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You know where the biggest stage in the world is?

I’ll give you a hint. It’s not on Broadway. It’s not in the West End.

It’s in Washington, DC.

The American political system is by far the biggest and most important stage in the world. It’s where the future of the world is shaped.  And oh, the drama!

If you want to be a player in the theater of American politics you need a lot of things: charisma, education and a whole crap ton of money.

Barack Obama knew he had the ideas. He knew he had the intelligence.

And most importantly he knew he had to raise money if he wanted to get elected.

So he set out to be the best money raiser on the planet.  And he succeeded.

Did you know that more people gave to the Obama campaign in 2008 than in any other campaign in history?  And then he topped that again in 2012.

And, if you’re like me, and you study the best money raisers in the world, then you know that he’s at it again right now, in an attempt to capitalize on the recent Republican impeachment chatter.

Since the most popular question I get from readers like you is “How do I raise money for my show?” I thought you’d like this little tip that I’ve used to help hone my money raising skills.

It’s simple: sign up for Obama’s email list.

You’ll see all the different ways he asks for you to support his cause, how he frames his message, how often he asks, the tone of his asks, and so on. You’ll learn expert technique, for free.

Just don’t be surprised if he makes you want to whip out your wallet during the process.

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  • Marshall says:

    Ahem. “Republican impeachment chatter?” Sorry. That is NOT correct. The “chatter” came from the Dems (here comes the clever tie-in) to raise money for 2012 race. Create a straw man, create a false furor, raise money. And it worked! 🙂

    Now all the Republicans have to do is say that the President is indecisive, has no foreign policy and has put us so far in debt that it’ll take generations to break even. Yep. Their own straw man. No, wait. Hmmm. Gawd it’s great being a Libertarian! 🙂

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