Who won the tickets to Modern Times with the NY Philharmonic?

I know showing films with an orchestra playing live is only one thing that the NY Phil does every year, but somebody should do this all the time.  I get all giddy thinking about hearing a 50 piece orchestra play some of your suggestions for this week’s giveaway:  Oliver, Fantasia . . . or Moulin Rouge!

But the winner of this week’s giveaway, the guy that will be taking the tickets, and hopefully taking a hot date to see Modern Times with the NY Philharmonic is . . . Nelson M.!

Congrats, Nelson!   Email me to get your tickets.

Oh, and, um, speaking of giving stuff away.  Sometime this afternoon, a young lady is going to be given away by her Dad . . . to me!  Yep, I’m getting married today.  And depending on when you read this, it may have already happened, or I may just be in the pre-pass-out phase, because it hasn’t happened yet.

But here’s the fun part . . . in typical Davenport fashion, I’m livestreaming my wedding!!!  Yep, if you wanna tune in, just visit our website at www.TracyAndKen.com anytime after 4 PM ET today.  The ceremony is at 4 and we’ll be boogie-ing well into the night (no show tunes though, except my dance with my mom to “Sunrise, Sunset” because she practically raised me on that tune).

So tune in!  I’ll try and wave to you!  And don’t worry, there will be blogs on the honeymoon.  🙂


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