Fun on a Friday: The Book of Mormon visits South Park

When we were doing research for the 2014 Broadway Marketing Awards, we stumbled across the video below and thought, “Genius!  Whatever agency did this is certainly getting a nod.”

And then we realized a fan made it.

We don’t have a fan-crafted marketing award (but in this day and age, we probably should), so I wanted to give this creator some props.  So, on this summer Friday, enjoy the “Fan-Made” video below . . . “When The Book of Mormon Comes to South Park.”

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  • George Rady says:

    Yeah, I just don’t get it…

    I put BoM with “Mama Mia” as musicals that I simply can’t imagine why people wanna see it??? (At least “ABBA” is thought my Euros as the Band to out did the Beatles and Stones… so “Jersey Boys” for Tourists with Euros…

    But “Book of Mormon” just mocks some people’s beliefs and I guess I’m just not so rock sure that that people who laugh the loudest have much of a pedestal to sit on??? Sure we can gaufaw over “magic underwear” and “immaculate conception” (in the upcoming “Book of St Augutine” but I listened to the score a couple of times and… well… I don’t get it at all.

    And I kinda liked “South Park” (for as long as I liked “The Simpsons”) but I moved on… and still favor Monty Python….

    But – okay – slam-bang the two shows together and you have a commercial….

    (Seriously – doesn’t Disney do that same thing – cross marketing their shows and movies and sticking some “inside” jokes in there along the way….)

    But Okay! Who am I to understand (let alone argue) success.. God Bless ’em – Oooh, that’s blasphemy… but LUCKILY the Mormons – unlike the Mohammedians – have a good sense of humour and pass out their literature – at the show! Now, talk about “edgy!” No wonder they are the fastest growing religion in the country!


  • sue g. says:

    George – if you read a few books about the Mormons, you will realize how brilliant BOM is across the board. Aside from a great book, lyrics and score, the show engages, entertains and provides a message about organized religion – especially the ones based on fiction.
    Go see it with an open mind. It’s a beyond entertaining.

  • Cary Vaughn says:

    I just got home from seeing it at the Orpheum in Memphis. I left thinking, ‘This is the musical I’ve waited my whole life to see.’

  • TheatreMom says:

    I loved it!!! Wouldn’t it make a great animated movie??? All I can say is I want more, More, MORE!!!
    More BoMo! And to the gentlemen above it is a loving, sweet, and farcical homage to the Book of Mormon, which shows no disdain for the religion but rather how Mormonism, like other religions, can appear a little strange to outsiders. I am sure that Catholicism could be a little odd to outsiders, but being Catholic, I don’t see it that way. And I would love it if Stone, Parker, and Lopez could work their magic on another religion because BoMo is bright, creative, clever, wicked, and a great score to sing along in the car with. That is why they sell 106% of the house.

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