Who won the tickets to Under My Skin Off Broadway?

We took a little detour in this week’s giveaway and got all political on ya!  In order to enter, I asked you if you had:

1 – Signed up for Obamacare


2 – Liked Obamacare

Before we giveaway those tickets, let’s see what you said!

Survey says:

77% have NOT signed up for Obamacare

23% HAVE signed up for Obamacare

35%  LIKE Obamacare

55% do NOT like Obamacare



I’ll just say this . . . I hate that the healthcare costs for my small business and the healthcare costs for my union employees keep going up every year, despite every attempt that has been made to curb the costs thus far.  Do I have the solution?  Nope, but so far, no one else does either.

And now, the winner of the tickets to the healthcare comedy, Under My Skin, is . . . Ed Ertle!

Congrats, Ed. Email me for your tickets, and stay healthy!


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  • senorvoce says:

    Maybe a musical about Obamacare? The triumph of coverage for all, pre-existing conditions, a happy ending! Starring Denzel!

  • Kyle says:

    First of all, I got to stay on mom’s health plan til I was 26 and as an ’09 industrial design grad, I can tell you it wasn’t easy finding a job that would pay me an actual salary out of college, so that was quite helpful… Then Obamacare saved my mom’s ass. She worked for her company for 30 years and had to retire due to health complications, she had reached the end of her cobra plan, and has multiple pre-existing conditions – a private health care plan before ACA would’ve damn near bankrupted her. So besides a sub par roll-out (my mom got her plan the first week the ACA marketplace was open and it only took her three hours because she had done all her research prior to beginning the process and called in as opposed to using the online service) i was a lucky person whose family benefitted all around from the Affordable Care Act – he’s not the best president ever, but I’m sorry he’s still a hell of a lot better than his predecessor

  • George says:

    Aaaah… but the MOST imporant Question was NOT asked…

    “How Many people have signed up for “Obamacare” (which the Demorcats are now trying to re-brand as “Afforadable Care Act” which is an Orwellian attempt to cover up that it will be decades in finding out IF it was “affordable”) but How Many have PAID for it?… And How many have gotten their first treatment and then applied their Obamacare Discount Code?”

    Let’s be REAL here…

    If we announced the opening of a Production and a Thousand people signed up to attend the first couple weeks… would you feel very confident that those people will turn into receipts IF THEY HAVEN NOT PAID the full ticket price… just stated their intention to do so?

    Now – to closer tie the analogy to Obamacare – what it the did not have to buy a full price ticket until they saw a preview… say they pay 10% of the ticket to see if they liked it??? (Unless, of course, those who have signed up have paid for at least a year… if not 10?) and they saw the preview and did not like it??? So they quietly decide NOT to see the production and do not intend to play the full price…

    Aaaah – not let’s apply the real kicker – what do you think will happen to that commitment to but the full ticket price – which you as a producer have calculated to cover the cost of the investment and promised all your investers it will cost no more – what happens when a significant part of that audience has to travel to Poughkeepsie New York just to see the preview… because IF you haven’t following the bouncing political ball… the majority of doctors and medical facilities will NOT accept the Obamacare voucher because it pays on 40% of what a REAL patient is currently paying (adding the the extensive government forms and regulations that will needed to be applied to this sub-standar rate of payment…)

    And – of course – the final kicker is that IF you buy the most “affordable” Obamacare Plan, your deductible will be so high that you will end up paying most of the your own medical bills out of pocket – in addition to paying your monthly premiums – which those who have Medical Coverage are used to… but Obamacare has been sold on the “marketing campaign” that those who did NOT have insurance would be getting “affordable” Insurance Coverage… the word “free” was never mentioned… but wink-wink, nudge-nudge, that was what people who are used to entitlements are simply assuming… and when they don’t get their “free” health care and will actually have to pay – significantly – for it…

    Bye-bye more lost “customers”

    Sound like a Plan?

  • George says:

    bottomline – is it any surprise that anyone who can get OUT of being put on the ObamaCare plan IS getting out of it – starting with the Government workers and the Unions…

    As, as Obama has been re-writing the law, monthly, if not weekly, he has been deconstructing the means buy which it could possibly be “affordable” in favor of just creating another government run ponzi scheme that promises people “free stuff” for as long as it can no longer possibly… be free… and – we – all have to PAY for it… one way or another.

    Personally, I’ll fly to Costa Rica for significant medical treatment as the Brits fly to Thailand and India to escape their Nationalized Health Care system…


  • George says:

    (That’s, of course, when my company dumps their Health Care Plan because it’s just riduculously un-economical to keep employees on any plan when it’s cheaper to pay the government’s bribe to a penalty and push everyone onto the Government… excepting for only those employees MOST essential to the business… which was of course ALWAYS the intent to Nationalize Health Care… which makes “If You Like(d) Your Plan You Can Keep It (if it still exists)” the greatest scam ever pulled off on the American People… and kudos for that bit of PR! What did Honest Abe say about “fooling people?”


  • senorvoce says:

    BTW–what was the Republican plan, anyway?

  • George says:

    Not a “Republican” I am a Liberal in the classical sense (1700s Montesquieu, Locke, Hobbs, Adam Smith) who simply takes it as a given that “Government” always and only acts in its own self-interest…

    So any “plan” that does not allow an individual to plan for his own health care, retirement, welfare… is just forfeiting his Freedom for a little “security” and, as Ben pointed out, deserves (and gets) neither freedom or security.

    In the end – everything done by government is a ponzi scheme and eventually society pays for it – for the 1 person who gets a little security now – hundreds or more will – pay – for that in the Future.

    That’s not “political” that’s just History.


  • George says:

    Remember – if you could pay 1 dollar every second, it would take you 11 1/2 days to play off a Million dollars… 32 years to pay off a billion and 32,000 years to pay off a TRILLION.

    Current Social Security and Medicare for Baby Boomers is commited to $65 Trillion dollars… according to LIBOR (the Index that froze in 2008) there is only about $50 Trillion in all the banks in the world and we already “borrowed” 17 Trillion…

    How much will Obama Care cost before the whole house of cards falls apart…

    It’s just math.


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