Did you miss TEDxBroadway? The 2014 TEDxBroadway Videos are now live.

One of the requirements for holding a TEDx event is that you have to, have to, have to film every talk, and put them online for the world (wide web) to see.  Since TED’s mission is to spread great ideas that could change the world for the better, it makes sense, right?

I kind of think that The Theater’s mission is the same.

Imagine if we were required to video every show and put it online for the world to see!  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Since that won’t happen until hell freezes over and then melts into a river of ice cream, we’ll have to live with the TEDxBroadway videos!

That’s right, kiddies, the 2014 TEDxBroadway videos are now available for your viewing pleasure.

Hear Tony Winner Diane Paulus talk about the audience experience!  Hear EGOT winner Bobby Lopez sing “Let It Go!”  See why Mark Fisher thinks it’s important that people wear capes!

The talks are short. They make great lunch watching.  And they’ll definitely inspire you to continue to search for new and exciting ways to improve our industry and your work.

Watch them here:  TEDxBroadway 2014 Videos.

Oh, and while you’re on the site?  Sign up so you can be the first to know when the 2015 tickets go on sale (we’ve already scheduled the next one for 2/23/15).  It always sells out.  And sure, sure, you can always wait to watch the videos.

But let me ask you . . . is seeing a video of a play the same as seeing the play?

Nothing beats the experience of being in that room with all those other people who, like you, love the theater with all their might.

Oh, and the networking is worth the price of admission alone.

Enjoy the vids!


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  • George Rady says:

    Interesting Question at the end….

    Having a corporate marketing background, I would simply have – assumed – that including a Video Clip on your webbsite to publicize your show, theatre company, whatever… would be a No-Brainer Tool in your kit….

    NOT! The Guthrie Theatre Company went back and analyzed the the money they were spending on Video Clips and found that FEW of their Subscribers even clicked on the Video… and they only had a few hints for Non-Subscriber Guests!!!

    Major Rethink!

    But the AD (forgot his name, it was a couple years back) said their the Guthrie Theatre Subscribers were interested in Live Theatrical Performances… NOT video clips from rehearsals or teasers for their upcoming show. He concluded that such video clips played NO part in convincing a Visitor to their website to “buy” (which they were gonna do anyway) and few had any curiosity to get a deeper insight into what was going on behind the scenes.

    Me? I always click. But it’s my “job”

    And I have to admit – MOST of the time the Video UNDERCUTS the message… usually poorly produced and banal by current Viral Video and Ad Firm Stds… and, in some cases, seeing the Actors “acting” made me think “Hmmm… looks like this is gonna be one long slog of a show…. let’s see what else is playing?”


  • George Rady says:

    p.s. took this insight back to my corporate Event Planning people… and they – too – are rethinking the “Video” angle.

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