Who won the free rehearsal space?

I’ve got a big weekend of work ahead of me, and you all gave me some great places to go to inspire me, from a coffee shop, to the park, to a concert.  (If you’re looking for a new place to work and need some inspo, click here.)

It’s so interesting to me how we all need, crave, depend on different types of environments to get our juicers juicin’.  And here’s a big tip, especially to any of you having dreaded writer’s block (or entrepreneur’s block – which is a real thing, btw – go ahead, check webMD – ok, it’s not, but it should be) . . . if you are stuck, change your location.  Work/write somewhere totally different.  Usually listen to music while you work?  Don’t.  Write in silence?  Try music.  Shaking things up is the best way to get things unstuck.

Hopefully our winner will find the three hours of free rehearsal space we’re giving away the perfect creative respite for their work . . .

And that winner is:

Rick Hinkson!

Congrats, Rick.  Email me to set up your free space.

And to those that didn’t win . . . don’t let that stop you from working this weekend.  Find someplace, anyplace, and get something done.


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