The most important review of Peter Pan.

Did you watch Peter Pan live?

Iain did.

And his is the most important review of them all.  It’s more important than Entertainment Weekly.  More important than The Daily Beast.  And certainly more important than mine.

How come?

Because Iain represents tomorrow’s audience.  He’s a boy who will grow up . . . and hopefully buy theater tickets.

If we get him hook-ed.

Did we?

Watch this video and find out (Email subscribers, click here if you can’t see the video below).

Oh, and on Monday I’ll blog about my thoughts about last night’s broadcast.




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  • Tyler says:

    “It’s like a secret relationship” was a great way to describe the feeling of unity that an event like this brings! I watched with my 8 year old son last night, and while, it had clear flaws and some pacing issues in my mind, he absolutely loved it. I will continue to support and encourage the risk by the TV networks and by all the talented people that stick their neck out ready for snarky criticism to bring live theatre (sort of) into the homes of millions! Brava!

  • Ali Skylar says:

    Here’s my cast for a Peter Pan that would have rocked….:)

    Alec Baldwin – HOOK
    Tina Fey – PETER PAN
    Tracy Morgan – MR. DARLING AND SMEE
    Jane Krawkowski – WENDY
    Judah Friedlander – MICHAEL DARLING
    John Lutz – JOHN DARLING
    Jack McBrayer – NANA
    Elizabeth Banks – TINKERBELL
    Griz Chapman – MRS. DARLING

  • Catherine says:

    Loved Iain’s review ………He was thrilled and excited about watching a live performance . He is a Theater lover……in this case he was sweept away by the emotions of his family sharing this exciting experience with him. A Ken Davenport in the making..
    I thought it was done very well….I however did not feel Walken was a good Capt Hook……Sorry…. I wanted to see someone with a grand voice and and a even grander presence.

  • MichaelC says:

    My kids loved it but, and I agree, thought it was about a half hour longer than necessary. Walken should have been a great Hook but wasn’t for me, seeming dettached and maybe losing a line or two. Also Ithink some forget, or don’t realize, that a live musical theatrical broadcast is not only new for the performers but also for the technical crew so “bravo” to all involved.

  • Carol Bixler says:

    I’m glad that Iain enjoyed the show, but if he thinks that choreography and dancing was good, I imagine the at the top of his head would blow off to see what Jerome Robbins did with it! It certainly did mine.

  • Kay says:

    Bah ! It was clearly the experience (family, cousins etc.) not the product ! And he is already hooked. This kid has seen more shows than I .

  • Solange De Santis says:

    Who IS this kid? He is wonderful. And he “usually” reviews theater? I am not worried AT ALL about the future of live theater with Iain around. I watched “Peter Pan Live” with my 17-year-old daughter (who had featured roles in her middle school musicals for three straight years) and her boyfriend (who won a countywide high school musical theater award). I’m a Baby Boomer veteran of the Mary Martin telecast. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. If I had my critic’s hat on, sure, I saw some issues. But I was just so pleased and astounded that it existed at all, given the huge risks, from production and ratings points of view. Thank you, NBC. Please keep it up.

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