Who won Seth Rudetsky’s Broadway Diary Volume #1?

Well, I think we got enough entries into this week’s giveaway to produce The Producer’s Perspective Broadway Diary Volume #1 – 10!

Thanks for regaling me with your stories of impromptu nakedness, sticking your foot in your mouth with Joe Papp, and more (read ’em here).

But my favorite, and the winner of the Seth’s Broadway Diary was submitted by Brenda Chapman!  For those of you who missed it, here’s Brenda’s story:

In our High School production of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo “died,” with his dagger beneath him, where Juliet couldn’t reach. As she was about to try choking herself to death, Romeo’s “dead” hand slowly crept under his tunic, pulled out the dagger, and handed it to her. He was trying so hard to be cool, but the audience and Juliet watched the whole long, drawn-out, process.

I mean, I love it.

And I’m sure you’ll love The Diary, Brenda!  Email me so we can get it to you.  And congrats!

And I hope you all witness a good eff-up in the future, because they certainly make the theater more memorable (and I think it’s kind of why we go!).


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