Here ye! Here ye! It’s The 7th Annual Producer’s Perspective Social – And You’re Invited!

It’s that time, y’all!

As you know, I love me some online communication.  Blogs, email, the ol’ tweeter.  It’s all good.

But nothing, no-thing, compares to actual face to face interaction.  Especially in our business.  We want need our customers to engage with our shows face-to-face, right?  So that means we need to engage face-to-face much more often ourselves.  Otherwise, forget it.

That’s why I threw my first Producer’s Perspective Social so many moons ago . . . and that’s why we’re about to throw our 7th!

Wait.  What?  You don’t know about the social?

It’s pretty simple.  It’s a good ol’ fashioned ice cream social . . . without the ice cream.  And with lots of theater talk.  And booze.

On Thursday, December 11th, you’re invited to come to Hurley’s Saloon at 7pm to mix and mingle with me and a whole bunch of other people just like you.  You’ll meet actors, writers, designers, producers and maybe even a few people who make their living in other pursuits (!).

But I guarantee you’ll have two things in common with everyone who attends:

1 – Everyone who comes will be a blog reader.  Some may like it.  Others may not.  But that’s fine, because you’ll have something to debate!

2 – Most importantly, everyone that attends will be uber passionate about the theater.

And when you put people that are that passionate about a subject in one room, good things happen. Guaranteed.

We’ll have some free munchies.  And your first drink is on me . . . as a thank you for reading the blog.

So come and network.  Or just come and have fun.  Because you deserve it.

Complete details are below.  But a few things first . . .

  • You must RSVP using the link below.  We always sell out (even though it’s free!), so make sure you RSVP right away.
  • First priority is given to blog subscribers, so if you’re not a subscriber, sign up here to make sure you can get in.
  • The invite is for you.  If you have a guest that wants to come, they must RSVP on their own.  Just send them this link.

Got it?  Good.  I can’t wait to see you there.

Here are the details:

The Seventh Annual Producer’s Perspective Social
Thursday, December 11th, 7 – 9 PM
Hurley’s Saloon, 232 W 48th St, First Floor (Between Broadway and 8th)

To RSVP, click here.

Get ready to get your social on!


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  • Diane Tauser says:

    Looking forward to it! It will be my third!

  • Randy Hobler says:

    The last two years at the social the volume of music, people’s voices became deafening. The whole
    point of this is to meet and network with people in the industry. You can communicate with ear-piercing
    sound surrounding you, where the only way you can hear even every third word someone says is by
    shouting at the top of your lungs from 3 inches from their ears. If, as I suspect, Hurley’s is going to
    be like that, sorry, I’m not coming.

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