The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Love Letters on Broadway!

Hey yo!  It’s another week, and another Broadway giveaway!

And this one is for a show that just got a great review in the New York Times!

Love Letters has been touring and entertaining the country for decades, and now it has landed back on Broadway, with its usual rotation of two stars reading (from a script) notes, letters and cards between a man and a woman over 50 years.

Isn’t that one of those ideas that make you go, “Why didn’t I do that?”

It’s so beautifully simple, and so theatrical, that it just makes sense.

And yeah, maybe you could have done that, but I’d bet my box full of love letters that you couldn’t have done it nearly as well as A.R. Gurney.

For this week’s giveaway, I’m going to do something a wee bit different.

As usual, we’ve got two tickets to see the show . . . and I’m going to give them away a little differently . . . I’m going to give ’em away, Love Letters style.

I’m not going to give the tickets away in a pair.

I’m going to give away one to a guy.  And one to a girl.  Just like the characters in the play.

And who knows, maybe we’ll start a little love-letter writing duo right at the show!  (Oh, and listen – love means a lot of things – but at its core it means friendship – so enter whether or not you are single/married/gay/straight/in a relationship/whatever – this is about meeting a new friend.  That said, if the winning couple would like to get married and have three children it would probably do wonders for my subscription rate, so please feel free.)

So how do you win?

Comment below with the name of the person who you wrote your first love letter too.  And a little story would be awesome as well.  Mine?  Jenny Fox.  2nd grade (Just like the characters in Love Letters, actually!)  She probably doesn’t even remember, but I wrote “I like Jenny Fox,” on my bookmark.  She saw it out of the corner of her eye and asked me to read it.  I got nervous and refused.  She then wrote something down on her bookmark.  “If you let me read yours, I’ll let you read mine.”  Hers said, “I like Kenny.”  I think she tried to kiss me on the way to the next class and I ran away.  End of story.  Except that I named a character after her in Gettin’ The Band Back Together.

Ok, now you!


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  • Hilary Davis says:

    I think it was 12th Grade. I remember that I was watching my unrequited love rehearse onstage, in the musical “Chess,” while having a note-giving conversation with my techie friend when I was supposed to be taking notes on the actors (I was the student director, directly under the faculty director in the “line-up”). Our conversation:
    Me: I LOVE HIM
    Me: I’m a thinker not a doer
    Me: I want JAMES
    J (not James — another techie): Keep it 2 yourself
    Me: touch-a touch-a touch- touch me

    Not sure what all of this says about me …. But I’ve kept this note folded up in my purse since October or November 2005 ……

    Oh. I finally did make out with James — December 2006. I found it ehhh. Really haven’t seen him since.

  • Alex Beech says:

    When I was a journalist, I mentioned to a guy I liked that I loved red peppers, which were too expensive for a Univision reporter.

    When he picked me up for our first dinner, he was holding two items, a book of Persian love poems and a shiny red pepper.

    It occurred to me that a gift links people, and is perfect when the recipient feels both loved and heard.

    That gesture made me sit down and write him a letter, infused with the love that was suddenly present, the minute I opened the door, the red pepper in his hand like a heart that wanted to be renewed.

  • Emily says:

    It’s always funny to go back and read my journals from middle school and high school, because they are full of letters to guys I liked, but was much to shy to ever actually give them to a guy!

  • Andy Gordanier says:

    First one was to a girl named Valerie when I was 7.
    Went something like this.

    I think you are pretty cool even if you are a girl.
    I like you and someday maybe we can get married.

  • Matthew Armentrout says:

    Easily it was Justin Greene, in 4th grade he used to push me on the ground at the playground. He would then proceed to lay with me, but then when we would get up he would push me make down. I sent him a letter in high school. I thought it was love. Her never responded ha!

  • Sarah P. says:

    I’m afraid my generation hasn’t really been into the whole “letters” thing, but I’m rather proud of some thoughtful, romantic long emails I sent to my (long-distance relationship) ex Steve…long-distance can be torture, but our loving words always kept each other close when we couldn’t visit!

  • Jill J. says:

    Arthur Mann. My note to him in the 6th grade signature book went something like this: “I like you, I like you, I really do, but don’t get excited because I like monkeys too.” I was devastated when we went to different schools the following year.

  • I had a huge crush on a girl named Randye. I wrote a love-letter and, accompanied with flowers, left them at her home’s front door.

  • Lauren says:

    It was for Brandon Bell in 1st grade. I left him a post-it in his desk and it said: I LIKE YOU do you like me? And he wrote back: YES. We were inseparable for the rest of 1st grade.

  • Claire says:

    I’m not sure I remember! I do remember the first one I received, though. It was in fifth grade, from Tyson. He left the letter with a teddy bear on top of my desk before school started. I was so embarrassed at the time, but now I think it was so brave of him. 🙂

  • Daniel says:

    Vanna White, at five years old. I learned about unrequited love long before I discovered Shakespeare’s sonnets!

  • Bryan Austermann says:

    I think this was a love email situation- Alexandra back when I was like 12 and fell instantly in love with her after doing a theater camp where we were in an original play about Shakespeare and for one scene we played Romeo and Juliet hehehe AND she liked Wicked. AND she’s gorgeous.

  • Stacey Merwin says:

    It was in 4th grade. His name was Daniel and he wrote me when he was at overnight camp during the summer. I decided it was a love letter because he wrote “Love, Daniel” at the end of the letter. He told me about his counselors and fellow campers and it was super cute. Though our childhood romance never blossomed past 5th grade, Daniel is like my brother and has remained one of my best friends since then.



  • Solange De Santis says:

    A boy named Peter with blond hair. I was in 4th grade. He was an older man – 6th grade and a hall monitor. I think a white belt and chest strap went with this awesome responsibility. I can still see him at the top of the stairs, keeping an eye on the kids walking up.

  • Marina Barry says:

    It was Terry Cassidy. I was in second grade and we actually got married in our den downstairs. My Mom made a maple cake and we had my 2 brothers as I don’t know what’s, but they were there. I think I had a veil.

    It was fun but then I skipped third grade and forgot about Terry.

  • Samantha says:

    His name was Hector. We were both in the 8th grade at the same school and he was my next door neighbor. We would meet after school in my backyard to play basketball. He tried to hook me up with his bestfriend, but I refused. I made a card out of printer paper, drew his face on the front cover and wrote a love poem on the inside. I slipped it under his front door because I knew he was home alone. He came back later the same day and returned it to me, and let me down easy. We never spoke again.

  • Pat S says:

    In 3rd grade, Jeffrey Adams wrote me a bubblegum postcard that said I LOVE YOU and mailed it to my summer house at the Jersey shore. I wrote an identical one back and once school started, I chased him around the playground with my girlfriends.

  • Pat S says:

    Michael DeGeorge. In 6th grade, I wrote a vaguely complimentary paragraph in his yearbook. He probably didn’t recognize it as a love note, but for me, it was a huge deal.

  • Lauren says:

    I received a note stuck into my cubby in 4th grade, from a boy Andrew. Once I opened the note, which I was very confused by- because it wasn’t folded, but more nervously crumbled- it read:
    You are pretty, but I like your pigtails better when they are braided.

    Do you like me?

    As I go back and type the note I then received as an 10 year old, I think- welp, it was all downhill from there. =)

  • Larry says:

    It was to a girl named Michelle in the 2nd grade. It was something like “I like you and I live next door to you. Let’s sit together on the bus.” She proceeded to take me to her house, kiss me and declare that “We have to get married now, since we’ve kissed.”

  • Anne Reeves says:

    My elementary school crush was a guy named Daylon Beaman. I gave him a valentine card once that said I dig you. At a school roller skating outing, he asked me to skate & I ran crying in to the bathroom.

  • Dana Vance says:

    I was sixteen years old and I was going with an older man, a freshman in college! His name was Bill, but everybody called him Chicken. He was the most popular boy in a rival high school. He was the basketball captain and President of his class before moving to Fairmont, West Virginia on a basketball scholarship. I couldn’t believe he liked me. He started sending me love letters every day! I realized if I was going to keep this adulation going, I was going to have to sit down and write him a love letter….it started with, “Dear Chicken,” and ended with “Miss you. Are you coming home this week-end?” It was quite a tumultuous first love relationship with all the drama of high school jealousy and gossip. I’ve kept everyone of his letters to this day. Years later when he, out of the blue, asked me to get married (he was engaged to someone else), I declined and he brought my letters that I sent to him to my house. He said,”I’m giving your letters back to you, maybe you can use them on the next guy.”…….ah, youth!

  • Liz Wollman says:

    I wrote a love letter to Santa Claus when I was about four. It read,

    Dear Santa
    Even though I am a little Jew
    I love and believe in you.

    No, I’m not joking.

  • Kim says:

    Ugh Joey Mazzola… 7th grade. We broke up via voice mail shortly thereafter.

  • Karl P says:

    In second grade I gave a note to a girl named Sally. I wrote that I thought she was the prettiest girl in class. When I gave it to her she laughed and never talked to me again!

  • Brian Weiner says:

    I was in second grade (Mrs. Belcher!), when I had a crush on Kelly. I would ask her if she was still hungry after our first snack, and she would say no. Naturally, I wanted more so I would tell her id give her a kiss on the cheek if she would get us another Rice Krispie treat! She obliged and I got a kiss and a treat!

  • Amy Kolasky says:

    My first love letter was to Corey Dearr. He was my best friend in college 34 years ago. We lost touch when he moved back to Miami in the early 80s. 5 years ago, my best friend, who is a nurse, was giving a cardiac stress test to a woman. After talking for a while, my friend recognized her last name and it turns out she was Corey’s ex-wife. Turns out Corey was living 10 minutes away from me on Long Isalnd! We reconnected and 4 1/2 years later we are together and as happy as ever!

  • Ethan K says:

    Kindergarden. Phoebe. My memories of it are somewhat vague, but I remember scribbling something down for a writing assignment about her, and then a marriage proposal that I delivered in person. We were engaged for a few days but then she broke it off because she caught me holding hands with another girl in our class. Whoops!

  • Tom B says:

    I wrote a love letter to a girl named Katie when I was in kindergarten and was my first “crush”. Even my first kiss (she kissed me). And now many years later I’m gay and loving life.

  • Alex M. says:

    To my summer camp girlfriend Lucy back when written letters were cool. My mom helped me write it…pretty romantic.

  • Lana M. says:

    When I was in the first grade, I had a crush on a boy named Sammy. I wrote in my diary that I wanted to marry him, but I never told him anything.

  • Alexa says:

    My first love letter was to Kelly Rogers in third grade and it said “Kelly has a great senss of homor. From Alexa” I don’t think he ever saw it because I found it in a box of stuff that my mom had in storage a few years ago. Hmmm…I wonder what might have happened.

  • Pam Steadman says:

    Dickie Smith.
    I was in the second grade and had a big crush on this little blonde hair/blue eyed boy.
    He would always smile at me and then look away quickly.
    A little friend of mine DARED me to give him a kiss.
    Instead, I had a box of Smith Brothers Cough Drops. I poured the entire box out into my grimy little hand and went up and dumped them on his desk. While he was frowning, I hurriedly pecked him on the cheek and rushed back to my desk.
    He would not look at me for a couple of days.
    My heart was broken, so out of guilt, I tore off a piece of paper and wrote: Dear Dickie, I spent lots of money on coff drops.”
    Was that a love letter?
    In my own mind, I suppose it was.

  • Alexandria H. says:

    In the first grade we all had to bring in rocks for an activity and my particular rock happened to be heart shaped. At one point, I put it down on Liam Detwiler’s desk to tie my shoe and the girl sitting next to him said that that meant we were going to get married. He tried to kiss me and, in return, I wrote him a letter explaining that I did not love him because boys were gross.

  • Bobbi Smith says:

    Well, I think my first real love letter was when I was in college and I wrote to a boy that I had a crush on since 7th grade. I poured my heart out to him, with hopes that he might have noticed me all those years.
    I was in the dorm when his call came through. He actually called collect and had no idea who I was. He then suggested that he and a few of his friends come up to my college. That was fine with me, but it never happened. Months later when I was home, I saw him and told him who I was. He had no reaction, but told me that he was very tired and walked away. I still remember the first time I saw him on November 18th of 1958! Luckily, I found my soulmate about ten years later and we have been married for 43 years!

  • Sue Horowitz says:

    When I was home from college, my boyfriend sent me a love letter – and a package.
    My father opened the package, which contained a book – “The Kama Sutra”…!

    Well, at least daddy didn’t have to ask, “Young man, what are your intentions?”
    He knew!

  • Zach says:

    The note was from Courtney in the sophomore year and it was the complete lyrics to the opening sequence of 1776 re-written as an invitation to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

  • Emily Herschbein says:

    The only love letter I ever wrote was to my best friend’s crush as my best friend…I know, so not cool, but I shipped them real hard and I just wanted to help. Unfortunately it did backfire, and as a result I havent written a single love letter since the 7th grade.

  • John Dallal says:

    To Mary Ann, my wife of forty years.

    I wrote a love letter
    With a loving heart-
    A heartfelt work in progress
    From the very start-
    Written as a poem,
    Filled with joy and tears-
    Still in composition
    After forty years.

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    In second grade at PS 177 in Brooklyn, I had a crush on Ross. I wrote him a letter that said “I love you. Do you…(and there followed a checklist):
    a) Like me
    b) Love me
    c) no
    I folded it and passed it to him. He checked off “Love me” and wrote next to it “Show no one!!!!!!” and folded it up and passed it back to me.

  • Katherine says:

    Oh God! I was in the 6th or 7th grade. I had SUCH a crush on this boy in my class. But I was far, far too shy to do anything more than gaze at him across the room. So, the letter I wrote was not to him but to my cousin who lived about an hour away. (Remember snail mail?) I told her everything about him and how wonderful he was. Her advice — tell him!
    But I couldn’t.
    I’m happily married now and have a family. But I’ll always remember this First Love Dilemma …

  • Candace says:

    My first love letter was from a girl in my Kindergarten Class named Carla. She was obsessed with me and must have colored and drawn at least 8 Valentines to me! (I think she had been lonesome up to that point and was glad to finally have a friend!)

    We are still friends decades later and I still have some of those Valentines!

  • Maria Cribbs says:

    My first love letter was to Mike, my 9th grade love, who lived 50 miles away from me during the summer (I went to boarding school). We met doing Brigadoon – He was Charlie and I played Meg (so we never kissed on stage,) but boy did we practice after play practice. – shoot we were freshman in high school.

    He is now a teacher near where we went to school, and is still a sweet guy.

    And I still hear him singing to me while I stood backstage.

  • Natalie says:

    I wrote my first love letter in 3rd grade to a boy named Matthew. I couldn’t tell if he liked me or my best friend Krishna, and I was too scared to ask him to his face. So I wrote him a letter and actually mailed it (with a stamp and everything) asking him which of us he liked. I waited with baited breath and was thrilled to receive a letter in the mail a few days later — it was probably the first piece of mail ever addressed directly to me. For many years I had it memorized, and can still remember all but one line:

    “Dear Natalie,
    I do like you and I never liked Krishna. I like your new hair cut, it makes you look older. […something else, probably the important part about whether or not we would go steady…].

    Matthew Preston Oliver”

    I remember so distinctly his signing the letter with his full name, including the middle, and thinking how distinguished and sophisticated that made him sound. And the bit about the hair cut, somehow that is emblazoned in my memory as well. I guess even at age 9 I was girly enough to be impressed that a guy noticed my hair.

  • Lori says:

    My first love letter was written to a boy in elementary school his name was Brad Z. I never gave it to him, my sister found it and yelled it out to the entire playground. I hated her and was so upset. People were laughing at me.

  • Brian says:

    I can’t remember writing many love letters in my life so far, but if I had to guess I wrote my first one to it would either be my mom or one of my elementary school teachers, probably my speech teacher.

  • Judy gentile says:

    Wrote to james s but asked the girl in front to pass it to him and she gave it to Kenny w. In error I was all of 12 don’t recall what I wrote After that Kenny would bike past my house And then I had a lil crush on him but I always remember james s. Was the first boy I had a crush on and he never got my note. Lol

  • Brian says:

    Jane was her name. We were in 7th grade and she eventually married my best friend

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