Who won the week of free rent at The Davenport Theatre?

Congratulations, everyone!  We have a new record for the number of entries into our Sunday Giveaway!

Shocking, right?

Not really.  Broadway theaters are not only the hardest theaters to come by in this city; availability is at an all time low, and prices are at an all time high.  All that means, it’s hard for new and upcoming Producers and Writers to get their shows up in front of an audience.

That’s why I’m giving away a week of space in my theater, and I urge all my theater owning peers out there (even the big wig Broadway boys) to do the same when their houses are dark.  Why not have a theater space scholarship fund, which awarded free space that was only going to go unused?  There’s nothing more depressing than a dark theater, so why not fill it?

Ok, time for me to step down off the soapbox, because those record number of entries just want me to get to the good stuff and announce that winner.

So here goes . . . ladies and gentle-producers, the winner of the free week of rent at The Davenport Theatre is . . .

Drumroll please.

(For dramatic effect, please take a second to add your own drumroll by using your fingers to drum your desk.)

The winner is . . .


(For dramatic effect, please drop 100 balloons from the ceiling, shoot confetti canons and make a whooping siren sound.)

Congratulations, Elena!  Your show is going up!  Email me for the details on how to arrange your free week.  Woo-hoo!

If you entered and didn’t win, but are looking for space, email me as well.  I’ll give you a deal just for playing.  Promise.  I want your show to get up almost as bad as you do.


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  • David Merrick Jr says:


    I do a controversial one-man version of Ibsen’s JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN. I play all of the roles…in the nude.

    So I’m shocked, no SHOCKED, that my show wasn’t selected. Really, what could you be thinking?

  • kevin Davis says:

    Congrats Elena!!! Thanks again Ken for continuing to inspire me!

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