The one thing we can all learn from movie studios.

I see maybe three movies a year in the theater.  I’m one of the reasons that movie theater attendance is declining (and faster than Broadway attendance, so there’s one thing we can feel good about).

Yesterday I saw movie #2 of this year, and as I nestled into my comfy chair with my popcorn topped with 100% real butter-like topping, I heard a pre-teen girl a few rows back ask her dad . . .

“Will there be previews, Daddy?”

“You bet, sweetheart.  There are always previews.”

He was right of course.  There are always previews.

Because the movie studios always put out new movies.  Every year.  Without fail.

They don’t take a year off.  They don’t say, “we can’t find the absolute perfect movie to do this year, so let’s just hang out on the sidelines.”

Nope.  They produce.  Constantly.

And it’s their relentless producing that allows them to find more hits.

It may seem like powerhouse movie studios like Disney, Universal, and so on always produce big fat blockbusters.  But, of course, they don’t.  They produce juicy flop-aroonis all the time.

But they keep on producing until they find another oversized blockbuster to make up for it.

Sure, they’ve got a more corporate share-holder mentality that requires them to be so prolifically productive, but there is a sweet lesson for all of us in the theater biz to learn.

Produce something every year.

Write something every year.

Act in something every year.

Or maybe your schedule is to produce two things, or write three or act in seventeen.  But produce/write/perform like a movie studio.  Like there’s no choice but to keep on keeping on, regardless of the success of your last.

You’ll bomb sometimes.  Big whoop.  But if you stick to your schedule, and your commitment to learning when things don’t work out, then eventually you will hit.

So whatever you do, produce or write or perform or make pastries . . . it doesn’t matter . . . just do it like you have no choice.


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