Who won the big set of Broadway Books?

I never would have predicted that this Sunday’s giveaway would have as many entries as it did.  But you guys are obviously voracious readers, because just look at these suggestions for the ultimate Broadway reading list!

We just made the jobs of college drama professors all over the world a heck of a lot easier.

But who won the set of Broadway books we were givin’ away?  Why those two lucky readers are . . .

Kevin Sigman and Matt Mezzacappa!

Congrats, Kevin and Matty (Do people call you Matty?  Can I?)!  Email me for the deets on how to pick up your new reads.

For the rest of you . . . tomorrow is the last Giveaway of the year, so I promise it’s a good one.  Get ready for it!


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  • Janis says:

    For me, the most disasters occurred in Outdoor theater. Costume, lines, props, and all the rest are diminished in the presence of Mother Nature.

    Once when a lighting director needed to move to another console, a skunk invaded the light control area. Ignoring desperate advice to do otherwise, the Light Guy not only moved to the correct console, he somehow avoided the skunk which, unknown to the audience, continued to terrify the cast and crew for at least fifteen minutes of the show before slowly, quietly and “unscentedly” moving away.

    Another time, during a big dance scene, a quacking gaggle of geese landed on the lake immediately behind the amphitheater. The fabulous cast somehow worked the loud quacking into a dance beat.

  • Kevin Sigman says:

    Awesome! Thanks so much for this fun giveaway, and I’ve sent you an email, as requested. It was cool to look over other people’s reading suggestions in the comments. It definitely gave me titles to add to my “wish list”! 😉

  • Paula says:

    At a performance of The Heiress, Jessica Chastain’s dog ran out on stage. She
    graciously piced up the dog and carried it off stage.

    At one performance of A Funny Thing Happened ……, Nathan Lane stopped
    his performance and approached someone in the first row. He berated her
    for reading her Playbill. “What are you doing?” “I’m up here.” Scared me…..

    It’s Only A Play

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