Who won my Be A Broadway Star board game?

The version of Be A Broadway Star that is “in stores now” was just updated to include a whole bunch of new shows, characters and more.  But after reading this post, well, I wanna update it again!

Some of your ideas for “Make or Break” cards?

  • Read Shakespeare in voices of The Muppets.
  • Dying to audition for the role of Raul in “Phantom,” you rush into the restroom only to discover Andrew Lloyd Webber at the next urinal . . . (this one is especially interesting if the game player is female).

Or my favorite . . .

  • You are Idina Menzel and you have the opportunity to introduce John Travolta to the Tony Awards stage.

Where were you guys when I was coming up with this thing?  You could have saved me hours!

You can read all the ideas here . . . but there can be only one winner, and that winner, chosen by random (these giveaways are like the lottery, remember) is . . .

Nathan Clift!

Email me and we’ll send you your game.  Play it over the holidays and send us a pic, will ya?

If you still need a great Broadway holiday gift for someone in your life, pick up Be A Broadway Star today.


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  • Niki Mohr says:

    We played the game for the first time last night and we really loved it. The make or break cards are great, and we had a variety of generations playing the game, so we really appreciated the variety in the audition cards. Everyone occasionally got one that they knew, and the fact that knowing songs from it got you a chance to roll again made it feel rewarding to be the most well-versed in the group. The only critique I have is that the game takes too long. We played for two hours and didn’t finish. There were four of us. Two of us kept landing on the “go back to acting class” space or the “go back to voice lessons” space and thus were way behind (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the goal is to get fans and money, not to get there first, but just elongated the whole process). Remove those spaces on the next version. It makes the game more fair and easier to finish. Perhaps also shorten in general. There should be about 75% of the spaces that there are. I think about an hour of play time is ideal.

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