You’re gonna make fun of me for this one.

I love me some Florida Georgia Line.

See, about six months ago I came down with a serious case of country-music-itis – which means I’ve become very familiar with phrases like “dixie cups,” “tan lines,” and Story Warren on Sirius Radio’s The Highway.

And I’ve fallen in sweet southern love with the guilty pleasure music of the duo known as Florida Georgia Line, who, admittedly, is like the Nickelback of country music.

So the other day, I’m on my 17th listen of their new song, “Dirt.”  (Yep, you got that right, it’s called “Dirt.”)

If you ask my trusty sidekick and uber-capable assistant Kayla, she’ll tell you I’ve been blastin’ it after hours, and singing along . . . and gettin’ all the words wrong (actually she wouldn’t tell you that, which is what makes her such a capable assistant).

For listen #18, I decided to shake it up a bit and decided to see if there was an official video.

Interestingly enough, there wasn’t a video.

There were two videos.

One was a typical country mini-movie music video, with a woman who died too soon, a pick-up truck and a corn field.

The other was a lyric video.

That’s right, boot-scootin’ friends – FGL (that’s what their fans like me call ’em) produced two videos: one with a story, and one with some cool cinematic shots and an artistic version of “follow the bouncin’ ball” lyrics.  This way, you can learn the actual words from the song, and your sidekick assistant won’t laugh at you when you sing ’em at the top of your lungs in your office.

It was like this video was made for me!  (Who knew that the lyric was “Elm shade red rust clay you grew up on?”  And all this time I thought it was “Home made bed you threw up on!”)

Of course, it wasn’t made just for me.  It was made for me and the other millions of fans out there, who wanted deeper engagement with a product.

When an audience falls in love with something . . . and I’m talking deep, word-of-mouth-spreadin’-love, just consuming it, isn’t enough.  They want to devour it.  And every single bit of it.  Like those super carnivores out there who eat every part of a pig because they don’t believe in wasting even an entrail.

FGL knows that to keep their super fans engaged, and satisfied, they can’t just serve up a standard dish of content.  They have to give ’em more.  Much more.

And the same is true for you.

Do you have fans?

Give ’em the story of how your show got together.  Give ’em the personal history of your creative team.  Like, did you know that I met Stafford Arima, Director of Altar Boyz, when he was the Resident Director of Ragtime New York and I was the Associate Company Manager?  Give ’em details.

But don’t stop there.  Don’t just give them lyrics, give ’em sheet music so they can sing the tunes.  Imagine if your songs are done by college kids all over the country.  Or at auditions.  Give ’em backstage photos and video.

Drown ’em in content so they don’t even have a chance to listen to anyone else.  I mean, Jason Aldean who?

Your best fans have the power to bring you more fans.  But only if they are stuffed.

I know I risk getting mocked for listening to Florida George Line.  Especially when I admit that to a bunch of smart theater fans like yourselves.

But I’m ok with it.  Because by listening to them, I also learned a lot too.

Oh, and I couldn’t leave this post without giving you a little “Dirt”.

Watch the traditional video here.

And the lyric video here.

And make sure your office door is shut when you sing along.


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  • senorvoce says:

    No, not for this.

  • Liz says:

    Was incredibly surprised to find country music as your topic of choice today! Your reader from the middle of the country approves, lol.

  • Ilene Argento says:

    You’re scaring me!

  • Christine Garfinkel says:

    Florida Georgia Line is AWESOME!!! Good for you Ken for admitting you like them! This Broadway fan is a country music fan also!

  • T. Cat says:

    I am from near the FL/GA line. Great song but there is no red clay that far south. Ha! The red clay is in north GA. Really preferred the lyric version. The music video version with the nonsense about not traveling and everything coming to you. The song is good without all that.

  • Polo says:

    He’s scaring me as well. Snap out of it Ken.

  • Bobby says:

    Ken, Where I live we do have that red clay dirt they sing about and it is a reddish orange clay and when you were a kid you played in it all day. I understand completely and know where you are coming from on what you have learned from Florida Georgia Line. I am a country guy here and unless you have lived in the South, some people just don’t get country music and how the singers get their millions of fans. They know how to engage their fans with their product. Don’t believe me go to a country music concert and not just one but hundreds will be singing along with the singer and know every word. Engaging his fans and Word-of-mouth is how Garth Brooks got his million of fans. Broadway shows could learn a lot from the way country music singers engage the fans. It just might bring more fans into the theatre.

    Don’t worry about liking country music either. You should see reactions from my friends when they find out I like Broadway Musicals and Classical Music and not just Country Music. Great Blog today. I know this blog was not for everyone but that’s what makes the world a great place. Not everyone marches to the same drummer. But something was missing from your Blog if your a true Country Music fan. I am sure you will hear it at any Florida Georgia Line Concert like all country music concerts….You forgot to give a big YEHAW!!!!!

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