My personal request to Tony Award Winners.

Yesterday’s blog, as well as my acceptance speech for last year’s Audience Award for Macbethwas about paying respect to those above-the-title producers out there that may not make the theater their full time profession, but they help make great theater possible.

I couldn’t sleep last night, because I felt a little like I had forgotten someone in my blog-like-thank-you speech.  So I thought I’d make up for it today, by imploring our Tony Award winners to say thank you to not just the Lead Producers, and not just the other Above-The-Titles, and not just their parents and their voice teachers and the dude that sold them the hot dog on their way to the callback.

I’d ask all the Tony Winners who are handed a trophy to thank all of those folks, and to also thank all of the folks that invest in Broadway shows, including the little guys that struggle to pony up $10k a show, but they do it, because they love Broadway so much.

The six-figure check writers get a lot of attention on Broadway in this world, but it’s important to remember that the small investors are what started Broadway (I’m reminded of the Hal Prince producing days, when the staff of the shows used to cash their checks and buy a unit or two), and they’re also what will keep it going.  (I also find that the small investor will work his or her butt off in marketing any show they’re a part of.)

While I’m uber-ly grateful for my large investors, I’m just as grateful for my small ones.

And we all should be.

So Tony Winners, take a second to thank everyone that helped get you on that stage . . . including all the Broadway Investors out there.


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  • David Merrick Jr says:

    I commend you for this post, a nice antidote to what Healy/TIMES reported, in which the powers-that-be want to shaft the smaller producers.

    Don’t these guys realize that without the fund-raisers, there are no shows?


  • I look at every person who buys a ticket as an investor. If they didn’t believe, they wouldn’t support. I love them all.

  • john fikkan says:

    Kudos to Bess Marie Glorioso, stage director, for being a huge part of so many wonderful Broadway shows: “Once”, “Frankie and Johnny”, “Wicked”, Martin Short’s “Fame Becomes Me” and many others.

  • senorvoce says:

    While we’re all singing Kumbaya, maybe a big thank you to the little folk in the form of rescinding the $1.00 League Tax on TKTS tickets would be in order.

  • Lisa Peterson says:

    Your small investors THANK YOU Ken for this Producers’ blog and for always treating us like LARGE investors.

  • Harry Zimbler says:

    I was the city last week to see “If/Then.” Idina Menzel was not in the show due to illness, I assume. The understudy was excellent. But I paid to see Idina. We were given the option to get our money back or take two tickets to another performance. My question is: Has this become regular practice on Broadway?Or was it unusual because Menzel is holding the show afloat? I always thought you took your chances. and that standby performers were acceptable. Just curious.

  • Lynn Marks says:

    Your acceptance speech was music to my ears!
    I will donate the small amounts until the day I can write the big checks!

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