote for the winners of The 1st Annual Ghostlight Awards!  And turn out the vote for your favorite peeps!  We’ll announce the winners here on the blog on May 27th.

Good luck to everyone and thanks for participating!



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What a great group of nominees! If you missed the list of awardees, check out my post From Their OwnMouths: The Ghostlight Awards Acceptance Speeches, to see the full list of winners and their speeches.

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  • Harvey Fierstein says:

    While I love these, you still missed BEST ENSEMBLE AWARD. And how about BEST REPLACEMENT? And BEST UNDERSTUDY? HAIRDRESSERS? SHOEMAKERS? COSTUME SHOP and SET SHOP? And how about an award for PRESS AGENT?

    And even in your nominations you didn’t acknowledge Jefferson May’s dresser at GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE who gets those quick changes done.

    Truthfully, everyone who does a great job should be acknowledged as such. We lucky enough to stand in the spotlight are only there due to the work of hundreds of others and I, for one, never forget them.

    Thank you for this fun way of saying THANKS to these folks I LOVE!!!

  • senorvoce says:

    Not to mention the pervasive anti-union/labor antagonism shown against all these categories. Forget the awards,just treat all in the industry with dignity and respect.

  • This is great, Ken! Sharing with all my Tweeps in the hopes they will also vote. Harvey above had some great ideas for next years awards- hope you can incorporate additional categories.

    Thank you again for doing this for our community!

    -Bryan at @Broadway_Buzz

  • jon jordan says:

    well I voted but hair dresser/ makeup artists also work backstage it is hair/ makeup designers get lumped into costumes for the tonys we don’t exist for ghostlight?thank you..

  • BB says:

    Still even after multiple comments and requests to acknowledge the hard working hair and makeup artists backstage, there isn’t even a mention. Elphaba wouldn’t be green without a makeup artist, Kelli O’Hara on your recent show… wouldn’t have been the beautiful brunette she was without her hair dresser, Alan Cumming’s Emcee wouldn’t be the same if he weren’t in makeup and his dark locks, Jessie Mueller wouldn’t have multiple looks that allow her to show the different ages of Carole King without the wigs she wears. The list could go on…

    And the other list that could go on is all of the other people who should be acknowledged that aren’t…. if this is TRULY suppose to be acknowledging people who are not normally acknowledged, there should be an extensive list. Best Ensemble, best stitchers, agents, understudies, standbys, swings, etc….

    A show would never make it each night on time without the work of every single person backstage, we all work for the same purpose, no one more important than the other.

    To all of those people nominated, congrats to you and a huge thank you to everyone in this business for all the awesome work that you all do. How lucky we are to be a part of it all.

  • Polly Meyer says:

    I just wanted to say I think this is the coolest thing ever! I’m so glad you’re doing this.

  • Therrin Eber says:

    I love that these awards are being given, but my question is how is it annual if it is the first one?

  • Nicole says:

    I hope everybody can appreciate these awards but in the end lets call a spade a spade. You haven’t earned anything you’ve been nominated but yourselves.

  • hairball says:

    What??? No hair and makeup categories….snubbed again. Damn

  • i remember when dame edna was at the booth. there was a woman usher who was getting up there in years, and was also on the cover of a broadway cd, complete with a cape and a flashlight – like she was ‘usher of the year.’ barry humphries heard about this and invited her backstage for tea, which she enjoyed immensely. my boyfriend maury and i became friends with charles, the security guard at the vivian beaumont because we were in the cancellation line for south pacific so many times. it’s so great to honor those behind the scenes who make the theater experience what it is.

    and for those miffed about the hair and makeup – they just started this – im sure they’ll be included in the future. good on u for speaking up, there’s always a few hiccups with something new. they’ll get it right.

  • PattyK says:

    Thank you, Ken, for acknowledgments of many unsung heroes in the theatre. So pleased for my friend Philip Fortenberry, nominated in Best Musician category. He is a true virtuoso–his hands used to play the difficult piano pieces in Behind the Candelabra. A very humble guy who has been a part of the Las Vegas musical scene–Jersey Boys and many benefits– for quite a few years. Pleased to call him my friend.

  • Thelma Laretta Pollard says:

    Thank you Ken Davenport for considering those of us who work behind the scenes. We appreciate it.
    However, you have done exactly as the Tony Awards has done to us for the past years. You did not include the The Hair & Make-up Department.
    I would like to see you put on a show, all other departments do their work. The Hair dept and wigmakers not have hair or wigs to complete the look for the Period of the show or the Make-up Dept not able to apply the Make-up.
    Ask yourself is the look for the show complete? The answer would be NO.

    We are skilled Licenced craftsmen who take our work seriously.

    I am listed under DRESSER. I should have been listed under Production Make-up Supervisor. BUT there was no category for Make-up or Hair.

  • Rancherlou says:

    Ken, how did you happen on this great idea of celebrating the unsung heroes of the theatre? How ’bout giving some credit to the lady whose home it was shared with you in? Shame on you, Ken! I thought you were a classier act.

  • Cheryl Budd says:

    Voted For all my buddies

  • Jaco van Rensburg says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea, BUT I’m not sure if the open votes are fair. I live in South Africa and while I visit the Great White Way annually, I was also able to vote – sometimes at random as I do not know all of the nominees. I’m sure that unless you have worked with most of these people, every show will just vote for their nominees, turning this into a ‘who-knows-the-most-people’ contest as opposed to a true reflection of the hard work and effort that goes on backstage.

  • barbara wild says:

    TJ DeAngelo best usher

  • Angie Cellucci says:


  • Colette Gilbers says:

    Kate Egan for best company manager

  • Alan K says:

    What about Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist. We keep performers and support staff healthy and working as my colleagues and I have done for many shows over many years.

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