The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to Holler if Ya Hear Me!

And there’s the opening bell!

That’s right kiddos, the 2014-15 Broadway season is underway!

The first entry in the season, Holler if Ya Hear Me, starts previews tomorrrrrrrrroooooooooow night!

But we shouldn’t just get excited about Holler because it’s the first musical to open this school year,  we should also get pumped up because it’s not traditional Broadway fare.  If you think Broadway just produces the same thing over and over again, well take a look at this.

I guess you can say that Holler is a jukebox musical, but it sure doesn’t feel that way, now does it?  It features the music and lyrics of Tupac Shakur, the hip-hop legend who sold over 75 million records (!) and was shot tragically at the age of 25.  (Imagine how many more records he would have sold if we was still at the microphone?)

I’m a little jealous that Holler is happening because I had a dream of producing the first ever hardcore hip-hop musical on Broadway.

But this was a race I was happy to lose, because Holler has a chance to continue to push the musical envelope on Broadway and expand our audience.  As Richard Lawson wrote in Vanity Fair . . .

Broadway can be a great outlet, one that bridges divides, even. So here’s a great way to bring in new audiences. And an opportunity for that more homogeneous audience to see something different.

So let’s get one of you in to see it for free!

Here’s how you can win two free tickets to be one of the first audiences to see Holler!

You know what I’m gonna ask you to do, don’t you?  Yep, you gotta rap.  Rap about why you should win these tickets.  I know, I know this isn’t as easy as telling me your favorite cast recording, but this is two tickets to a Broadway show, yo!  So put on your rapping cap (and turn it around backwards) and write me at least four lines about Holler or why you should win the tickets or Tupac or Broadway, whatever you want.  Rap it in the comments below and you could win.

Oh, and anyone doing a video of themselves rapping their original work definitely gets extra credit.

Good luck!


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  • Matthew Turkle says:

    “Pull up on the subway
    If you’re going my way, listen to what I say
    Fixin’ for some tickets to a brand new musical
    Tupac Shakur reppin’ West Coast, big CA
    Years after his death, now he’s revived on Broadway
    City its a pity, ticket prices going up
    Help me out, Kenny D
    I wanna win these tickets and see “Holler” for free!

  • Allie says:

    At first I was like, what
    This show is gonna be a piece of butt!
    But now I can’t wait
    Cuz this show could be the gate
    For new people to come to Broadway!
    So I just wanna say
    Holler at me! I’m excited!

  • Anne Reeves says:

    I was living in “California knows how to party” at the time of Tupac’s death. I was working at Ticketmaster LA at the time & I sold tickets to the Tyson fight Tupac attended the night he died. After finding out about his murder, me & some of my fellow co-workers held hands & had a moment of silence. Ive never been a huge rap fan, but Tupac was more than a rapper, he was a poet & lyricist! I’m no more deserving than anyone else, but I would love to see Tupac’s lyrics brought to life! Ive always had a personal connection to them. “If you take the time to hear me, maybe you can learn to cheer me.”

  • Michael says:

    My name is master Mike, I got the mic in my mits
    This show is so cool it’ll pop your zits
    I need a couple tix for me and my gal
    So c’mon sugar daddy hook up a pal

  • Ed from CT says:

    Not sure if this rap show will be any good, yo
    But I’m willing to check it out.
    ‘Cause, hey, I can be a good scout.
    I can dig it, too, ’cause I know they’ll be proud
    When they shout it out loud.

  • He wuz born on da street
    A rose from concrete
    Then he acted real hard
    Did some plays by the bard
    Wuznt free from sin
    (Did some time in the pen)
    But continued to rhyme
    Even without a dime
    Till they started to hear
    This mans got no fear
    He stole all their hearts
    Rose to the top o the charts
    But when u flyin high
    Bang dats when u die
    Your flyin aint stoppin
    Da bullets dat fly
    Still Tupac lived on
    Cause he had a song
    That couldnt be stopped
    Be he right or wrong
    From the dark streets of Cali
    To Broadways bright lights
    Foreva he sings
    And foreva he fights.

  • Max says:

    It’s the first new show of the 2014-15 season
    And if that’s not a good enough reason.
    It’s something new and something fresh
    And I’d really like to bring a guest.

    I walk past The Palace Theater every morning
    Hear the music blastin’, and my no means is it boring
    Music reminds me of my younger days
    Makes me smile in so many ways

    Been looking at the website and watching the videos
    Tupac will surely, get some bravos
    The Internet reminds me, every chance it gets
    A banner over here or an ad just hollering at me
    So I don’t forget

    Hip Hop has made it to good ole Broadway.
    And I really must say,
    Holler, is by no means your traditional show
    Without question, I must go.

  • Becca says:

    What up, Kenny Le-on
    You’re turning me on
    To the dopest hits
    From the late Makavelli-an

    Six years ago Lin-Man brought the Latin flavors
    But the Broadway’s getting broader, make room for new neighbors
    Now the dopest cast and crew gonna have the Palace hoppin’
    Make the house shake with the beats they’re droppin

    So look and listen closely cause there won’t be no holograms
    This ain’t no coachella, no photos for your instagrams
    So turn off your cellphones and turn on your mind
    And if you open your horizons you might just find
    That a new kind of musical is paving a way
    Doesn’t sound quite like what we heard yesterday
    But it captures the spirit and fills the soul
    The power of this music can make you as whole
    As an R&H tune or that number from Mame
    We’re making up a new way to play this broadway game
    And the thrill of New York is we’ll do it all live
    So that through this show, Tupac’s music will survive.

  • I was…

    Sittin’ in the backseat
    of a car since seen a deadline
    Introduced to Tupac
    like I thought it was a headline

    College bud was drivin’
    In the backseat I was divin’
    Into lyrics who’d escort me
    To appreciate a 40
    Drinking rhymes like I was thirsty
    Thinkin “damn, show him some mercy–
    This guy Tupac corners markets
    Like a tree my dog might mark it”

    As we pulled up to the bar
    I said “let’s sit in the car”
    “Nah, we gotta go in
    It ain’t no sin
    To listen to it later–
    Bro, I’m turnin’ down the fader”

    We got out of the car
    With my new friend Tupac ringing
    In my head his words were ling’ring–
    where Les Mis usu’lly was singing,
    This Shakur was newly blingin’

    I was late to the party
    But nevermind the tardy
    He was popular before this
    But I never knew I’d dig his
    words and music chillin’ in me
    Like a gangster diggin’ disney

    So I opened up the door
    To a bar we’d been before
    My surprise to find disc jockeys
    Slammin’ Tupac like it’s hockey

    I held on to my smile
    Found a barstool for a while
    Wishing the bartender would beer me,
    I yelled, “Holler if you hear me”

  • CopaCabana says:

    Big Kenny said to Rap,
    Not a Xmas present,
    But a song to make u Clap,
    To the rhythm, with real Big Beats
    Loud enuf to fill Broadway seats,
    With a message the world can share
    While standin up wavin hands in the air
    R u dancin, r u twerkin
    Cause Kenny’s givin tix if u’re werkin

  • Michael Pichardo says:

    Thug life beating the Big Apple’s heart, breathing through Broadway voices, its untimely spirit is hollering in lyrical art, we shall listen to his actions and choices.

  • Kelly Delaney says:

    My name is Kelly and I am here to say
    I read your blog everyday
    Now my beggin will seem dirty
    but two tickets would great to celebrate turning thirty!

  • Stuart Green says:

    Rapper, Poet, Evangelist,
    This man’s unexpected life took a tragic twist,
    From Political Activist Parents,
    a Life of Spoken Word,
    It’s compelling to see,
    How this story’ll be told.

    A fellow man of words,
    curious about it’s construction,
    ‘twould be a pleasure to see,
    this new season’s production.

    [Insert Image of a Mic falling to the floor, Next Image of an opening stage door]

  • Kyle Carter says:

    Went for extra credit – sent it in email form, lol

    Holler if ya hear me!!!

  • Nick L says:

    (To the tune of 2Pac’s “Only God Can Judge Me”)

    Only Ken can help me, right?
    [synth voice] Only Ken can get me tickets now
    Only Ken baby, nobody else, nobody else
    All you other motherf—ers get out my business

    [Verse One: 2Pac]

    Perhaps I was blind to the facts, stabbed in the back
    I couldn’t trust my own Ticketmaster connections.
    Will I succeed in getting choice seats
    And hocus pocus try to focus but I can’t compete
    With every 2Pac fan trying all the time
    Look to my future cause hope lies in Kenny
    It would be a crime not to make those tickets mine.

    Everybody’s dyin for those tix but we tryin
    I’ve been trying since birth, seems like it,
    but I’m cursed
    And fantasies of me winning, in a hearse.

    And they say it’s the real rappers I should fear
    But, it’s my fellow theater buffs rappin’ here
    I can’t lie, ain’t no love for the poser side
    Jealousy inside, want that House ticket — I lied
    Oh my Lord, I’ll take ANY seat you got!

    Everybody’s droppin great rhymes to rappin’ beats
    And all I got are my weak words
    And everybody sounds great, while I sound absurd
    Recollect my thoughts, don’t get caught up in the mix
    Cause the blogosphere is full of master linguists
    Only Ken can help me!

    [synth voice] Only Ken can help me
    That’s right baby, yeah baby
    [synth voice] Only Ken
    [synth + Pac] Only Ken can help me, only Ken can help me, only Ken

  • Dayna Kurnitz says:

    Yo, I’m a pasty white girl
    With her hair all a curl

    Grew up in Bk
    All back in the day

    Was a wee one
    When I heard my first rap song

    Rappers delight made me move
    But Muhammad Ali spit the first groove

    So you ask
    Why should Dayna win these tix
    Because she just spit a rap
    That’s all kinds of pathetix

  • Billy R. says:

    YO, KEN.

    (Ken does so accordingly. I put on my shades and tilt my baseball cap to the side to make myself look more like a gangsta. It is unsuccessful; I am still a white irish-italian kid from Long Island.)

    Yo, There’s been a lotta hollerin’ I’m Hearin’ bout’ Shakur
    Saying Hip Hop Songs On Broadway will flop harder than “Amour”.
    But Producers Have A Gimmick and A Name As Machinations
    After All, It can’t be any worse than “Good Vibrations”
    Though Swapping Up The Palace Seating May seem out of Whack
    If The Arena worked for Aeschylus, it can work for Tupac.
    Sure His Songs are Universal, But I Mean This With No Malice
    He’s got Lyrics so obscene that Liza’s blushing at the Palace
    But the Haters best get off it.
    Theatre Queens Who worship Yentl
    Not every show can be non-profit
    with a score experimental
    This Could Be Another “Beautiful” or even “Jersey Boys”
    So Break Out The Doo Rags and Turn Up The Noise!
    Now If I’m being all out honest then I have to make it clear
    I’ve Been Hollerin’ for Tickets, C’mon K-Dawg, Can you Hear
    And a double set of tickets would be far from just a waste
    After All I’ve Got A Girlfriend With Mad Expensive Taste
    So just do ya boi a favor, and then I Can take a breather
    Plus I’ve Never Won Your Giveaways or Playwright Contests either.

    (I drop the mike. I still am not a gangsta. Still, the attempt was worth it.)

  • Lori says:

    Holler, My name is Lori and I’m here to say….
    I’d love to win those tickets in every way …
    So here goes nothing …..

  • zivi-zi says:

    Yo, I can’t keep up wit all these beats; but put me in Holler and the tourists will be safe on their Disney streets.

  • Mark says:

    “Holler If You Hear Me” the new Hip Hop Show –
    Got me so excited thinking about Tupac’s flows
    and rows and rows of new audience members.
    Some hearing for the first time, some getting to remember
    the music of a legend with a Broadway flair,
    Like Jay-Z and Beyonce meets Rogers and Astaire.
    I’m daring you to listen. I’d care if I missed it. So Ken please hook me up with those two holler tickets.

  • Kyle Carter says:

    It’s ya boy Benny from In The Heights
    revolutionized the game Usnavi and Sonny right
    by my side for the historical oracle known as Lin, tight
    rhymes and word play on Broadway just might
    lead the way for a legend of hip-hop, we’ll flip flop
    the vernacular of Tony nominated spectaculars
    Holler if ya hear me, Pac’s lyrics immaculate
    the fact of it, the timing is right so now I’m rappin it
    my lyrics just won the battle for tickets, yea dats accurate…

  • From MC Jon Ospa (and June Rachelson-Ospa)

    Listen to me Kenny I’m talkin’ to you
    Here’s a little number that I wanted to do
    We’re talkin’ ‘bout the rap game so let me boast
    And I’ll explain why I deserve those Broadway tickets the most
    Rappin’ isn’t easy it’s a difficult skill
    But I can spit these rhymes until ya have your fill
    I’m intelligent, eloquent and rhythmically dope
    And my mouth is squeaky clean so put away that soap
    I’m a poet and a preacher, got a license to rhyme
    I could go on all day but I won’t waste ya time
    Now, I’m not gonna beg or get down on my knees
    But can I have the two free tickets please?

    (Music: N.W.A. – “Express Yourself”)

  • Karma says:

    Holler if you here me
    broadway is what it cant be
    Lin broke through first
    now Tupac will leave us all in the dirt

  • My Jon son and I collaborated on this one..
    I say:

  • Aaron Deitsch says:

    Never heard of Tupac, I’m ashamed to say
    Until news of this musical came my way
    Now I can’t wait to see what he’s about
    So I need some tix to check it out

  • Kevin says:


  • Bobby Mittelstadt says:

    It’s hard out here for a temp
    My pockets is so empty I gotta walk with a limp

    I’m posted up at Squarespace for three days but that’s just chump change that I can barely split three ways

    What I’m trying to say is that buying tickets makes me apprehensive
    Especially when I read on your blog about how they’re so expensive

    I’m think about the Tonys and how last season was botched
    Bridges didn’t make it, so I don’t really even have a reason to watch
    (But I probably still will–sit my butt in a seat, kick up my feet, and watch Harvey Fierstein go for a repeat)

    Last year I slipped into a few shows thanks to student rush but my lottery game was mostly off and I was so crushed it made me blush.
    After 4 tries I still couldn’t get into Rocky so I bought tix and the next night stayed home and watched hockey.
    I rushed Les Mis every Wednesday three weeks in a row
    I’d get there an hour earlier and the line was 10 people longer so I gave up on that show
    I think that this situation is really really wrong
    It’s so depressing Nikki M. James ain’t the only one singing a sad song.

    So now I’m begging the producing man KD
    To help a grad student out and pretty please choose me

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    sure whether this post is written by him as no one else
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