The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to iLuminate Off Broadway!

In The Age of Independents there are a lot more roads to success than ever before.  And iLuminate, the Off Broadway show that has been running for a year and a half at New World Stages is a fantastic example of the new theatrical economy.

iLuminate didn’t try out at a Non-Profit theater first.  It didn’t wait to get an agent to find them a Producer.

No.  iLuminate appeared on America’s Got Talent, blew the judges away, and used that notoriety to springboard themselves to an Off Broadway production.

If you don’t know iLuminate, prepared to be lit up!  Check out their website here, watch the video, and look at how they blend performance art, technology and just cool stuff to make you go, “Oooooooh!”

And then, enter this giveaway and you can go see ’em live!


Like ’em or not, the “talent shows” of the last decade have been great sources of talent for Broadway and Off Broadway shows.  Look at all the talent that has come our way (bringing fans with them – some of whom would never have seen a Broadway show).  Laura Osnes, Constantine Maroulis . . . and if you go back further . . . I bet you didn’t know that Tony Award winner and Kinky Boots star Billy Porter was a $100,000 winner on Star Search (click here to watch his epic performance).

We’ve got Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, X Factor, etc.

And you watch ’em.  Admit it.

Give me the name of a contestant, or an act, or something from one of the talent shows that you’d like to see on Broadway in the comments below and one of you can win two tickets to see iLuminate Off Broadway!


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