How to get on my #@$% List.

If you’ve ever produced a show, you know that when it’s over, you’re left with a lot of #@$%.

I remember heading to the strike of one show I worked on and seeing a moose head, an 8-track player, and a helium tank among the rubble (Can you guess the show?  The Crucible!  Kidding.)

So what do you do with all that #@$%?

The collaborative folks at the League of Independent Theater have come up with a great answer.

First, you should know about the LIT, which is a non profit org dedicated to the preservation and the growth of the Off Off Broadway community here in NYC.

Understanding the challenges that Off Off Broadway producers and theater companies face, the LIT came up with the Sh.I.T. list to try and save everyone money.

The Sh.I.T. list is exactly what it sounds like it. It’s a list of a bunch of #@$%  from shows.  But if you’re a Producer or Theater company with a need, you might be able to find it here . . . for cheap . . . or for trade!  And if you’ve got a bunch of stuff left over from shows, you might be able to monetize it instead of just trashing it.

What I love about the list is that not only is it practical, and eco-friendly, it encourages increased cooperation in the theater community.  I know we’re all competitors in the theatrical space, but we’re also part of a huge theatrical family fighting the good fight to make sure our industry not only survives the next 100 years, but also thrives over the next 100 years.  So when I see theater companies working together, it brings a clown tear to my eye.

The Sh.I.T. list is still in its beta phase.  And that means they need more “dumpers” and “divers.”  So sign up and start digging.  And while you’re there, you should also join the LIT, especially if you’re new to producing, or new to the NYC area and looking to get into the theater community.  The LIT is a great way to do it.

And that’s no Sh.I.T.


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