Why today’s blog isn’t that interesting.

I try to come up with ideas for blogs . . . well, I try to come up with them all the time.  And I have what I think are some good ones lined up for the next week or so (including one about how some good ol’ fashioned statistics can help predict the winners of The Tony Awards).

But those are for a different day.

When I was mapping out the release dates for the different blogs last week, I planned on putting a juicier one up on the site today, but then I remembered that today was Memorial Day.

And what do people do on Memorial Day?

The first thing people are doing today is rightfully remembering all the people that have made sacrifices for our right to have blogs in the first place.  God bless, you guys.  And thank you, because I like to consider myself a fighter, but I don’t think I could ever do what you do, and someone has to.

The second thing people are doing is hanging out at the beach, throwing BBQs, and getting stuck in traffic.

The last thing people do is read blogs.

See, I checked my blog stats over the past several years, and readership on weekends and especially on holiday ain’t as high as weekdays.  So if I’ve got what I think is good content, and I want it read, then obviously I should put it up when it’s most likely to be read by the most people.

I used data to plan my release date.

Producers should use data to plan their onsale dates, their opening dates, their closing dates, their press release dates (and times) and everything else in between.  If you want to sell the most tickets, or get the most attention, they plan your event when people are in the buying mood, or when you’ve got the most eyeballs (the opposite of this also works – when you don’t want attention for something, plan that news to break when everyone is in their backyard or at the beach . . . or focused on some other event).

It’s easy to get your hands on data these days.  But even if you can’t, you can use your own schedule to determine when you pay attention to things and when you don’t.

So, I’m sorry this post was so dull.  But not as many of you are reading anyway.


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  • michael h says:

    but you still had something for the out of towners 🙂

  • Michael Burnett says:

    I spent five days in NYC and saw eight shows. In a year, I see about 40. I live four hours away. Here’s some thoughts.
    1. Asking people not to take photos before the show begins is a waste of good air. I’ve seen more photos being taken not of the stage, but of the theatre architecture and most of all of people enjoying their experience out. Say what you wish, it can’t be enforced.
    2. Stop sending the emails that warn of the show starting on time. Now that is a waste of bandwidth. Both of us know that ain’t gonna happen.
    3. This last may be a contractual issue or union rule, but if you wish to make people happy, and possibly sell more products, open those doors before the 30 min call.

  • Paula says:

    Even if you had only said, “God Bless you, guys (and gals)…”, it would have been a blog worth
    reading! As we say at Christmastime, “Remember the reason for the season”. That applies to today.
    It is a day for remembrance. All that you say is
    always interesting to read week-day or week-end.

  • Keep those blogs coming. Keep sharing your knowledge. Keep entertaining us.

  • Janis says:

    Excellent response Paula.

    Today’s is both a good read and a respectful post–as it should be.

  • George says:

    Yes, Memorial Day, like Labor Day, has become a good excuse to take the weekend – off – and mentally adjust for the Beginning and End of Summer…

    I caught the closing of “The Rivals” at the Pearl and the ONLY reason I went back to see it a 2nd time was one Jessica Love – who played the GREATEST “Lydia Languish” I have EVER seen… in probably over a dozen productions – including ones done in London!

    But – I was wondering – when a couple of girls behind me were questioning “Fleet Week” how little regard we do have for the Men and Women who put it ALL on the line…

    The orgins of “Fleet Week” was to give sailers and marines – one last chance to stop at their home port – maybe even experience their 1st (and last?) encounter with a young lady (of good or indifferent repute) before sailing off to war… a good many of which never returned

    We do take our Lives, our Liberty and our Freedoms for granted…

    And that is probably why we are so willing to given them up for, as Ben Franklin put it:

    “Those who would traded their Liberty for some Security – deserved neither Liberty nor Security”

    Let’s face it – without those “Men who Stand On the Wall” how many of us woould be willing to suffer, let alone die… for our Freedom.


    And maybe that’s why so much of our Theatre is a bit bland and mundane?


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