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After seven years and five different offices, my company is (finally) moving office buildings!  That’s right – no more moving closet of an elevator! (If you’ve visited me – then you know exactly what I’m talking about.)

We’re super excited about our new digs at the Studio 54 building (read the NY Post article about our move here) but before we get there, we gotta get all of our crap out of the office and rehearsal studios that we’ve inhabited since 2007.

Cleaning out our offices was like one of those storage-war reality shows . . . would we find an autographed Tommy Tune playbill for Bye Bye Birdie circa 1990?  Or would we find a container of hummus from 2009?

We’re taking most of our stuff over to our new place.  But we’re also getting rid of a ton of stuff . . . and we’re offering it to you.

It’s The Davenport Theatrical Moving Sale!

Starting tomorrow, Saturday, 9/27, through Wednesday, 10/1  you’re welcome to come on by to our offices and studios to see if we’ve got something that you might want.

And we’ve got a lot of stuff.

We’ve got everything from two Yamaha pianos (!), a couple of Altar Boyz fog machines, music stands, hundreds and hundreds of playbills, chairs, office supplies, books, scripts, more office supplies, memorabilia from our shows, and about 100 cords that no one knows what the #&$@ they are for.

This stuff is gonna go cheap, and yep, a bunch of stuff will even be given away (that’s how I got most of the supplies for my first office).

And, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the awesome Actors Fund.

So come to our version of storage-wars and see what theatrical treasures await!

The Davenport Theatrical Moving Sale
250 West 49th St.  #301
Between Broadway and 8th
9/27 – 10/1
10 AM – 6 PM

See you there!


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