The Most Popular Posts of the Month: November

Time for that monthly summary of what got your attention last month here at The Producer’s Perspective:

And . . .

You totally hit the nail on the head, Ken! I was just thinking about this exact thing the other day, when I was contemplating what would compel me to invest in a show. One of the best examples I have experienced personally was seeing WICKED for the first time, shortly before Idina Menzel left the show. When she sang Defying Gravity, the tears were streaming down my face and I thought I was going to fall out of my seat – for the exact reason you mentioned. Then I felt my successful, well-to-do, businessman husband, who was sitting next to me, reaching over and yanking the tissues out of my hand because he was sobbing too! Do we live in Oz? No. Are our faces green? No. But that song/scene TOTALLY touched and connected with us, big time!


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