Why there is a fine line between hatred and respect.

Here’s something I’ve heard a lot of in Producers’ and GMs’ offices through my career.  “Ugh!  I hate that INSERT NAME OF AGENT/LAWYER/MANAGER.”

Usually, what that translates to is, “Ugh!  I’m not getting what I want from that INSERT NAME OF AGENT/LAWYER/MANAGER.”

And for the record, when I worked for an agent, I also heard the converse statement of “Ugh!  I hate that INSERT NAME OF PRODUCER/GENERAL MANAGER!”

Same translation, of course.

When you’re in any negotiation, it’s important to remember that the person on the other end of the talks is doing their job, which is to get the most for the person they represent.  Just like your job as a Producer or a General Manager is to get the most for the people you represent (your investors). And if you find yourself “hating” the person you’re dealing with . . . ask yourself, is it because they’re just doing a very good job for their client?

Usually, it is.

If you can acknowledge that your anger is actually a form of respect for how good that individual is doing for the other side, you may find yourself able to close the deal faster, and more efficiently.

Respect is a much better way to make a deal happen.  Anger, on the other hand, can be very expensive.


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