The Sunday Giveaway: An Autographed Copy of The Untold Stories of Broadway Volume 2!

No tickets this week . . . but something worth a heck of a lot more:  secret, insidery, never-been-heard-before backstage stories from some of the industry’s coolest people including Bernie Telsey, Julie Taymor, and Michael Greif.

Oh, and me too!

I’m talking about volume 2 of The Untold Stories of Broadway, by (my former employee and the researcher for many of the blogs you’ve read right here on this site) Jennifer Ashley Tepper.

If you want to win a brand spankin’ hot-off-the-press new copy, signed by the author herself, then here’s what you’ve got to do: tell me your favorite Broadway theater and why. Is it the Majestic because the first show you saw was Phantom? Is it Circle in the Square because you love theater in the round?  Is it the Gershwin because you can put more than two people at a time in the bathrooms?

Comment below with your favorite theater and why and you’ll be entered to win!  (And if you can’t wait, you can get the book here.)


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  • Aaron deitsch says:

    I love the Booth because it is an intimate space that has housed some of my favorite shows

  • Francesca says:

    Nederlander, because it’s where I fell in love with Broadway.

  • Matt Spencer says:

    My favorite theater is the Gershwin Theatre. I love the way you have to go up into the theater, it helps transport the audience into the world of the play. The way the designers of Wicked have put the map of Oz on the wall next to the stairs/escalator is a great way to really support the show that is inside the theater.

  • Veronica says:

    Minskoff Theatrem because of the view of Times Square it has

  • Ashlyn Smith says:

    They say you always love your first – for me that is the Foxwoods (now Lyric).

    My first Broadway show was a pre-hiatus preview of Spider-Man (still with the Geeks!). I grew up watching shows in a 2,600 seat theatre, so the intimacy, grandeur, and just general atmosphere of the Foxwoods made a deep impression on high school junior me.

    Because of that trip, and subsequent events that stemmed from that trip, I switched my “dream career” from being a doctor to working in arts administration.

  • Jared Goerke says:

    Well if I had to pick a favorite theater I guess it would be Lyric Theater. I was there for the first preview of On The Town. There is for staters something to be said about a show that can get the entire audience into it especially at the biggest house on broadway… I love a big theater like that because yes its less intimate which I don’t like but the show can feed off of the audience reactions.

  • Megan S says:

    I love the Richard Rodgers. I think it is because it was where I fell in love with theater. I saw In the Heights there from the front row after winning the lottery! I loved the whole theater and its beauty. Last weekend I was at the theater again, this time for If/Then, and in the front row again from the lottery and it was still just as magical.

  • Jessie says:

    The Booth because it’s smaller and more intimate than the huge theaters and because I’ve seen some really amazing productions there.

  • Jillian says:

    I love the Richard Rogers. It has that classic design, and it’s where I saw my first show. Seeing that show solidified my desire to go into theatre, and resulted in my academic focus on stage management. It changed my life.

  • Jenny says:

    Circle in the Square, it’s so unique!

  • Billy Dempster says:

    The John Golden, because it was my first Broadway experience (‘night, Mother).

  • Deb Thaler says:

    I love the Cort because Jenn loves the Cort. I love City Center because its an absolutely gorgeous theatre . I love the New Amsterdam because I’ve been on the stage and back stage and all around the house.

  • Liam says:

    I’m a huge fan of the Richard Rodgers. Many of my favorites have played there, so it feels like home.

  • Jenny Sims says:

    I love the Richard Rodgers because I got to work there for a couple of years while working “In the Heights”. Though I also love the Ambassador because my first Broadway show was Chicago, and I saw it countless times after moving to NYC. I’ve had backstage tours and danced on the stage (post-show), and it’s just a lovely intimate-feeling theatre.

  • Katie M says:

    The Booth, because it’s where I saw the first show I picked and paid for, and not my parents. My friend and I stood in the lottery line for Next to Normal and got tickets on our first time out. It felt very adult.

  • Jennifer Myers says:

    I love the Helen Hayes best! Xanadu, Rock of Ages… 2 of my 3 biggest Bway loves! And the staff is out of yhis world AMAZING!!!

  • Gabrielle Gervais says:

    The Nederlander has been home to some of the most wildly life-changing shows, and one of the lives that those shows changed was mine. So I naturally have to pick that one!

  • John Fries says:

    The Music Box. Saw some great shows there.

  • Aaron Netsky says:

    As the place where I saw not only my first Broadway musical, ‘Kiss Me, Kate,’ in 2001, but also my second, ‘Sweet Smell of Success,’ in 2002, the theatre then known as the Martin Beck Theatre is my favourite on Broadway. That it is now named after and sports the image of a visual artist, Al Hirschfeld, makes perfect sense to me, as the interior design, from the walls to the ceiling, is the most interesting I have seen of the theatres I have visited, and the productions I’ve seen there since my first visits rank among my favourites.

  • Beth Senturia says:

    The Shubert Theatre, absolutely. It’s where I saw A Chorus Line in 1980. I remember sitting in the balcony as a 12 year old, knowing I needed to move to the city where the people I saw on the stage lived. And as soon as I graduated high school I came here. I went to The Shubert when Chorus Line closed there to mourn it’s loss. Since then I’ve been back, of course – interestingly enough Bebe Neuwirth was in the chorus of A Chorus Line when I saw it; then I saw her in the revival of Chicago at The Shubert.

    I love how theater is connected and we are connected through it.

  • Robert Lazo says:

    The Palace. It was the first Broadway theater I ever visited. Simply magic. The show was “Will Rogers Follies”, and I walked into the balcony as the first number was wrapping up — “Will-O-Mania”. I might have missed one of the best numbers in the show, but then there was “Our Favorite Son”: To “play the Palace” is to to have made it to the “Big Time”:

  • Kyle Webb says:

    Yup, I’m a cliche! My favorite theater is the Majestic because it’s where I saw my first Broadway show in 1989.

  • Darci Faye says:

    My favorite theatre is the Schenfeld because that’s where the magic of Bonnie & Clyde happened. That theatre is forever going to be the home of Bonnie & Clyde to me! <3

  • Liz says:

    The Music Box, where my partner and I met!

  • William Statham says:

    PALACE THEATER! Hands down. First and foremost because of the iconic/legendary Judy Garland making her home there so many years ago. Plus its prime location in Times Square. Plus all the great shows and stars from the early vaudeville days that made the Palace home. Not to mention it was where I saw my FIRST Broadway show (“Beauty and the Beast” with Debbie Gibson and Chuck Wagner prior to the show moving to the Lunt-Fontanne). PLUS I’ve gotten to go backstage with friends in shows there on 2 different occasions within the past year and a half; once for “Priscilla” and once for Holler If Ya Hear Me.” So needless to say, the Palace holds a very iconic place in the Broadway club of theaters AND a very special place in my heart for beginning my journey, love, and passion for the theatre.

  • Bryan Austermann says:

    I love the Gershwin because it houses Wicked, simple as that. BUT beyond that, it really is a gorgeous theater and I love how grand it feels, plus Theater Hall of Fame!

  • Evelyn Storch says:

    The Schoenfeld. Because it’s the home of my very first hit show! (Thank you, KD)

  • Claire says:

    I love Circle in the Square because it’s theater in the round, it’s intimate, and I’ve seen some great shows there!

  • Danny Blumenfeld says:

    The Broadway Theatre is my favorite. I saw the opening preview of Evita there…My favorite show Les Miserables and Miss well as my worst show The Three Muskateers where they actually road a live horse down the aisle.yup..I think it was kne of the fastest show closings ever…Great theater memories…

  • MichaelC says:

    The Shubert where, five times in one sold out week, I stood leaning on the red velvet railing during the original run of “A Chorus Line”. Although I had previously seen a number of shows, no musical before (or since) moved me like “A Chorus Line”. Everytime I see a show at the Shubert I’m immediately flooded with memories of my all time favorite show.

  • I have to admit I do love the NEW AMSTERDAM . The oldest existing Broadway Theatre (1903 ), it is a visual delight (one of the largest examples of Art Deco architectural design in the U.S. ) .Plus ,the sight lines and sound are some of the best one could ever experience.

    Another favorite is The HIRSCHFELD . Built in 1924, it is a nice mid sized space ,also with super sound and sight lines .Also, the architecture resemble a Moorish Palace . That ,and all the wonderful Hirschfeld illustrations that line the Mezzanine Lobby .

  • Erica Fisler says:

    The Marquis. Ugh. I know, I know. But Follies. And also Phyllis. No the REAL Phyllis. Also it’s the only Broadway theatre at which I’ve been backstage and onstage. Because Follies.

  • Jim Leveskas says:

    It’s definitely the Winter Garden for me. My first visit to NYC was way back in 1971 or 72. Four of my college buddies and I drove to the city from Bowling Green, Ohio, to see Folllies, our first Broadway Show. We stayed at the Taft Hotel on Seventh Avenue. Our hotel window looked out onto the rear of the theater. Being all music majors, we felt like we were in theater heaven. I remember almost where we sat in the balcony for that evening performance. Tickets cost us less than $5 a piece. That evening at the Winter Garden was so memorable and wonderful. Two years later I left Ohio for NYC for good.

  • Philip V says:

    The Brooks Atkinson! (Even if it took me 4 times to spell his name…) I just think it’s a gorgeous theatre – inside and out! The chandelier is incredible, the seats are roomy, there’s LEG room, AND it’s air conditioned! And I love love LOVE almost every show the Atkinson has had in the past 10 years since I’ve started following Broadway trends.

  • Elayne Star says:

    My favorite theater is the Apollo because that is where I saw Aretha Franklin. As far as I am concerned there is no other theater in existence with the “soul” and magical history of the Apollo.

  • James Mack says:

    Perfectly situated at the corner of Shubert Alley and W. 45th, the Booth Theatre is one of the smaller houses on Broadway where I have seen memorable shows like “The Elephant Man,” the original “Sunday in the Park with George,” “The Pillowman,” “Dame Edna’s Royal Tour” (Dame Edna actually made a Lincoln assassination joke referencing the Booth theatre!), “Next to Normal,” (twice), “Other Desert Cities,” and fittingly–since the theatre feels like it’s your living room–Bette Midler, in “I’ll Eat You Last,” which took place in Sue Mengers’ living room. I love the Booth!



  • Nancy says:

    I, too, have to say the Majestic but not because of Phantom, though I did see it there. It was because of Camelot, my first Broadway show. We were college students in the early 60s and paid $3.45 for SRO ! The time flew by. Thought Robert Goulet was amazing, and got to meet him in Syracuse a couple weeks before he died, Julie Andrews and Arthur (?) Squires were also wonderful. I was hooked !!

  • Blake says:

    I really like the Nederlander Theatre, because I have seen the most shows there, I saw aren’t twice in that theatre as well as seeing Newsies there and it was fantastic to see as many shows there, as well as the seating is fantastic as well as the decor is breathtaking

  • Stephen says:

    The Shubert – because during “Matilda,” my son’s ear started bleeding toward the end of Act One (just a scab that got picked, but sitting in the dark and hearing him say his ear was bleeding and there was a lot made us freak out that his brain imploded or something…). We took him to the bathroom and one of the ushers saw what was going on and gave us some hand sanitizer to disinfect his ear. She was so kind and helpful and calmed our son down – we will be forever grateful and always associate the Shubert now with that amazing woman (and the show was great as well :)).

  • Elizabeth H says:

    The Nederlander…because that’s where I truly fell in love with the magic of Broadway 🙂

  • Wendy Heath says:

    I love the Minskoff because that’s my earliest memory of being in a theater–Debbie Reynolds standing on a box in the lobby and signing autographs!

  • Mark Barbash says:

    My favorite theater is the August Wilson Theater, not so much for the show’s I’ve seen there, since I’ve only seen one, Jersey Boys, It’s my favorite because of the feeling I got when we were there when my wife and I found the signs on the walls (on either side of the bar) that identified it as an early home of The Theatre Guild and ANTA. Much of the story of the theater and the Theater Guild is told in these postings. I really felt like we were standing in the midst of history and almost felt transported back.

  • Deborah says:

    Circle in the Square, because I saw the revival of Godspell there, and the theatre in the round setting was so perfect for that show. My friend and I were seated directly across the theatre from our kids, both future musical theatre students, and it was delightful to watch their reactions to the performance. And when Hunter Parrish sang directly to my friend’s daughter in the front row, she just about melted into a fan-girl puddle! We could never have seen that in any other Broadway house.

  • Corine Cohen says:

    I have a real passion for watching incredible dancers. The first show that blew me away was Burn The Floor on Broadway ( I also loved Chicago) but Burn The Floor was the show that brought me attention to my deep love of watching ballroom dance. Because that show was at the Longacre, so that is my favorite theater.

  • Candace says:

    I love the Music Box theater. Saw “Blood Brothers” there and loved it!
    Petula Clark, Shaun Cassidy and David Cassidy AND Adrian Zmed. Terrific show and theater.

  • Amanda Kammler says:

    My favorite theater would have to be the Gershwin because it houses my all time favorite show Wicked. When I saw Wicked I instantly became a fan of the show, and of Idina Menzel, the original Elphaba. I also love how they “Ozified” the Gershwin with the map you see as you go up the escalator.

  • Victoria says:

    I love the Eugene O’Neill because it was the very first Broadway theatre I ever walked into. I had just turned 12 and was going to my very first Broadway show with my mom (a revival of Grease). We sat in the last row of the orchestra and there were people standing behind us and I had no clue why (mom explained it was standing room tickets). We got to go in before the show started and the MC did a pre-show warm up. I thought this happened for all shows, so was rather confused when I went to my next show. I thought the show was the best thing I had ever seen and couldn’t stop smiling throughout the whole thing. I was memorized by these people on stage who were performing right at that second for the audience. I thought it was fascinating that the show I was seeing would never be seen again; that the show they did the night before and the show they would perform the night after would vary slightly. It was only the people who filled the seats of the theatre that night who would see this performance. Ever since that night in the O’Neill I have been hooked (and mom and I still go to the theatre together as often as we can), but that theatre still remains my favorite for that night when a 12 year old girl got to experience live theatre for the very first time.

  • Barb Seaton says:

    I love the Marriott Marquis for several reasons: It was the first show I ever saw (Damn Yankees with Jerry Lewis), the elevator ride to the top is awesome and the restaurants are fabulous with great views. There. I have run out of superlative adjectives for this theater.

  • Steven Conners says:

    The Winter Garden Theater. From O&J’s Hellzapoppin to Cats to Mama Mia this house feels, looks and acts like a Broadway house. My vote: The fabulous Winter Garden! (And all the rest of the grand palaces built in the 20’s and 30’s. Long may they live!) I’m going to get both editions of Jennifer’s book. BTW there is an out of print book called (I think) The Last Few Remaining Seats. Published in the 60’s when they were tearing down theaters to make parking lots. Maybe I’ll try ABE books. —sjc

  • Luci DeVoy says:

    THE LYCEUM hands down! The historical significance and architecture are fantastic. You are just enamored with the place the moment you walk in. It is so fun sitting in that theater and when I come back from the bathroom going up into the theater makes me feel like I am super fancy. I have had some really moving nights of theater there. The Scottsboro Boys, The Nance [title of show], how can you top the list! PLUS (and I am a big sucker for libraries and archives….) THE SHUBERT ARCHIVES are upstairs in a hidden little room. That just blows my mind and I am still trying to figure out how to see inside that place (if anyone reading this has the hook-up…. just saying.)

  • Joanne says:

    You never forget “your first” so it’s gotta be the Shubert for “The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd” … but as for a true theater experience, it doesn’t get any better then the Music Box. My uncle was a Local One stagehand there, so I was fortunate to catch some landmark productions there, but I will always remember Gabriel Byrne in “A Moon for the Misbegotten” alongside Cherry Jones. The intimacy of the Music Box added tremendously to both performances. You truly felt their pain, their heat in this jewel box of a theater.

  • Kristin D. says:

    The Booth – I love the intimacy of the house…and it’s where my favorite musical (Next to Normal) played.

  • Ariel says:

    Circle in the Square. It’s a very unique theatre, it’s very unique, and I have many memories of shows there!

  • Clint says:

    This is a loaded question. the New Amsterdam, surely, because it is just the most gorgeous theater on Broadway, and home to my very first theatrical job, so it holds a special place in my heart. But the Sondheim just has these amazing sight lines no matter where you’re sitting, and the chairs and legroom are perfect, so it’s my favorite theater to see a show in.

  • Jay Z says:

    I never win these, but have to try as I got Volume 1 for Christmas last year and need Volume 2! Favorite theater for the theater itself: The Gershwin, because size matters… plus named for one of the greatest composers ever. Runner up — most memorable theater: The Broadway. Because nothing will ever beat seeing Les Miz with rubble onstage while there was real rubble next door due to the pounding construction. It was experiential theater before that was a term.

  • Lisa W. says:

    My favorite theater is Circle in the Square. Many years ago, like 30+, my parents and I spent a wonderful summer seeing a show a week. My folks would come in during the day, while I was at work (my first real job), get TCKTS, and meet me for dinner and a show. It was in Circle that we saw a wonderfully wacky show called “Noises Off”. It was my first experience with theater in the round and the zany antics were fantastic.

  • Allison DeLuca says:

    This is so hard because every theater I’ve been in has a special meaning to me but I would say the Booth is my favorite. I bought myself fifth row seats to see Next to Normal with money from my 16th birthday and I will never forget that experience (although Circle in the Square comes at a close second! Saw Godspell 4 times!)

  • Jackson Cline says:

    My favorite theatre is the Broadway. Not only is it gorgeous, but seeing Cinderella there several times has changed my life. The show has inspired me as an actor and human being, and seeing all of the joy radiating from the stage warms my heart.

  • Dan Radakovich says:

    I liked the old Martin Beck, now the Al Hirschfeld after its remodel. And no it is not just because the place hosted another novel adaptation by the giy whose later book I adapted had a great run there [that was Teahouse if the August Moon, adapted by Hohn Oatrick from Vern Sneider’s novel]. it was a nice compact theater with good sight lines and a heck of a lot easier to get to back when. Kinky Boots is there now.I believe.

  • David A. says:

    The New Amsterdam Theater. It is a show in itself. That magnificent renovation that spared no cost, brings back to life an era when people truly looked at the theater as a temple. The opulent center staircase, the carved wood moldings, the stained glass, the ageless statues and plentiful floral splendors all bathed in deep green and purple. It so easy to imagine The Ziegfeld Follies gracing that stage. One can almost hear the thirty-six piece orchestra supporting the handsome tenor in black tails singing “A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody,” offering us a stage full of parading, elegantly clad and bejeweled beauties. I recently saw ALADDIN from a box seat at this theater, and was able to survey the entire sold out orchestra, mezzanine, and balcony. What a beautiful sight. When I know I’m seeing a show at The New Amsterdam Theater, I always arrive as they open the house. I take a walk from the lower lobby clear up to the last row of the balcony, just to drink it in, not unlike a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Where else can you get two shows for the price of one?

  • Jeff Miele says:

    The St. James. For it’s size it still feels intimate, beautiful, and like I’m somewhere special when I’m there. Some of my favorite shows have also been in that theater. I always feel at home when I’m there.

  • John C. Luzaich says:

    Winter Garden Theatre, because it’s by Playwrights, and Joe the bartender will take care of you.

  • Michael Landman says:

    As of last night, it’s the St. James, because I just saw Birdman, and now feel like I know that space intimately (although I don’t know if it was actually filmed in the St. James!)

  • Arnold Kuperstein says:

    New Amsterdam Theatre because it was beautifully restored by Disney and acted as a catalyst for the revival of 42nd Street and the Theatre District. Formerly would have been the Winter Garden but the Shubert Organization did not restore the theatre to its pre-CATS beauty. Shame on them! The murals on the ceiling were gorgeous.

  • Owen Leonard says:

    I say New Amsterdam Theater because it’s where I saw my first broadway show; Mary Poppins!

  • Randall says:

    Neil Simon. It has such a wonderful history of shows and it seems to be the perfect size for a theater.

  • Cara says:

    Rent 5 times, Newsies 8 times – I HAVE to say The Nederlander. And of course there’s the Rent wall in the alley and signing my own name out from with my gf so many years ago. The Nederlander is home! And just so damn close to the Port Authority!!!

  • karen c. says:

    I love the Samuel J. Friedman! The theatre is perfectly maintained, sightlines are great, the seating is comfortable with ample legroom, love the lounging areas, restrooms & elevator, and the house staff is awesome!

  • Jeff Revels says:

    What a terribly difficult decision to narrow down your favorite theatre! With The Richard Rodgers a close second, I think I may have to say The Helen Hayes. In 1997, I sat down to The Last Night of Ballyhoo (which remains my favorite non-musical or I guess I can say play to the theatre-savvy, but so used to saying non-musical!). I was young and sent a postcard to Celia Weston as we were from the same small Southern town. Well, she wrote back! And, I met her backstage, in addition to Paul Rudd, Cynthia Nixon, Terry Beaver, and Kimberly Williams. At that time, the biggest “star” was Kimberly Williams, but I knew I would see them all for years to come. They all said they talked about my card because I mentioned a department store that was discussed in the play and riding their float in the Christmas parade when Celia was the grand marshall! I guess that conversation, along with the incredible intimate design, made an indelible impression upon me. And I followed that theatre since and to see Xanadu and Rock of Ages show us that it is not only a house for straight plays is fantastic! AND, I loved Jennifer’s Volume 1! Thanks for the great blog. I regularly share it with my theatre staff here in Florida.

  • Steven Ullman says:

    The Uris (oops, it’s called the Gershwin now). I saw “Sweeney Todd” there, sitting in the 8th row center, the night before the Tony nominations were announced. Suffice it to say, I was not surprised by the announcement but I was surprised by the shrill whistle at the top of the show. It was a night I’ll never forget. Oh, yeah, a couple of other shows have played there.

  • Geri W says:

    I love the Gershwin because of the history of the honored names of Broadway circling up inside the theatre. Also, its very impressive size.

  • Jeryl Marcus says:

    I like the Circle in the Square because you are close enough to feel like part of the show especially when you see a show like Godspell there.

  • Matthew Carey says:

    I love Studio 54 because I travelled from Australia to London to work on the 2005 revival of Sunday in the Park with George and then had the chance to see one of the show’s first previews when it transferred to Broadway.

  • Becca Stoll says:

    I LOVE the Hirschfeld. I think being on the west side of eighth avenue, a little off the beaten path, gives it character. I also love the displays of his drawings on the second floor, the big neon caricature of him on the marquee, and the awesome decor inside. Especially the sloping bays of box seats right along the sides of the theatre, smartly used as lottery seating for both Hair and Kinky Boots!

  • Randy Zeese says:

    The Booth Theater…despite its storied familial namesake’s history, is my personal favorite!! An intimate setting, architecturally distinct interior and exterior, and I will never forget seeing Robert Morse’s performance and uncanny resemblance of Truman Capote there in TRU, shortly after moving here from Chicago in 1989!

  • Heather says:

    My favorite Broadway house would have to be the Nederlander. I was the perfect age when RENT came out, and I longed for nothing more than to see my then-favorite show of all time at the Nederlander. Well, I was a bit too young to go to NYC by myself at that time (I live in MA) so years went by before I could get in to see it. I finally got my opportunity to get in there and see my beloved show, and I just fell in love. I loved the theatre, and the show of course was amazing! And I did get to write my name on the outside of the theatre, which was huge to me back then! It’s since been painted over, but I love knowing I was a part of RENT when it was there, and knowing that buried under fresh paint, my name is written on a piece of Broadway history!

  • Rachel Abrams says:

    The Circle in the Square.
    In addition to having wonderful memories there seeing Spelling Bee, Godspell, and Lady Day, I love the flexibility of the audience arrangement and the intimacy in the space. I’ve also come to love descending into the main theater/lobby space, where most theaters have you enter the building at orchestra level. It feels like a more distinct transition between the real world and the world of the play/musical.

  • Alexa B. says:

    The Nederlander

    because it’s where I saw and fell in love with Newsies, where I know Rent was back in the day, and because I walk past it every day on my way to work.

    Love love love

  • Queerbec says:

    My favorite theater at this point in my life is The Ritz–oops I mean the renovated yet cozy Walter Kerr. It’s where I saw one of my theatrical idols (he wasn’t a major film star then) Ian McKellan in “Acting Shakespeare” and fondly recall the post-renovation run of “Grey Gardens”‘which in multiple viewings remains a grand and emotional theatrical memory. And being from Hartford, I’m overjoyed that one of the cleverest and finely acted musicals in recent years, which got its start at Hartford Stage, “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder,” is enjoying a lengthy run there now.

  • Alex Bernstein says:

    My favorite is the Pantages in Los Angeles because it’s where I saw my first show.

  • ECP says:

    Alvinnn!!! With all due respect, the Neil Simon Theatre will forever be the Alvin to me. 1970. Strolled up Broadway and bought a balcony ticket for “Company” in previews. Electrified by the entire experience–the staging, performances, and audience engagement. I returned three more times.
    Phone rings,
    Door chimes,
    In comes Company!

  • Solange De Santis says:

    You never forget your first … the Mark Hellinger where, at the age of seven, I saw the original production of “My Fair Lady.” It’s now the Times Square Church, but I stopped in the lobby not long ago and a really nice usher welcomed me in. I told him why I was looking around, and he said the church has to keep up the theater because it’s a landmark. It’s in great shape; I just wish it was legit again.

    I also have a special feeling for the Belasco, where I saw the “Rocky Horror Show” in the mid-70s. They took out the seats and put in cabaret tables and chairs. I was a student at Columbia and reviewed it for the campus newspaper. I’ve been writing about the theater ever since. Also, the Belasco has really neat history, with the “bishop of Broadway” having his apartment upstairs.

  • Amanda Mezer says:

    The Imperial Theatre….We have finally brought Les Miz home! 🙂

  • Karen Mezer says:

    The Marquis Theatre. It has had a variety of shows and lots of great memories for me and my family….Everything from Thoroughly Modern Millie to Evita to Wonderland.

  • Steven Mezer says:

    The Majestic Theater, where the music of the night plays 8 times a week. It is one of the first shows I took my daughter to. It is a classic show and such a classic theater.

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