The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Blank! the Musical off Broadway!

I love me some improv.

Some of my most jaw dropping moments in decades of theater going weren’t watching the helicopter take off in Saigon, or the entire Sunset Boulevard house rise like the Ghost of Claudius . . . nope, some of the most thrilling moments have been watching the country’s most skilled improv performers like The Nuclear Family and Baby Wants Candy blow my mind with their ability to make @#%$ up on the spot.

There’s nothing cooler or more creative (it’s why I used improv to create The Awesome 80s PromGettin’ The Band Back Together and the web series I’m shooting as I type).

You know what else I love?  Technology.

And it’s no secret that I believe the incorporation of technology into the theater going experience is the way of the future.

Well, there’s one company out there who thinks it’s the wave of the present!

Introducing . . . Blank!  The Musical!

Blank is a fully improvised show . . . that you help create . . . with your effin’ smartphone.  I mean, cool, right?

And I’m giving away two tickets!  Woohoo!

Here’s how you win.


Think of a celebrity.

Now think of a fruit.

Now think of a superpower.

And put them all together like this . . .

The story of CELEBRITY and the SUPERPOWER FRUIT, The Musical!

Comment that below and one of you will win!


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