The Sunday Giveaway: The “Be a Broadway Star” Board Game!

After last week’s “10 Great Holiday Gifts” Blog, I got a lot of emails about my Be A Broadway Star board game.  Turns out, not as many of you knew about it as I thought!

So, I thought I’d give one away!

Be A Broadway Star is Broadway’s only board game.  It’s like Life meets Charades with a dash of Celebrity thrown in.  You round the board getting cast in shows, getting cut from shows, winning Tony Awards, and more. And at the end of the game, the person with the most fans wins!

My favorite part of the game is the “Make or Break” cards.  We designed them to resemble those moments in all actors lives when their next decision or their next performance could have a major impact on their career.   For example, “You meet Bernie Telsey on an elevator.   He asks you to  speed sing a song from Cabaret as fast as you can.  Go!”  Or, “A new musical is coming to town based on the life of Ronald Reagan.  Do your best Reagan impersonation!”

Get it?

I’m glad.

Because I want you to come up with a “Make or Break” moment!  Give me one in the comments below and one of you will win the whole game.

And gooooood luck!


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  • Kara says:

    You just got a call to audition for the national tour of Side Show. Grab a partner, stand hip-to-hip, and do your best Vaudeville dance routine – without separating!

  • Brian says:

    You are understudying Patti LuPone. The first time you go on someone starts taking flash photos. What do you do?

  • Rob says:

    You’re finally getting to perform live on national TV but John Travolta is introducing you. How do you let it go, Adelle?

  • Philip V says:

    The Skivvies invite you to perform with them in their new Sondheim-inspired cabaret. Make a Sondheim song “sexy” to sing with them.

  • Linda Harkcom says:

    You are performing in a cabaret at a night club and talent scouts for a new Broadway show have come to see you perform but as you sing the electricity for the Mike and the keyboard keeping going in and out. Sing a song while the volume for the music gets turned completely down and see if when the volume comes back if you are in sync with the music.

  • Randi says:

    You see a casting director on the subway and break into an audition!

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    You won tickets on The Producer’s Perspective to see the newest GYPSY revival produced by Ken Davenport. When you get there, to your horror, you discover the diva leading lady is out. Suddenly you are asked to fill in, but only if you can emulate the diva that is ill. Pick who you think should play Rose (who has NEVER played her before on Broadway) in GYPSY and do your best imitation of them playing the role!!!

  • Amy Peterson says:

    You’re having lunch with your friends at Obao — because the Chicken Pad Thai is to die for — when Jino a almost spits out his water.

    “Guys,” he whispers. “Over there. That’s Ken Davenport, isn’t it?”

    “Yeah,” you say, and he’s with —

    “Oh. My. God.” Paula and Chris are shaking their heads at you.

    “I feel a song coming on,” you say. “It’s time for the newest ensemble musical, right? We’ve got our ensemble right here.”

    “You do not feel a song coming on!” Paula hisses.

    “Oh, I think we do.”

    You’ve known for years that there was a boy meets boy and girl musical in the notes of Foreigner. Your friends have rolled their eyes for years, but that doesn’t stop them from jumping in when you stand on your chair and start with the bridge of “Just Between You and Me.”

    “One cold word’s gonna lead to another. Then we’ll have nowhere to go. Even if heaven and earth collide tonight, we’ll be all alone in a different light. I don’t care what the world can see. It’s just between you and me. You and me.”

    They’re stunned, as is everyone else forking through the ethereal deliciousness. But it could be stunned with a checkbook. It could be.

  • Nathan Clift says:

    You are Ermengarde in the National Tour of HELLO, DOLLY! Give your loudest and most obnoxious cry humanly possible!

  • Solange De Santis says:

    Do your best Ethel Merman – singing a Sondheim song. “Isn’t it RIIIIICH …”

  • Brian P says:

    You are waiting at the dentist office and your favorite Broadway director walks in. You are the only two in the waiting room. Go

  • Lisa W. says:

    You are at a theater waiting for standby tickets. The director starts screaming, because the star, Bette Midler, has a sore throat. They need someone to run her numbers, so she can rest her voice, but people just can’t belt out songs like the greats. What do you do?

  • A well-respected casting director calls you in to tell you he has a great part for you to try out for in an upcoming musical. When you arrive he hands you the script for one of the main characters. You read the script only to discover that the character has dementia. After reading the script the director asks if you feel the part is right for you. So you decide to perform a few lines for him. Let’s hear it!

  • Owen Leonard says:

    The person you’re understanding get ill ten minutes before show time and you are asked to to fill in. In other words, preparing for a broadway show in ten minutes!

  • David says:

    You are Idina Menzel and you have the opportunity to introduce John Travolta to the Tony Awards stage.

  • Bobby says:

    You are the newest Male Ensemble member in the Broadway Hit “Aladdin the Musical”. The Director/Choreographer, Casey Nicholaw has decided to add a new dance number. You as the lead dancer and Adam Jacobs (Aladdin), and James Monroe Iglehart (Genie) as your back up dancers. Pick two others to join you and the three of you come up with your best Ballet Performance inserting Belly Dancing in the number.

  • Mary Ann says:

    Make or Break: I would be auditioning for Finian’s Rainbow and the casting director is my seventh grade teacher, who didn’t pick me to be in the middle school’s production of Finian’s Rainbow. She hears my singing voice and apologizes for passing me up all those years ago. She tells me what a mistake she made, and then she casts me in the lead. (Yes, I really auditioned for the show in seventh grade, and no, I didn’t make the cut. Still a little bitter, I guess.)

  • Janis says:

    Dying to audition for the role of Raul in “Phantom,” you rush into the restroom only to discover Andrew Loyd Weber at the next urinal, You…
    !. Zip up and run Who could possibly urinate in front of a legend?
    2. Break into a fabulous version of “Masquerade/Think of me.”

  • Janis says:

    Or you misspell his name. I think Andrew Lloyd Webber is correct. Need spell checker?

  • Lynn Manuell says:

    You are walking through Shubert Alley and run into the artistic director of the RSC. You yell I’m a Shakespearian Actor and the artististic director yells back, do your favorite quote in character…what do you do?

  • rita says:

    Matthew Broderick loses his voice, no one notices and you are his understudy

  • Make or Break Question: Which OffBroadway show at The St.Luke’s Theatre for the last 3 years is based on the romantic misadventures of a Broadway Comic?

  • Randy Turner says:

    Make or Break: Read Shakespeare in voices of the Muppets.

  • Amy says:

    A casting director mistakes you on the street for an actor with whom you’re not familiar. He says he knows you’re always typecast but you’re perfect for an upcoming project. Who would you be mistaken for and what character type?

  • Cara says:

    Newsies is casting for the next leg of their tour. How many spins can you do on your newspaper ( a la Ryan Steele) before getting dizzy. And go!

  • alan gardiner-atkinson says:

    called an artistic director i’d been courting on an unrelated topic the the day after the director of an upcoming show backed out and he offered me the show. it’s good to keep in touch.

  • Geri W says:

    Bernadette Peters gifts you her voice for a day, let’s hear a verse using her voice- Sing out, Louise!

  • Sarah P. says:

    Shia LeBeef is acting up in the middle of your biggest song in the show; how do you instantly school him and shut him down? 🙂

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