The Sunday Giveaway: Not one but TWO VIP Passes to FringeNYC!

Ever see a line of people at the entrance of a club or a show, and then watch a few finely dressed folks walk right by it and wonder, “Who the heck are those lucky ducks?”

Those are VIPs.

Very Important Peeps.

And this week, two of you will be getting your chance to be one of those very, very important people at this year’s New York International Fringe Festival.

We’re giving away TWO VIP passes to FringeNYC.

What perks does that get you?

How’s this . . . each pass (and remember, we have two, so we’ll be crowing two winners this week), is good for a pair of tickets to any and ALL Fringe shows.

Did you get that?

Any and all!

So that means, if there are 1200 performances, at a price of $18, and you get two tickets each, then this Sunday Giveaway has a value of  . . . $43,200!  Which means we’re giving away $86,400 worth this week!


So how do you win one of these super VIP passes?

Broadway has gone a bit VIP in the past several years by offering “premium” seats.  But why should we stop there?  Comment below with an additional perk that we could give to a VIP buyer, and you could be seeing unlimited Fringe shows this summer.

Good VIPin’ luck!

(Oh, and stay tuned for the blog this week to see what shows I pick for my annual “10 Shows That Stand Out At The Fringe” Blog!)


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  • jeff croff says:

    Special invite to and schedule of talkbacks.

  • As an out-of-towner, an excellent perk would be a Metro pass for a week or discount for accommodations. Something a little extra to make the experience even easier. 🙂

  • Sarah Packard says:

    Backstage tours with a cast member! 🙂

  • Lydia Shirley says:

    Backstage tour, walk on role, a gift bag, drink and food

  • Ashlee Latimer says:

    VIP buyers should also get personal shout outs from the show’s star(s) via Twitter.

  • Aaron deitsch says:

    Backstage meet and greets

  • Post-Show cocktails with the stars

  • Noah Befeler says:

    Similar to the theme park industry’s model, allow people to cut straight to the front of the line to enter the theatre so they wouldn’t have to brave any elements,

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    What I would like is to meet the people involved. That would include the performers, director, producer, writer, and anyone else whose title I cannot think of at the moment.

  • Matthew Lynn says:

    VIPs could have dinner with the producers and directors of some of the shows at Sardis!

  • Henry Wu says:

    Networking opportunities with producers, directors, actors,etc

  • Sue Cohen says:

    Allow Premium seat ticket buyers the opportunity to buy Premium seats for another show at 10% off. A win-win, don’t you think?

  • Jojo says:

    VIP lounge like at the airport with food, beverages, and bathrooms without crazy lines is something I’d pay for, open before the show and during intermission.

  • Julie Miller says:

    VIP perk — Front of the line access – skip the queue outside the theater and go right to the front of the line to get inside the theater. Same thing for lobby concessions — a special concession stand (or special line) just for VIPs.

  • Anne Reeves says:

    Dinner & meet n greet &/or Q&A type thing.

  • Alexis says:

    Well, the thing that people most often ask me about when I’m working in the Square is how they can get a backstage tour. That would be a great VIP perk!

  • Jeff says:

    I think a great addition could be a (brief?) backstage tour! I know I’m always interested in seeing the behind-the-scenes of Broadway shows and, in the few lucky times I’ve been able to get a peek, I’ve been amazed at how the sets are often able to fold up and be stored in flies, how the stage is built in order to accommodate the needs of a particular show, and just hearing insights from the cast or crew as to what they find to be the most interesting aspects of their show that audiences typically don’t get to see.

  • VIP Ticket includes:
    1) Seat to performance
    2) 1 Pre-Show + 1 Intermission Cocktail
    3) 1 Merchandise Item
    4) Backstage Tour/Meet-&-Greet

  • Matthew Luminello says:

    Each production could so offer “one of a kind” experiences related to the specific show after the performance.

    Wicked: ride in Glinda’s Bubble or Elphaba’s Defying Gravity lift.

    Aladdin: ride on aladdin’s magic carpet. Extra Bonus… Ride the carpet WITH Aladdin or Jasmine in costume.

    Rocky: fight in the ring with rocky or appolo

    Cinderella: complimentary glass slippers (for both men and women) presented by Prince Charming.

    Kinky Boots: complimentary pair of kinky boots and very own runway show.

    Phantom: after show masquerade ball on the steps with the mannequins.

    Just Afew of the “one of a kind” broadway experiences you could get with the price of a Premium Ticket.

  • Cara says:

    Early admission to the theatre
    Discount drinks / merch
    Free download on iTunes
    Special Merch (when I purchased preview tickets to Newsies I got the messenger bag that was given to the cast on opening night. And I got it BEFORE they did!)

  • Bryan Austermann says:

    A very standard VIP perk would be a backstage tour. But I think something along the lines of a “15 seconds of fame” might draw a lot of attention from people. Like taking a photo with the cast in costume and having the show post it on their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram. Or something more show specific – such as the chance to fly in the DG lift at Wicked.



  • Eric W. says:

    A VIP package could also include free/VIP passes to multiple promotional events for the show. I.e. a Good Morning America performance, Broadway in Bryant Park, etc.

  • June Rachelson Ospa says:

    VIP Personal Picks. When you buy VIP you choose from a list of perks. Like audience extras. You redeem VIP points to get what you want with your show. The higher you VIP Points level the more elegant to perk

  • Robert says:

    Free drinks at the theater and a post show chat with the cast

  • In addition to special VIP seats, I think the audience would be thrilled to meet the stars of the show AND….donate an afternoon to someone special of the VIP family. (sort of like a Make a Wish does.) A special child or family member that can’t get to the theatre. Good will & personal attention is always a positive!

  • Give your VIP Ticket Buyers free Limo to and from the Theater for a party of two or more with Premium Tickets!

  • Jeffrey Miele says:

    An entire VIP experience would be great which includes seat, cast signed souvenir program, drink (pre made for when you enter the theatre), and a tour from a cast member after the show. It would also be worth it not to have to wait in line outside. Doesn’t need to be lavish but a VIP “experience” can really make someone feel special and make that premium tickets price more than worth it, you could probably even sell more if people recognized the “perks” and not just thought of it as a better seat.

  • Emma Barishman says:

    Backstage pass to meet/chat with the creative team/actors of any of these shows! Or even just specific shows!

  • Ruth P. says:

    Backstage pass
    Meet the star(s)
    Cocktail before show and/or during intermission
    Skip the line outside the theatre….early access
    Big one….ability to change show date if a conflict arises if/when another premium seat is available
    Another big one…..premium only ladies room with no or shorter line.

  • Solange De Santis says:

    VIP treatment would mean that somehow I would be exempt from ushers yelling at me to step along, have my tickets out, no photographs, turn off my cell phone, no recording, etc.

  • Yosi Merves says:

    I think the backstage tour would be a popular option.

    Also autographed show poster or Playbill

  • Alyssa says:

    A pre or post show talkback
    Or tour of the house

  • Michael DiGaetano says:

    The SippyCupLounge. Free drinks and snacks pre show, at intermission and post show.

  • Allison M. says:

    The ultimate perk would be to go backstage after a show, get a tour, and be able to visit the cast and crew. Maybe also a chance to take a picture on the stage with the set.

  • Michael Orzechowski says:

    You could always throw in a tuition loan payment towards the must-have theatre degree from NYU.

    I kid, of course, however, a class of choice (audit or noncredit at a local university) or seminar entry would always be something neat. Gotta love education!

    Oh, and booze. Everyone loves booze.


  • Paul Lewison says:

    How about a back stage crawl (15 mins) after the show with intros to the stars w/ signed Playbills. All or any of those don’t cost the producers and would be one heck of a draw.

  • Already a WINNER!!! says:

    I think out-of-towners (in groups of 4 or larger) might appreciate a Guide to lead them from their hotel/restaurant to get them to the theater on time while sharing a lil history of Broadway with the newcomers. Also, if the group had their tix left at will-call then the Guide could bring those to the rendezvous point. You could probably find out-of-work actors willing to provide this service for free/standing room only ticket

  • Travis says:

    An express lane to leave the theatre after the show.

  • Tracey says:

    2 show t shirts & 2 drinks! That would be a nice perk!

  • fran says:

    Premium seats should be just that: spacious, well-padded seats with ample legroom and a little distance from the person next to you.

    Don’t think this is cost effective? Look at the AMC movie theater at 84th street and Broadway. All the theaters in the building were upgraded to these seats, the ticket price was raised and movies regularly sell out.

  • Cheryl Dzubak says:

    So many good perks. A meet and greet with some of the performers. Pre-show cocktails with a dinner prior to the show.

  • Karma says:

    A tour of the theater!

  • nancy cohen says:

    a cocktail party for the vip and as many of the actors in the show would be terrific..personalize the experience for the donors and make the commitment to see the shows ever more.

  • Erika Jenko says:

    Love the concept and rush of rushing of show, but hate the actual ‘rushing at 6AM and camping outside of the theatre part?’ Check out the Ultimate Fan Rush Package. For one monthly subscription fee, you can rush up to 5 shows a month and be guaranteed a spot at the very front of the line. Submit your wish list of the 5 shows 1 month in advance, and the box office will contact you with your rush dates. When you arrive, you will be personally escorted to the front of the line by the theater’s porter, and provided a delicious coffee that you pre-ordered for your rush experience. When those doors pop open, you’ll have the pride of being the first one in line. And as a thank you for being a dedicated rusher, since we all know you guys are the excited ones happy to spread word of mouth, we’re going to give you a goody bag full of Show merch plus your heavily discounted rush ticket. Thank you for rushing and thank you for caring enough to be here early. This one’s for you.

  • Tony P. says:

    A supporting character would be named after whomever paid for the VIP seat.

  • Rick Reynolds says:

    Backstage tour and meet & greet with the cast.

  • What is the great equalizer, the great democratizer, that renders the VIP experience down to the level of the last minute TKTS buyer? The seat! I can pay half-price, you can pay premium in the row right in front of me, and both of us have our knees painfully dug into the back of the seat in front of us, as our calves cramp and ankles swell throughout the performance.

    So, take a page from the airlines, remove a row of seats and replace the ones in front and behind that row with bigger, wider seats offering ~50% more leg room. Then charge what the market will bear, That would be worth a lot of $ to me.

  • Dan says:

    A talk-back with the producer!? Because, as a consumer, I want to hear what they were interested in about the project. And if the producer is also the writer/director? Perfect! Because as a writer/director, I’d want some tips and connections!

  • Sarah says:

    I think it should be something that both makes their experience more enjoyable and something extra that may help more people see the show. Especially since once you’re at the show, anything one would buy there is expensive, so possibly having the concessions of their choice brought to their seat (food and eat) either before the show starts or at intermission, AND get show merchandise (even if it’s just a keychain).

  • Larry says:

    Broadway should have an advance ticket exchange policy like they do for many shows on the West End. How about a 3 day advance ticket exchange policy for any future performance in the next month, no questions asked? Maybe more people would buy advance tickets, if they knew they had the opportunity to exchange them if a conflict arose?

  • Ed Katz says:

    Exclusive backstage meet & greet with members of the cast.
    This would include photos & autographed Playbills, too.

  • sheryl wiener says:

    As someone who lives in Suffolk County and travels to the city for the theater by train and cab (and that adds up $$$$), the best VIP perk I can think of is LIRR train tickets for the duration of the festival plus car service from Penn Station to the theaters. That would be loverly!!!!

  • sarah safford says:

    If I were a VIP buyer I’d want a key to a VIP restroom to visit at intermission and a special VIP lounge area with champagne and dark chocolate!

  • Ev says:

    Suggestion for an additional perk – an Uber or Lyft credit for a ride to and from the show.

  • Catherine says:

    I would like a New York Theater Pass! This pass gives you VIP access for 2 shows a year! With the NYPT you get a free Cocktail …special offers to Hotels,Restaurants,Parking, Taxi Uber Ride , Metro Card … We all know the VIP pass already gives You Great Seats….Of course this NYTP would be available as a subscription !!! From this beginning anything can be created and marketed for each show! How about Funky Buttons! Awhh I’m ready to subscribe! Get the online -ears ready to go!!!

  • Amanda says:

    A merchandise credit for a certain amount – say, $20 – that could be used at the merch counter towards a shirt, program, poster, etc. Even though you’d be “giving away” $20 worth of merch for free, you’d likely be getting people to come to the merch counter who wouldn’t have bought anything under other circumstances, or would buy bigger-ticket items like a sweatshirt (usually in the $50-60 range). You’d still make a lot of net profit!

  • Sabrina says:

    Early entry into the theater with exclusive access to the bar, bathrooms, merchandise, etc. before the rest of the theater is let in – even if it was 10-15 minutes of exclusive access, it would feel “special” and let people in without a frenzy. Plus, they would probably spend $$ at the bar/merchandise counters!

  • Alex says:

    I think it would be really cool to give your VIP guests a backstage tour. This wouldn’t really require a lot of time on anyones part but would give some exclusive access to behind the scenes. May not seem a big deal to people regularly working in the theatre, but could be to someone who is a big fan.

  • Tommy B says:

    Invite to special cast parties & special backstage tour w/ food & cocktails!

  • Since they’ll already have excellent seats, parking access, program, souvenirs, backstage access and meet and greets all make it exciting for the evening, But, how about creating a data base that gives Premium Buyers access to additional premium tickets to future productions that include members of the cast and production team of the production they are comfortably enjoying in their extra large premium ticket holder seats that night. It would be a theatrical RIYL (recommended if you like [insert name of actor or director]). Specifically targeted emails for shows that they may want to see because they saw the current one. Keep ‘em coming back and laying down that Box Office raising premium seat money.

  • Anthony says:

    Back stage tours
    Signed playbills
    Talks with creatives
    A chance to attend a rehearsal

  • Rick Hinkson says:

    backstage tours.

    super premium: champagne with the stars.

  • Still my ideal perk – throw in babysitting. Playwrights Horizons had a grant a few years ago that provided subscribers with free babysitting at the theatre and we immediately signed up. To avoid the extra cost of a sitter is a fantastic perk.

  • Brandon Suisse says:

    I’ve always been a little irked that the only thing “premium” about Premium seating is the extra cash you have to cough up for an unobstructed view of the stage and comfortable leg room. That said, folks that can routinely afford outrageous ticket prices probably aren’t as interested in taking home a t-shirt or a stuffed Gavroche doll. It seems to me that a savvy producer could make the “premium” seating more about the experience. Perhaps VIP/Premium tickets could include some kind of intermission reception, exclusive tour, or concierge service–something that makes the evening memorable and elevates the ticket purchase from Premium pricing to a VIP experience.

  • Kelly Delaney says:

    Talk backs and drinks!

  • Cait says:

    Onstage tours!

  • Jeremy Terry says:

    VIP ticket should include free swag – cast recording, poster, maybe even t-shirts or discounts on merchandise. This way even when they leave your show they’re still talking about it, listening to it, and telling other people about it.

  • Kyrsten Louchen says:

    I have noticed that most of the many of the premium ticket buyers as well as the majority of the audience some nights are elderly patrons. People who have trouble getting around the theater and like to get there early. A premium ticket should also get you into the theater earlier than the rest audience (House opens at 7:30 for general admission 7:00 for premium ticket holders). I think the house opening up earlier for premium ticket holders would probably sell more premium tickets cause it would reduce the “pre-show stress” that a lot of elderly patrons have.

  • Ellen Dubinsky says:

    Show promos…tote with program, t-shirt, mug, CD…along with a backstage tour!

  • consuelo carpenter says:

    A metro card to get around

  • Kelsey says:

    I think a playbill signed by the cast would be a great VIP perk. That would certainly entice me to get a VIP package.

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    I would recommend these perks for VIP ticket holdders:
    1) Pre-show entry a half hour before the rest of the crowd
    2) Post-show backstage tour to meet with cast (via a coupon that could be transferrable for two other people if they can’t use it)
    3) Program signed by the cast members
    4) Intermission drink of their choice, one per person ( as opposd to drink at the backstage tour which would require a staff member to monitor it and clean up after)
    5) A red rose boutonniere for the lapel of each VIP member to make them stand out and feel special.
    6) An option to join a VIP “club” for those folks who always prefer the VIP seats and treatment. I think people like to belong to a club and meet like-minded (upscale) folks. In other words, we’re selling ‘snob appeal’. This club could have a set-fee for joining per year (like TheaterExtras which costs $99 per year and then provides a list of shows that offers discounted tix to ‘paper’ the house, but this would be the opposite; not discounted tix but rather premium tix). There could be include a website of shows which offer the VIP tix and lets folks order them in one shot, at one site. You could call it There could also be an option for VIP singles group for those who want to perhaps sit together and have a chance to meet and mingle before and after the shows. I recall that the Roundabout Theater Company used to have a special event for certain performances for singles; they could attend the show and enjoy a pre- or was it a post-show party with drinks and light snacks afterwards to meet other theater-loving singles.

  • Jessie says:

    A talkback or backstage tour!

  • Will Norris says:

    A great “premium-plus” experience would be a VIP area with private bar and concession service and an usher assigned to the group to escort the group to and from the show, similar to what is done for celebrities attending a show. It adds a personal touch like the difference between business class and coach.

  • Ethan K says:

    Skip the line when entering the theater, and your name is on the list at the stage door.

  • Jacob R says:

    I would think that an early entry and open bar would be great perks for VIP ticket holders. Also a signed program plus maybe a talk back reserved just for VIP holders with a more cocktail party/laid back feel. It would really make them feel special and want to buy more VIP passes.

  • Larry Webb says:

    •After-show chat-back/meet & greet

    •Backstage tour, perhaps earlier in the day or specific day of week

    •Pre-show or Intermission cocktail in private lounge

    •Signed poster

    •Show merchandise
    -signed cast recording, if a musical
    -signed copy of the script, if a play

    •Special ticket envelope/enclosure with reminder of Premium Perks, which also contains a •Very warmly-worded thank you or welcome note signed by producer/director/performers/other creatives

    •Advance notice of other shows/exclusive offers

    •*Premium Guest Concierge” to assist premium ticket holders with any concerns or special needs.

  • Jackie S says:

    Discounted (or complimentary) drinks, the chance to jump the line, and talkbacks with the cast/creative team.
    If we were to offer different tiers within premium, one could be discounted dinner at a local restaurant and a car service to/from the theatre. Or, for couples with children, “complimentary” babysitting from 6:30-11:30 PM on nights with an 8:00 curtain (the babysitter’s fee would be included in the ticket price).

    Finally, a special lounge before the show & during intermission with complimentary snacks and exclusive drink specials

  • Diane says:

    Backstage tour by crew member & meet & greet with one cast member (can’t expect all the actors to be available after every show to give a tour & have one on ones with every premium seat holder there after the show).

  • Jared says:

    A VIP lounge with it’s own bar and more importantly, bathrooms. No one likes braving those long lines at intermission.

  • ilan s says:

    Hi. I think it’d be great to see the evolution of the production. Allowing VIPs access to a rehearsal early in the process, later in the process, in addition to seeing it in a VIP seat during its regular engagement would be a great opportunity for the theatergoer. I would jump at that opportunity.

  • Alex B. says:

    A free signed playbill upon your arrival!

  • Andrew Joy says:

    Attendance at understudy rehearsal.

  • Jeryl M. says:

    backstage passes

  • Emily Herschbein says:

    A VIP bathroom without a mile-long line would be enough for me 🙂

  • Qun says:

    Copy of the script or cast album
    “Second look” discount
    Exclusive behind the scenes videos (rehearsal etc)

  • I think that VIP experience could include a backstage tour, as well as a VIP lounge area with their own restrooms and free drinks/snacks at intermission. No more $4.00 water BS if your a VIP!

    I REALLY hope I win this week!

  • peg caruso says:

    Backstage tour and meet and greet.

  • Bruce Barnard says:

    Dinner with Ken Davenport … (BTW, it will NOT seem self-serving IF you pick this as your favorite VIP benefit, so don’t listen to the critics)…

  • Chance Hamlin says:

    For shows with a big name celebrity a nice VIP perk would be a personalized, signed thank you for attending the show.

  • Allen says:

    Free drinks! It is the Fringe, after all! Meet and greets too. T-shirts for family and friends. A night out with Ken.

  • Jason Arnold says:

    Free merchandise with the show’s logo everywhere. It’s like they’re doing adversing for us…. And paying us along the way.

  • ECP says:

    Gratis “concierge service” account that accrues running times of each show attended as a VIP. VIP can then tap it for various services–messenger, driver, sitter, dry cleaning, etc.

  • ECP says:

    Free “concierge service” account that accrues the running times of each VIP-attended show. VIP can then tap the account for various services–food delivery, driver, sitter, messenger, dry cleaning, etc.

  • Tracey says:

    Beggars can’t be choosers – tickets are enough for me. But, if you threw in a reading of my play now that would be a HUGE perk. LMK…

  • Lynn A. says:

    For me its always going to be
    Backstage tour

    but you could also say – Cast album if its a musical, swag bag, talk back if there is…all good.

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