Fun on a Friday: Bryan Cranston’s new one man show.

Shows about sports are usually hard sells.  When we’ve got females making the majority of the ticket purchasing decision, it’s easy to see why.  As much as I’d want to do Rudy The Musical, I won’t be after the rights anytime soon because my Mom would have no desire to see it (She’s my first focus group on all my shows).

Unless, of course . . . Bryan Cranston was in it.

Cranston can do anything.  And his Breaking Bad phenom status hasn’t gone anywhere.  Thankfully, his first stop after Walter went off to his final reward in one of the most watched season finales of all time, was Broadway, in last season’s All The Way.

And look!  According to this mini-documentary (which is actually one of the most lavish promos I’ve seen, especially for a network like TBS), Cranston is coming back to the stage with a one man show about . . . America’s favorite pastime . . . gossiping.  Nope, sorry . . . I mean, baseball.

What’s crazy about this video?  It’s almost hard to tell it’s a gag . . . because Cranston is so damn committed.

Man, would he make a great Jessup in A Few Good Men or what?

Enjoy the video. And enjoy your weekend.  (If you’re an email subscriber and you can’t see the video, click here.)

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  • Having a theater banquet this week, with family visiting to see plays. Family has good taste; so we are seeing great stuff. Loved “The Country House,” or most of it, but that was LAST night. Tonight, we saw
    Stoppard’s “Indian Ink.” My God, that man’s brilliance. I swear he casts spells, and we are glued
    to our seats, practically with our mouths open and in a trance. This is notwithstanding the play ends
    and then it ends again; the first ending was better. But I’m so glad we got to see it. This week, I’m not an actor, not even a playwright (well, I keep looking at the construction of the play–can’t be helped); but this
    week, I am AUDIENCE, and I love it.

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