Who won the tickets to Marat/Sade?

If you read the entries to this week’s giveaway, you’ll see dozens of proposed mission statements for new non profit theaters.

One of you wants to bring back classic musicals, one wants to create original performance pieces out of “ensemble work,” and yet another wants to promote female writers.

If I were judging all the mission statements, then I’d say .  . . they’re all great.

Mission statements are like personalities . . . they are unique to you.  And what you do with your theater company should be the same as what you do with your life.  It’s yours, so take the artistic road you want to take, whether it is less traveled or more traveled or not traveled at all.

But take it.

My challenge to all the people that entered this week’s giveaway?

Use that mission statement you wrote, to actually create that company.

You don’t have to produce 27 shows your first year.  Heck, you don’t even have to produce one show.  You could just do a reading in your living room with some pizza and wine (I did one of those last night!).

But do it.  You’ll have a blast, because it will be yours.

And now, who won those tickets?

Congrats to Michael Swiskay!  Email me to get your comps.

And thanks to all of you for sharing your artistic dreams with me in this week’s giveaway.

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