It’s still not easy being green on Broadway.

Last weekend, my grocery bill at a Ralphs grocery store in LA was thirty cents higher than the food costs.  Why?

I forgot to bring my reusable bags and had to “buy” three paper bags instead.

In case you didn’t know, Cali has a ban on those environmental hazards also known as plastic bags, so grocery stores can’t hand them out.  And to decrease their customer’s dependency on paper bags, the stores charge for them, encouraging their shoppers to bring canvas bags instead.

You’d think that New York City especially would be as cutting edge as California when it comes to environmental issues.  But it just isn’t.  I don’t know if that’s because since we can’t see trees or beaches from our offices that it’s the whole ‘out of sight out of mind’ thing, but for some reason, being green in the city just seems more challenging.

That’s why the hard working folks at the Broadway Green Alliance deserve a shout out.

Don’t know about the Broadway Green Alliance?  Good!  That’s why I’m doing this blog.

The BGA is a collection of industry pros dedicated to greening the theater industry coast to coast.  They developed this great website which has all sorts of resources for conserving energy, materials, etc. . . and maybe even ‘conserving’ some money in the process as well!

They also hold really cool recycling events like the one scheduled for THIS WEDNESDAY, 9/17!  From 10 AM – 2 PM, the BGA in partnership with Electronics Recyclers International will take your old computers, TVs, mobile equip and more and recycle ’em.  Just take your old e-junk to Duffy Square and hand ’em over (and I hear they just may have some cool Broadway stars on hand to help take the stuff off your hands).  You know you have some of that crap, right?  And come on, you’re never going to take the time to put it on eBay or Craigslist so give yourself some closet space and recycle it! (Click here for more info.)

And while you’re there, you should chat with green powers-that-be about signing up to be a member of the org.  I’m sure they could use some volunteers that love the theater and the environment (and hello networking opp!).

So recycle your stuff this Wednesday.  Sign up to get more info on the Broadway Green Alliance.

And then tell your City Councilperson that you support New York City’s ban on plastic bags.  They are actually considering adopting it.  And adopt it we should.  If for no other reason than we can’t lose to California.


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  • Melba LaRose says:

    I’m all for getting rid of the plastic. However, why do we have to get rid of paper when no one uses it anymore? I can’t remember when I last bought a pack.

  • linda long says:

    How would we throw out our garbage in the city if not in plastic. Seems that is what all the buildings require and then onto the big plastic bags on the street for pick-up to keep the streets free of rats, etc. A dilemma.

  • Joe Carraro says:

    Deal with this subject and others that show how the government can’t figure out what’s best for us and the country in the play CONVERSATIONS WITH AN AVERAGE JOE coming to a theatre near you. The revolution will begin with a curtain call. Join in.

  • Paula says:

    Apartment dwellers put “wet” food remains, etc. into plastic bags to send the
    garbage down to the collecting point in the “basement”. If this ban goes into
    effect, we will have to purchase boxes of small plastic bags anyway. There are
    some people who throw garbage in with no “packaging”. Now won’t that be
    fun when more people do that, and it attracts more mice and roaches.

  • Cara says:

    Broadway Green Alliance sells notepads made from understudy inserts at the flea market each year. I love them!

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