The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to Marat/Sade Off Broadway!

Young producers often ask me for advice on what to do to kickstart their producing careers.  If they aren’t independently weathly, or if they don’t know people that are independently wealthy, I usually say  . . . get your theater-lovin’ friends together (and if you don’t have theater-lovin’ friends, then get them), and form a theater company.

That’s what happened with The Theatre Project which started in Plattsburgh, New York, and is now  producing an adaptation of the Peter Weiss play, Marat/Sade, at the Players Theatre Off Broadway.

Pretty cool, right?

So I thought we’d honor them and all the theater companies out there by featuring The Theatre Project here in this Sunday’s Giveaway!

Want to win two tickets to Marat/Sade?  Here’s how:

The Theatre Project’s mission statement is all about “ground-breaking modern theatre.”  If you founded or if you ran a theater company, what would your mission statement be?

Comment your mission below and you could win!


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  • Jared Goerke says:

    My mission would be to bring back the older musicals that are now forgotten and show them to a younger and new audience. There are a lot of shows Like Merrily We Roll Along that I feel would work better in todays environment. I mean how often do you read of movie stars and such getting divorces nowadays? It would probably fit in with everything going on today and Merrily would feel very fit. It was a success in London recently and could be on Broadway too.



  • I don’t mean to be selfish, but the way the question is posed – quite simply – produce my work. I recognize there are many great writers out there, but, of course, think my plays are pretty swell as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to have many plays produced by others and have self produced a few here in New York. But a full time theater company dedicated to doing the work of each playwright would be a great luxury. Excuse me, I need to get busy on this…

  • Sue Cohen says:

    My theatre company’s mission would include getting the audience involved in the production in many ways. We all know it’s much more fun to perform in or work on a production than to sit in the audience and just watch. Maybe subscribers would have small jobs at some performances. A new kind of subscription theatre!

  • Isaac Byrne says:

    To produce work that provokes, incites, and entertains.

  • Ege Maltepe says:

    My company’s vision would be creating original performance pieces out of ensemble work and through those works opening local and global conversations via community outreach programs and social media.

  • Ginger Dayle says:

    Here is my theatre company’s current mission, re-worked about 2 months ago. I still need to update it our web site:

    New City Stage Company is a Philadelphia-based and Philadelphia-inspired theatre company dedicated to showing the strengths and highlights of our unique region. We strive to bring as many Philadelphia and world premieres to the stage as possible, including 10 Philadelphia premieres and 3 world premieres during our first 7 seasons.

    Our productions are accessible to many facets of the community, with a special emphasis on bringing schools and universities in contact with our work. We employ both union and non-union actors, directors, and crew. We start the employment process in the region first, giving gainful employment to many of our local artists and technicians, with emphasis on offering intern positions to current college students and recent graduates to give them an opportunity to gain professional experience. We commission and create fully mounted productions of plays that come from a variety of sources – classical works, contemporary plays, reader’s theatre, literature, film, works-in-progress, and original ensemble-based creations.

  • I am the artistic director of this company and this is our mission. I am posting it because I became part of this company because the vision matches all the work I’ve been writing and producing,

    Our Mission Statement:
    Identity Theater Company is a group of differently abled artists devoted to exploring and challenging issues of the human condition.We strive to present work that cultivates understanding, promotes tolerance, and engages its participants in meaningful discussions.

  • We aim to best harness the craft of theater such that ideas are expressed cogently. They will spur thought, titillate the mind of the viewers and provide discussion fodder for the audience as they leave the theater.

  • In the words of Ezra Pound:
    “The Tradition is a Beauty that we preserve,
    not a set of fetters to bind us.”

    Now, that’s a poetic statement and a mission statement in one.

    “Marat, we’re poor./And the poor stay poor.
    Marat, don’t make us wait any more.
    We want our rights, and we don’t care how.
    We want a Revolution —NOW!!!”

  • Ryan McCurdy says:

    A New York-based production company that creates new theatrical experiences from classical texts and themes. Winnie Lok and Ryan McCurdy, Co-Producers.

  • Brian says:

    Theatre that will engage, enlighten, entertain, enrage or E) all of the above!

  • Candace says:

    My theater’s mission would be, “Entertainment by great entertainers, for all mankind.”

  • Karl P says:

    All’s the world is a stage, and we will bring you the best theater right to this stage.

  • Keni Fine says:

    “Theater of Compassion” -for Awakening & Renewal of the Spirit

  • John P. says:

    Interesting and engaging theater which is popular, critically successful and produces a return.

  • Robert Smith says:

    My theatre would be one who’s doors were always and totally open to any blind, deaf, disabled, poor, rich, homeless or troubled soul who wanted to wallow in the joy of story telling, from the classics to the new and experimental. Creative people can’t be stopped and theatre should be universal, accessible, always and forever.

  • Do good theater. Period.

  • Rob Brown says:

    To tell great stories well, entertain and engage our community.

    • Deborah S says:

      Blind submissions, with a goal that at least 50% of the produced plays would be written by women. Nearly half of the Dramatists Guild members are female. But plays by and about women are not being produced on Broadway or in the LORT A and B theatres. Upwards of 60% of the audience is female; women’s stories win prizes and sell tickets. Cheers for Lorraine Hansberry. Where are the rest of the women?

  • Seth Pyatt says:

    Passion Statement: to reinvigorate classics and lesser known works, and to foster the development of new pieces by giving a platform to new artists who desire to reach new audiences.

  • Alexa says:

    We just started one:

    1. promote writers writing for women,
    2. create more roles for women,
    3. challenge the accepted portrayal of women in film and on stage.

  • Ed says:

    The Prunes is a theatre company whose work illustrates evolution of older adults in our society. The Prunes seek to illuminate the historic misconceptions about older adults while demonstrating the vast diversity in sensibility and capability of older adults. The Prunes repertoire extends from the classical to the contemporary. The Writers Unit of Prunes develops new work from older writers both established and emerging.

  • Karma says:

    Create community; art examines life.

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    The Theater of Tolerance: our mission would be to produce plays that teach audiences to be more tolerant of other people’s religions, races, ethnicity, differences, sexual preferences. The common theme of tolerance would be the basis for the plays produced. There is a Museum of Tolerance in Manhattan and that would be a good venue for this theater group’s productions.

  • Meryl says:

    Across the Rubicon Productions is currently in the works – every piece we do will treat the “point of no return,” that point when your choice forces you to look forward instead of backwards.

  • Rebecca says:

    If I had the ability to create my own theater company which is one of my dreams, I would want to produce work that engages the audience and helps bring them to action. I want to be able to bring theater and art to the streets to meet people where they are. To bring the arts and theater into the classroom so that students can become the next generation of theater makers. I want to produce and create work that makes people think. I foremost want to teach the world to inspire others and make change in their own communities.

  • ECP says:

    Human Capital. A staging area for diverse productions that surprise and engage audiences as they illuminate the human condition.

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