Someone got mad at me today.

Like really mad.  I wasn’t mean to them or anything.  I didn’t insult them or even punch them in the face.  They just didn’t like the way I did something, that actually had nothing to do with them, ironically.  But they didn’t like it anyway.  Their style and my style were just downright different.

And to be honest with you, over the course of my career, they haven’t been the only one.

Other producers have been mad at me.  Agents have been mad at me.  And hey, based on a few comments I’ve read, some of you have even been mad at me!

It happens.  All the time.

But I’ve got news for you.  If you’re a producer, a playwright, a politician, or just a, well, person, it’ll happen to you too.  (Even JFK, Gandhi, and Bert & Ernie had people mad at them.)

Because not everyone goes about things the same way.  People have different styles, different motives, and different objectives.

So along your producing path, you’re probably going to piss some people off too.  But here’s what someone told me once . . .

The key to a successful career is . . . try to make more people happy than you make mad, and you’ll be more than fine.


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  • David Wilder says:

    Hi Ken
    I always enjoy your blog, and as a new producer it has given me support along my path.

    Hopefully this will give you some support, it’s a great article with an insight that makes life a damn site easier. Not saying I live my life by it but I try my best

  • Carvanpool says:

    LHO didn’t like JFK at all.

  • Let them get mad. Then move on.

  • Robert Lazo says:

    Thanks for the reality-check! I always thought there was something that I wasn’t doing right. Good to know that it’s not necessarily me — though I am always looking for a better way to win a backer and a customer (i.e. investor)!

  • Ilene Argento says:

    CLEARLY someone who doesn’t know what a well-meaning, sweet guy you are! How could ANYONE be mad at you??? (Hope it wasn’t Tracy!!)

  • Carl says:

    Short blog today. The surf must be good.

  • Scott says:

    Tallulah Bankhead once Said—

    “If Everybody Likes You–Your Just Not Interesting”

  • Ken,
    I speak to a few hundred people a year; at least 365 people. Some like me, some don’t, some work with me and some just won’t. In my spare time, pondering my existence on a recent NJT late night commute, I formulated that at least 2 people a year really get mad at me and they just never let go, However, 2 out of 365 ain’t bad unless you multiply: 2/year x 20/years in the biz and you get about 40 people who are mad at me or hate me for some reason…and what can I do about it? not much. let them be mad. Ken, you have inspired, helped out thousands a year, or in the very least, they liked you on FB. To make you feel better and the reason I am writing, Yesterday, my former ass’t, now a tv commercial director in LA, said how thankful she was that I introduced her to your blog and that she has learned so much. So…if one guy was mad at you yesterday just know that there was someone across the country who is singing your praises. She’s probably reading this now… So..take a few mad’s and don’t sweat it.


  • Jrighter says:

    Just hope it wasn’t your new, smart, funny wife! 🙂 Congratulations! Loved yesterday’s duo-blog!

  • Jenni says:

    So funny that you wrote about this, today! I just came back from a Parents Club meeting & a woman appeared to be very mad at me. I was talking to parents with children who have allergies. She did not appreciate my suggestion to have her son tested BEFORE giving him a spoonful of peanut butter (she had just told me her husband has a severe peanut allergy!). She said “I know how to parent my child” and stormed away.
    My son has severe allergies, I thought it better to be safe & get tested. Well, I hate anyone being angry or upset with me. I will probably not sleep well, tonight. But, your blog helped me remember advice my sister n law gave me: Always ask yourself what your intentions were and if you acted with good intentions, than let it go!

  • I just presented my play “Hamlet’s Shakespeare” at The Utah Shakespeare Festival. Three performances, great director, fabulous actors, and a fine script, if I must say so myself. But I don’t have to say so. The audience loved it. Except for one woman who said she wished I had never written it. That was at the q and a that followed the reading. She explained that she carries within her an image of what Shakespeare is like and now, with my play, I was threatening to create an image of Shakespeare that would pervade the culture and take over what people had already thought about him. I was taken aback, for a moment. Wait, she didn’t think I should present my impression of Shakespeare? I mentioned that there were other treatments of Shakespeare that were less generous and sympathetic and informed than mine. But, then I said, “If my version becomes the definitive reading of what Shakespeare might have been like I WILL BE THRILLED!!!” People laughed and the
    q and a went on. Does Tom Stoppard get reactions like this? Everyone seems to think “Shakespeare
    in Love” is TRUE. It’s not. It’s better. It’s an imaginative vision of what might have happened. It’s the kind of truth Shakespeare would have approved of.

  • Great quote…
    “Inner peace begins the moment you chose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions”

    If you live with inner peace the experiences you describe can actually elevate you as you continue on your path and those who choose to be conflictive become exhausted, frustrated and not able to think clearly. Negativity… it solves nothing.

    I saw this quote yesterday and blogged about this topic… “Negativity… Ain’t nobody got time for that”

  • jim says:

    Remember: When you do a job your not in a popularity contest — YOUR THERE TO DO A JOB.

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