The Sunday Giveaway: Two NYMF Silver Passes!

Remember that time NYMF used to be in the fall?

Not anymore!

In 2012, the New York Musical Theatre Festival, the world’s most popular festival exclusively for the development of new musicals, debuted in the good ol’ Manhattan summer . . . and guess what.  It stuck!

So now it’s time to gear up again, because this year’s festival begins in just 10 days!  (I bet little baby ulcers just started growing in the tummies of the Producers and Writers of this year’s batch after reading that!)

But you don’t have any reason to reach for the Pepto because we’re getting you into NYMF for free!

Actually, thanks to the awesomeness of the festival (which is where Altar Boyz was born, duh), we’ve got two Silver Passes to giv eaway!

What’s a Silver Pass?  Check it out!  You get:

  • 4 Festival Tickets
  • 2 Opening Night Party invites
  • Early Booking
  • Early Seating
  • Ticket Exchange privileges
  • Discounts at Signature Bar & Cafe, and partner restaurants

Suhweet, right?  (And don’t worry if you don’t know what show you want to see yet – stay tuned for my annual 5 Shows that Stand Out at the NYMF blog that ‘airs’ this week!)

Now let’s get down to business.  How do you win?

Let’s do a little market research for NYMF.

You really do get a lot in the Silver Pass package.

But if you were designing a package, what perk would you put in it to get people to buy?  Free drink?  A button that says, “I’m a NYMF-O!”

Comment below your idea for an extra value package perk to drive sales, and you could win!


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  • Travis says:

    Extra tickets for guests would be nice, maybe if they had a promotion to encourage people to bring their non-theatre friends to see shows.

    • Best perk would be guaranteed seats that the people in front of you do not have big hair.

      • Sue says:

        If you had to choose someone with big hair,in the theater seat in front of you, would it be?
        A. Dolly Parton?
        B. A 1970’s Disco-Queen with an Afro?
        C. Marie Antroinette (pre-guillotine)?

        Stay tuned for my comedy “Mona” and musical “Club of Dreams”!
        Hugs2U DrSue

  • Emily M. says:

    Meet and greets with the cast and creatives! It would entice people in this business (networking opportunities!) as well as normal audience members (brush with fame, or future fame).

  • Kyle Morales says:

    I would add in backstage passes/a talk-back with the cast!

  • Randi Levine says:

    Free meal

  • Randijm says:

    What an incredible giveaway!!!!!

    I think today stage dooring has gotten a bit out of control (for some shows/stars), so many people would probably pay extra for a package that included a way to bypass the mob. Backstage passes to meet a cast member or even just the chance to stand on the stage (both for (well) before or after shows) would be tempting for a lot of people.

  • Aaron deitsch says:

    A meet and greet with the stars

  • These festivals are so intimidating, even to people who see a lot of theater. I would think about putting together a beginner package that four shows for you based on a few survey questions (do you prefer comedic or dramatic musicals, fantastic or realistic situations, etc)
    A preview event would also be a great selling point, sort of like the television network upfronts for festival shows. Have each show prepare something under 3 minutes to give us the short pitch and let the authors or a cast member say something to sell us on their show, and suddenly people will feel informed about what they can’t miss.

  • Rafi Levavy says:

    An opportunity to meet the cast, discounts at concessions and/or one silver pass holder chosen at random would win free tickets to all NYMF shows.

  • Brandon Martin says:

    I would have to say swag bags would be a nice touch. Not anything too fancy like award show ones, but fill it with tshirts, magnets, water bottles. Things like that.

  • Allie says:

    Ability to attend a tech rehearsal

  • Ben says:

    I’d love a tee-shirt that reads “I saw SIX original musicals for the price of ONE Broadway jukebox musical @ NYMF!”

  • Sarah Packard says:

    Access to special private Q&A sessions with each of the show’s casts and creative teams! This could also include meet and greets as someone suggested above, but I think the structured Q&A would be an especially appealing feature for folks who really want to learn more about/discuss the shows as well.

    Free drinks would also be good, though. 🙂



  • Brian says:

    I would like early notice and ticket buying opportunities for next years festival.

  • Jakob says:

    It’s always amazed me how connected audiences feel to the actors onstage. Just the lines by a stage door are enough to prove this! Since the NYMF has employed some well-known actors in the past, offering a dinner or drink with an actor could really get the younger generation to meet some people they look up to so admirably!

  • Laura Marshall says:

    If there was a “talk-back” opportunity with the cast or production team for a show it would be nice!

  • Noah Befeler says:

    Tickets to one of the festival shows if they ever made it past the NYMF stage. Workshop, Broadway, Off-Broadway etc…

  • Jeanie says:

    20% off on extra tickets

  • Corine Cohen says:

    A special private event with a meet and drinks and the opp to mingle with the stars.

  • John P. says:

    A Meet & Greet

  • sue g. says:

    Offer a “chance” to win a free silver pass for 2015. Each silver pass purchaser gets one entry to win.

  • Anne Reeves says:

    Meet n Greet, photo ops, Q&A.

  • Melody B says:

    Well a free cronut of course 😉

  • Tom Hartman says:

    The opportunity to do a 3 minute guest VLOG that would be featured on a couple of B’way chats and promoted in your newsletter and other B’way newsletters.

  • “Sing For Your Seats!” An interactive (so-to-speak) application for tix: Utilize something like SingSnap to record your song. Chosen (or all who use this app) are given 10-20-25% off. Hey! It’s participatory and—fun!

  • Daniel Devlin says:

    As mentioned before – a meet and greet with cast/crew would be cool. And – although an improbable gamble – Opening Night tickets to one of the shows “If/When” (see what I did there) they transfer to Broadway? That would be sweet.

  • Robert says:

    definitely a free drink with either the director or an actor in one of the shows.

  • Bryan Austermann says:

    Because there are so many shows to choose from, I think extra tickets are a very valuable part of the package, though that’s fairly basic.

    I think the opening night party passes are a pretty cool incentive to buy, it’s an insider event that not even everyone involved with the festival get to go to! (I wasn’t invited last year…. 🙂 haha)

  • John Watts says:

    Dinner with some members of the cast and creative team of one of the NYMF shows. And Ken, you’re invited too.

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    I’d love a gift certificate for a pre=theater dinner for 4 at a restaurant near the theater.

  • Brittany says:

    Definitely some sweet free show merchandise. Not expensive to put together, but doubles as free walking publicity. What could be better?!

  • Meaghan M says:

    I think the best perks to get people to buy packages are meet & mingle with the cast after a performance or a talk-back and Q&A with the cast and creatives!

  • Karma Masselli says:

    A ticket to a dress rehearsal, like the Encores subscription!

  • Morgan M says:

    Free drinks are the only reason I would ever buy a pass to anything be it theatre festival, music festival, booze cruise etc. It doesn’t actually cost that much to do (you could limit it to wine and beer or even a specials list or well liquor) but it seems like a great value and raises the value of any pass.

    But in terms of NYMF specifically I think their package should include swag. People love a souvenir and again it raises the cost of the package without much burden on the company. A T-Shirt with the NYMF logo or a better marketing ploy would be a yearly branding on a T-Shirt so die hards can buy one every year like sports tournaments (Hello World Cup branding!)

  • Jessica says:

    Meet and greets / talk-backs with the cast and creative team!

  • Cara says:

    Definitely some kind of Meet & Greet / Backstage perk.
    A souvenir – program, magnet, cup – etc.
    A demo cd with a few songs from the shows.
    Opportunity to provide feedback
    Some kind of insider info – (sneak peak/short clip) to help people choose what shows they want to go to.
    A meet up app/program where people who are on their own could connect with others to attend shows

  • Randy Zeese says:

    Well, not to try to suck up to the contest sponsor or anything, but really, most of us avid theater goers have never actually met an executive producer, so maybe a sit down chat with Ken!
    No holds barred Q&A!

  • Chantal Forde says:

    A special silver party! All silver pass holders (and above) get a meet and greet with show writers, directors, actors where they receive a free drink and mingle with the artists and other patrons. Could just be a 45 min ‘pre’ event at another bigger one, the private cocktail reception before the public gala.

  • Steven says:

    A line bypass for the bathrooms!

    I’m actually half serious here. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get priority access to the bathrooms before the show or at intermission? Or maybe I shouldn’t be offering this idea to producers. Premium bathroom seating prices could really explode in New York these days.

    In all honesty, I would love to be included in one workshop, reading or tech rehearsal for these shows. As someone who doesn’t work in theater or on broadway, I always read about workshops and readings but never understand how to attend one. Offering this as a perk would be a huge incentive for people who have the means to buy a silver pass but aren’t neccesarily part of the “community” or don’t have the usual connections.

  • I agree that a meet and greet is key–however, difficult to serve up too many of these. So…how about this:

    a GOLD level which involves a meet and greet, and a SILVER level which includes an entry into a drawing for a GOLD level.

  • Michael says:

    A perk that would promote the festival as the developmental springboard that it is and yet be sufficiently contingent that it might cost nothing to the Festival’a bottom line — how about two free tix to any future Broadway production of a festival show the Silver Pass patron elected to see during the Festival?

  • Barbara Jolson says:

    For me….Definitely a chance to meet writer and producer and director! The cast would be great too! But for the rest of the world…..people love those gift bags! A tee shirt from the festival, a mug , buttons and a poster signed by members of the cast of the shows you choose!

  • Perin says:

    An opportunity to win tix to every NYMF show (from the year in which you bought a Silver or higher membership) that transfers to off-Broadway or Broadway. Or if that is too difficult to administer, an opportunity to win tix to every current off-Broadway and Broadway show that had its origins at NYMF. (And I LOVE the NYMF-O button idea.)

  • Rob says:

    A lot of people above have listed a lot of the things I would have said – merch, meet and greets, etc. One thing that I think would be cool is giving someone the chance to keep in the loop with how the show progresses during and after. Like, weekly (or monthly) updates on what’s going on with the show, where it could be going next, etc. I feel like people like being involved in some small way in the creative fashion.

  • Allison says:

    Is it open seating? If so, then allowing those who buy early or buy X amount of tickets get in the theatre early. Or enter all who get said package into a raffle for dinner with a star of one of the shows (or producer of one of the shows!).

  • Lana Matrai says:

    It would be nice to get a free guest pass to a show as a perk.

  • Brian says:

    VIPs like to be identified as VIPs without being too obvious. So, include something that identifies them as VIPs. Laminated cards with lanyards would be more appropriate for concerts so maybe a special VIP wrist bracelet – something silver-ish (this is a silver package!), nice and reusable, not just a Tyvek band. This is summer so almost all wrists are exposed. You would have to train employees/volunteer at the venues to recognize thet bracelet and to thank the wearer for being a silver VIP.

  • Allison M. says:

    A Q&A with cast and creators of certain shows, or the ability to attend an upfront type of event that would help you decide which shows you wanted to see.

  • Ellen says:

    This might sound obvious or ridiculous (generally both apply) I would go after NY1 and other local programming- The Today Show- etc. And or get talent from each show to do a song in Times Square. Also, get the Mayor involved. Outside of the theater circles- alot of NYers don’t know about it. But I also like Ben’s comment alot 🙂

  • Christina Han says:

    A mode of transportation to get there. (I.e. They call you a limo or a cab that you don’t have to pay for) That’s because nobody wants to take the subway to get there. OR, you could give free merchandise from a musical of their choice.

  • Rachel says:

    If there we’re tickets to another mingle event after the opening (closing party?)

  • Sheila Schwartz says:

    I’d love to see each production have a “talk back” session at one of the performances with the creative team for the show.

  • Solange De Santis says:

    Swag – for me, an NYMF ball cap – and a free drink.

  • Susan Glass says:

    I was lucky enough to get a Silver Pass through a charity bidding website as I was vacationing in NYC for a month last summer. I loved seeing all the shows, even the ones I didn’t care for too much….it was still exciting. I would love a chance to talk with the writers and producers to see what it really takes to get the production on stage.
    *please don’t enter me. I just wanted to give feedback.
    Whatever happened to Volleygirls ?…. It was fantastic,

  • Sara Accardi says:

    I have a lot of friends a part of the festival in different ways. And I know how hard good graphics are to create! (my friend is one of the designers!) So I would love Signed posters, the way BC/EFA does. I have a whole collection, and adding NYMF shows would be great. Its really fun to have signatures from actors who have moved on to new and exciting projects!

  • tommy tune says:

    One perk for supporting a Musical festival would be getting automatically put into a lottery to “win” tickets to a musical already on Broadway (preferably a past fest selection that’s made good or one produced by a fest sponsor).

  • Evan says:

    I think you should be given a NYMF kazoo and then there should be one performance especially for pass holders where everyone could make music.

  • Danielle says:

    If purchased early enough – an invitation to the sitzprobe of the musical you get the opening night tickets to! I’ve always found sitzprobes incredibly exciting.

  • tamra says:

    I would add an incentive to have a post show meet and greet with the cast for the higher level packages

  • Sue says:

    How about a Meet & Greet with an optional goal-focus?
    A. Star-struck folks wanna meet Performers;
    B. Creatives wanna meet Producers (and complementary talents)
    C. Producers wanna meet Investors
    D. Singles wanna Mingle!
    How about Meet & Greet with optional color-coded stickers?
    Stay tuned for my comedy “MONA” and musical “Club of Dreams”
    Hugs2U DrSue

  • Chris D. says:

    Give them the opportunity to become an investor for the following year’s season.

  • Anonymous says:

    1) An “Act Fast” discount offer
    2) A Groupon (by six or more tix, get 15% off them all)

    • Anonymous says:

      3) For every 4 tickets bought, Third Point Foundation (or some other charity) will donate $25 to The New York Musical Theatre Festival
      4) Buy now, and get a Selfie with Kelli O’Hara, or Chita Rivera, or Anonymous!

  • Tom says:

    backstage passes/meet & greet with Cast!

  • DAyna Kurnitz says:

    I would include guaranteed seating in the first 3 rows.

  • Adam says:

    A talk back with the cast and creative team would be wonderful! These original shows would lend themselves very well to that!

  • Andy says:

    I think musicals should offer live recordings of the show you just saw the way many concert venues do. Perhaps the NYMF could lead the way on this and the silver pass would include complimentary copies of each show you see.

  • Ethan says:

    A wrap party with the cast and crew of all the NYMF shows would be an awesome event in the first place, and an invitation to it would be a huge perk in a ticket package.

  • Alex Bishop says:

    A signed poster from each of the shows!

  • fran says:

    free t shirt that says: NYMF-O-Maniac
    (with or without ending !)

    priority bathroom line at intermission would be really good too!

  • Candace says:

    A meet and greet opportunity!

  • Karl P says:

    A backstage tour and a chance to meet some of the stars and get my picture taken with them. A real special opportunity.

  • JP says:

    A couple tickets for next year’s festival! You’d have return customers that now have multi-year relationships with the festival and some guaranteed butts in the seats the following year. I feel that getting people to emotionally invest not just in one outing, but multiple rounds of something is a smart marketing move.

  • Nancy Brown says:

    2 tickets to opening night on or off Broadway for any of the festival shows that transfer, and entry to the opening night party!

  • Karen C. says:

    I would personally like Q&A time with the creative team. I’d like to hear how the shows were developed and possibly find people I’d like to collaborate with on future projects.

    Also, having volunteered as an usher for NYMF in the past, I like the idea of some type of identification for pass holders. Lanyards with the NYMF logo and the pass holder info seem a good idea for status swag.

    But, if I had to pick one perk that would absolutely convince me to buy a pass instead of individual tickets, it would be being given an associate producer title on one or all of the shows I see or maybe getting listed in the programs as a NYMF associate producer or silver associate producer.

  • nancy cohen says:

    an Uber ride each way and a harmonica so everyone can feel like a musician

  • Margaret W. says:

    An opportunity to interface with the creative team – I would say an invitation to a producers’ (and possibly a directors’ or entire cast/crew) reception. Would provide buyers with the opportunity to meet the people financing and the people creating the shows, which I think would be a huge draw. Short presentations from producers, directors, cast members, designers, and/or dramaturgs could happen at such a reception as well. It would be a win-win because it would allow the producers/creative teams to meet people who might be interested in helping further finance musicals from the festival that go on to bigger, later productions and stages, and it would build hype/interest in shows before their premieres at the festival.

  • RAbrams says:

    Definitely content that enhances the production experience…a pre/post-show talk with the cast and creative team would be ideal. Or an album of music from the show would also be fantastic! Imagine being able to say “I have the music from the original workshop cast” before these musicals become major commercial successes (we hope)!

  • Chad G says:

    I would include an exclusive preview showcase to help get the base group of fans interested in shows that don’t have as much name recognition in the New York theater scene.

  • Emily Herschbein says:

    It would be cool if you were put into a raffle for a bigger package with more perks like meet and greets.

  • Jessica Fisher says:

    In addition to what you are already offering, I would add discounts on any additional tickets purchased and some kind of Pass Holder ID.


  • Lynn says:

    Well as much as possible – escorted to your seat personally –
    maybe a guest ticket to one show
    meet and great – although not sure NYMF does this – or a talk back
    free drink

    all of these would help – you have to give away the baby and the bath water these days. Swag doesn’t do it for me but that might for others. A tote bag etc but i don’t need that.

  • Personally I like swag that doesn’t clutter up my life and is cost effective (no t-shirts or coffee mugs). 1″ Buttons with NYMF Maniac and an identifying year (NYMF 2014 Maniac) and/or the show name -CLINTON-The Musical NYMF 2014 are my preferred bling as they are small AND collectible. Makes for interesting pre-show lobby talk if others see you with a variety of NYMF show buttons. I like the post show Q&A with actors and creative team. Perhaps the ‘buttons’ go to the audience members who complete and hand in a brief post show critique. And the critique form has the discount ticket to a preview show!

  • Megan says:

    They could have the opportunity to enter a drawing to win tickets to see an off- broadway/ broadway show.

  • Caitlin O'Heaney says:

    Metro North Train ticket peak price round trip, plus a meal with the director, producer and stars of one show. Attendance at both the Dress Rehearsal and Notes of the shows that I have won tickets to.

  • Diana says:

    Meeting creative teams from many shows and learning all about all aspects of putting together an off-broadway show from page to stage

  • Catherine says:

    A beautiful New York Music Festival tote bag , designed with the shows logos … Inside the tote …tickets for a show with best seats in the house VIP comfort…throw in gift certificate for a restaurant in the theater district…Oh yes complimentary ..bottle of wine! It’s all good promotion for The Shows…The Restaurant and Music Festival.

  • ECP says:

    Limited-time op to upgrade your current membership to the next level for 2015 at a 25% discount.

  • Madeline Raynor says:

    A cd sampler of demos for the NYMF shows. That’s what everyone always regrets when seeing a new musical — that they love the music but might not ever get to hear it again unless a cast recording is released. After all, we just waited an entire year for the Love’s Labour’s Lost cast recording.

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