5 Reasons Why A Wedding is Like an Opening Night.

I’ve been on my honeymoon in Hawaii for a week now, and my new wife and I have done everything together from surfing lessons to a luau to 36 holes of golf in one day (am I a lucky guy or what?).

We’ve done it all.

Except blog together!

So today, Tracy and I are going to co-author this blog.  Oh wait, hold on, she wants to say something . . .

Hi Ken’s readers!  Thanks for letting me chime in here!  I’ve been reading Ken’s blog since he started this thing, so first let me say I’m so sorry for his reeeeeeeeeeally bad jokes and . . .

Ok, ok, that’s enough.  Let’s get down to today’s subject, five reasons why Tracy and I think a wedding is like an opening night.

1.  It’s Always More Expensive Than You Think

Appetizers and open bars and coat check, oh my!  Everywhere you look, someone is tacking on some extra charge to your bill for both of these important events.  Because opening nights cost so much, I actually thought about sending a note to all my investors on a show once saying, “Hey, we could have an opening night party, or I could reduce the budget by $100k and get your investment back to you much faster.”  I didn’t.  Know why?  They would have rather had an opening night.  It’s expensive, but both the wedding and the opening night performance are important enough to spend the money.

2.  Something Always Goes Wrong

No matter how much you plan, or how much of a perfectionist the producer (or the mom-of-the-bride) is, something always goes wrong.  The sound goes out, the flowers don’t arrive on time, or maybe it even rains . . . whatever happens, just go with it.  Producers and Husbands and Wives-to-Be can’t control everything, so don’t try.

3.  You Only Do It Once

Hopefully.  Enuf said.

4.  You Can’t Invite Everybody

Theaters, churches and reception halls all have fixed capacities (plus you’ve got a budget), so your invite list can’t be endless.  My advice on both?  Surround yourself with your biggest fans . . . the people who have supported you since your younger days, and will continue to do so throughout your life and career.  Don’t feel like you “have to” invite people because of politics, etc.  It’s your day.  You’ve worked hard for it.  Enjoy it with people you enjoy.

5.  It Takes Years To Get There

Tracy made me put this one, because we were together for seven years before we got hitched.  (I know, I know!  But hey, at least I got there, right?)  Shows and relationships can go through (and should go through, IMHO) different stages of development.  Sometimes things are going well, sometimes they aren’t.  But if you believe in what you’re working on, just keep working, and don’t rush it.  If it’s meant to be it will happen.  Just give it time.  I’ve been working on Somewhere in Time for the seven years I’ve been with Tracy, and I don’t mind that it’s taken so long to get that show going one bit.  Because if I had popped the question for that show five years ago, I’d be paying some serious alimony right now.

Ok, there you have it!  Our five reasons why a wedding is like an opening night!  And . . . oh wait.  Tracy wants to say goodbye . . .

Bye guys!  And if you think reading his jokes are bad, you should try having to hear them live and in person!  It’s like being tied down and forced to watch the entire first two seasons of Alf!

Oh jeez.  Remind me never to let her get control of the keyboard again.  Aloha!  (If you want to see some photos from the day, search Instagram: #KenAndTracy)


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  • Phyllis Buchalter says:

    Looks like you are both having a great time. Enjoy. By the way, looks like a rainbow is missing from your picture!

  • David McKibbin says:

    Congratulations on the wedding! I hope all is well on your honeymoon. Expect many years of happiness (despite all of Tracy’s complaints about your jokes) and joy to come. 🙂 Hopefully, your marriage will run longer than Phantom 🙂

  • Sue Cohen says:

    Hi Tracy! Congratulations to you both!

  • Arch says:

    Congratulations! Hope you guys have an amazing honeymoon and Decades of Wedded Bliss!

  • Ilene Argento says:

    Congrats, again, you two! Joe and I were together for 8 years before going to Hawaii to get married, and we’ve been married for over 20 years, so you’re progressing at light speed!

    Glad to see that Tracy is as wacky as Ken! Is it POSSIBLE that she’s making him wackier and increasing the jokes? I hope so! Sending love and luck your way! Aloha!

  • Melissa Starin says:

    This is my favorite blog of yours ever! Love the co-author 🙂

    Woo hoo! Congrats!

  • Aloha Tracy and Ken!

    So true about opening nights and weddings….I’ve had a few! Opening nights that is.
    Beware of sharks and Happy Honeymooning.


  • Janis says:

    Great couple. You both look delightfully happy, even with all the reeeeeealy bad jokes.

    Much happiness and joy forever.

  • Wishing you both love, laughter and good health for many, many years to come! Thanks for your insights and humor into the industry and for making your life an inspiration for all of us. Keep the bad jokes coming!

  • Paul Argentini says:

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! Ken!
    And B E S T W I S H E S, Tracy!

    Kiss and hug a lot, and dance barefoot in the kitchen . . .

  • First, Tracy and Ken, congratulations. You mentioned that it has taken 7 years to bring Somewhere In Time to B’Way and you’re still working on it. BLOG IDEA: Tell us the pit-falls you have encountered in
    producing this show. We will all learn from your comments. Have fun in pineapple land. —sjc

  • Ken you look trim, I can get a vibe from a photo and, well, you guys rock. Let me know when you’re back in town/circulation….. You’ll either love the changes I made off of your consult, or well, we know the other. Either way I don’t care who’s pissed at you, I love ya’ ENJOY!!!!!

  • Sandra Frederick says:

    Congratulations! Blessings

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