The Winners of the First Annual Ghostlight Awards Are . . .

Sweet Jumpin’ You-Know-Who!

We got almost four thousand votes for the first annual Ghostlight Awards!

I just love it.  It just shows how much support and love there is for those that literally pull the curtain, light the lights, and serve those sippy cups.  It takes a lot more to put on a Broadway show than just the people on the stage or on the God mic.  But, I don’t need to tell you that, since the number of your votes prove that you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Ok, so those thousands of votes have been counted, and it’s time to announce the winners!

By your votes, the votes of the people, the winners of the first (but not the last) Ghostlight Awards are . . .

Best Box Office Staff Member:
Tim Moran – The Bridges of Madison County – The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre

Best Child Guardian:
Jill Valentine – Annie – Palace Theatre

Best Company Manager:
Susan Sampliner – Wicked – Gershwin Theatre

Best Concessions/Bar Staff:
Jeremy Plyburn – The Book of Mormon – Eugene O’Neill Theatre

Best Dance Captain:
Brad Musgrove – Pippin – Music Box Theatre

Best Dresser:
Kathe Mull – Wicked – Gershwin Theatre

Best House Manager:
Michael Composto – The Book of Mormon – Eugene O’Neill Theatre

Best Merchandise Seller:
Paul Moon – Wicked – Gershwin Theatre

Best Musician:
Philip Fortenberry – Rocky – Winter Garden Theatre

Best Musical Director:
Brian Usifer – Kinky Boots – Al Hirschfeld Theatre

Best Stage Door Person:
Rose Alaio – Matilda – Shubert Theatre

Best Stagehand:
Jocelyn Smith – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – The Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Best Stage Manager:
Lisa Dawn Cave – Rocky – Winter Garden Theatre

Best Usher:
Sarah Pauley – Beautiful: The Carole King Musical – The  Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Congratulations to you all!  Speech!  Speech!

What, you think because this is an online awards ceremony there can’t be acceptance speeches?  Oh, stay tuned, because we’re gonna have speeches.  These folks deserve to say something for all the hard work they do.

TO ALL THE WINNERS – Email me as soon as you can.

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  • N/A says:

    What about best Infrared Rep?? The reps that hand out the assisted listening devices. We deal with alot of customer service and making sure patrons have a pleasant listening experience. Maybe a category for next round??

  • Andrea Rivette says:

    Tim Moran WAS incredibly lovely at
    Bridges of Madison County!!!
    Well deserved!!!!!

  • Jessie says:

    Jeremy Plyburn was fired from Sweet Concessions’ bar managing before the nominations even came out. Don’t really think it’s fair for him to win since he was terminated by the company for policy-breaking.

    • Jeremy Plyburn says:

      Jessie – Let me first say thank you for picking such a public place to air out someone’s dirty laundry. I just have a couple tiny corrections! The company is called Sweet Hospitality Group, but thats not important! Im sure your private eye missed that tiny detail of the company name change when they were busy digging up dirt on Ghostlight Award Winners so you could sling mud on a public forum.
      Also, the reason for my termination had nothing to do with my performance as a bartender or manager at the theatre. I met my girlfriend working at the theatre, fell in love with her, and proposed…thus causing both of us to be terminated. And even though it was against the rules, it never affected our work! Im sure you don’t believe that, although you seem like a perfectly rational and positive person! Anyway, I’m sure your private eye could dig up the sales records to show that throughout our relationship my fiancee and i were the best sales people in the company, or I would be happy to send you the numbers myself!
      Thanks for your time, Jessie!
      It’s always great to meet a fan!

      • Bobby says:

        First, Congrats Jeremy for your Ghostlight award. A well deserved win. I wish you the best of luck to you and your girlfriend too. @Jessie it seems the person you wanted to win did not win and it bothered you so that you had to put it in a public forum. Which was uncalled for, next time get ALL the facts. Again Jeremy, Congratulations on your win.

  • Cheryl Thomas says:

    I love there is a ghost light awards! It is really an awesome thing. It would be great if you added a hair and makeup category along with a wardrobe supervisor category!! I am so happy someone has recognized the backstage support team.

  • M says:

    “Jessie” first, he was indeed terminated but it was well after nominations were being accepted and further if I am not mistaken the criteria were to have been employed at a show that was open this season. He indeed meets those criteria. Lastly, he was on the ballot as a manager and representative for the entire concession staff at The Book of Mormon who all, even after his departure are still the hardest working team on Broadway. I’m sorry that whomever you wanted to win did not, but it is unfortunate to try and take away this small victory from someone who worked hard for it and deserves it.

  • Michelle says:

    This is brilliant and long overdue. I would suggest that hair and wardrobe be included next time. Great to see so many people I know get recognized for their hard work.

  • Mike says:

    Congrats to all the Nominees and this year’s winners!

    Let’s remember substitute ushers next time. We’re not regulars but we are called upon to save the day/night all the time.

  • Thomas says:

    “M”, while I’m sure that Jeremy is an extremely hard worker, and that his win was warranted, calling the BoM team the hardest working on Broadway demeans the other folks who work just as hard, if not harder, at their respective shows.

    I’m sure that it wasn’t your intention to come off that way, but your remark was as counter productive as Jessie’s was. Either way congrats to Jeremy and to all of the winners in general.

  • Elizabeth Villanova says:

    Next year, a stitcher category should be included.

  • B says:

    Maybe the categories should read “Favorite…” and not “Best….” How can you determine “Best” unless more information is given? If you go for the “Best” title, maybe past shows worked, years in the business, etc can be also be listed to educate the voters. Then it’s not a blind popularity contest.

  • Jason says:

    More people voted for this thing than vote for the Tony Awards… #brokensystem

    Congrats to the winners! 🙂

  • Wendy says:

    First off I would like to Congratulate ALL the winners for the First Annual Ghostlight awards.
    Next I would like to address Jesse’s remarks Jeremy Plyburn won this award because he was deserving of this award. He was terminated not because he and his staff at the Oneil continually broke record after record at the theater in sales. As he said he met fell in Love and got engaged to his future bride. Unfourtuneately you can’t help who you fall in Love with,but he is very deserving of this recognition it sounds like you have sour grapes. Way to go Jeremy !

  • Bobby says:

    Congrats to all the winners and Ken thanks for coming up with the Ghostlight Awards.

  • Peter Thomas says:

    Congratulations to Rose Alaio for winning the best Stage Door Keeper Award at The Schubert Theatre

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