Why shows buy billboards in Times Square.

Who doesn’t love an infographic?

You know what an infographic is, right?  They’re those cool cartoony-lookin’ squares of statistics on a certain subject that give you gobs of info in a glance.

The smarty-marketing folks over at Adweek put together an awesome IG last week that is applicable to everyone who advertises on billboards in Times Square, whether you’re Coca-Cola or Chicago.

The graphic details all sorts of interesting information about why billboards are still such an important tool in the fight for a consumer’s dollar like:

  • 60% of the visitors to Times Square spend more than 5 minutes looking at a billboard.
  • 57% of visitors shared their Times Square experience through at least one social network.
  • 89% of visitors said that “only the best brands advertise in Times Square.”

The above are just a few of the tidbits gleaned from this infographic that explains why these billboards can cost $10k or more per week.  And they are worth it (especially the ones that face that TKTS booth).

Of course, a visitor to Times Square that sees a Coke billboard can carry that impression home with him and buy a Coke locally.  The same guy that sees a Chicago billboard?  Well, Chicago has got just a couple days to get his money.   And that makes our billboards even more expensive than other ubiquitous brands – because Broadway can only be consumed in one place – Times Square.

Take a second and click on over to Adweek to see the full infographic.  It’s not as big as a billboard, but it may actually be more valuable.

See the infographic here.


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  • senorvoce says:

    The source of this “information”?

    Times Square Advertising Coalition and Turnkey Intelligence 2014.

    I think they may have a dog in this race. Be careful not to believe everything you read.

  • Oh, Ken, I’m so tired from writing all day, I read your headline as
    “Why Shows Buy Billiards in Times Square.” And I was so intrigued.
    I guess it’s time for me to stop and get some dinner now.

  • Chris Marks says:

    But those billboards serve even a broader purpose than just for those viewing them in Times Square. Every time national TV broadcasts from Times Square those billboards are given sometimes worldwide exposure at no additional cost. And “Broadway” can’t just be seen in NYC but, with touring companies, across the globe. When visiting NYC and Times Square many folks don’t have time for more than a couple of shows but a Times Square billboard (and maybe some personal photos in Times Square) might provide enough interest that they’ll check out one of those shows when it hits their town.

  • Rich says:

    Note the fine print: the 60% that spend more than 5 min looking at TS billboards/signage are of those “seeing it for the first time.” Also, why do only 22% cite “seeing a show” as a favorite TS activity?

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