Fun on a Friday: How to tell if you’re a musical nerd.

I’m a Musical Theater nerd.  I’ll admit it.

How do I know?  Well it might be because I used to frame every single Playbill . . . and ticket stub . . . and cut out the pictures of the cast from the inside of said Playbill to put with the ticket stub like some sort of Playbillian-nerd collage.

I only stopped because I started seeing so many shows per year that I didn’t have space for all those frames in my NYC starter studio apartment.

It also might be that I was one of the first posters on, the first message board for musicals . . . and it was there that I defended Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Aspects of Love like it was the Sweeney Todd of the 90s (I’ve smarted up since then, but I still think it’s better than history shows).

And it also might be that I “second acted” Falsettos like 17 times, once asked an 8 year old Daisy Eagan for her autograph, and used to stand around stage doors just to say “Have a good show,” to anyone that I saw enter.

There are many more signs that you might be an MT Nerd. Luckily, there’s a new video made by Alex Lewis that came out on Buzzfeed and is racking up views faster than Audra can rack up Tony Awards that can help you determine if you have what it takes to call yourself a nerd.

And if you are one?

Be proud.  You’ve got a lot of company.

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  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Personally, I prefer the term “geek” to “nerd” because I often GEEK OUT over Broadway issues and I’m not sure how one would NERD OUT. LOL! And while I love this video, the one thing that bugs me is that no self-respecting theater nerd/geek would EVER call a “Cast Recording” a “Soundtrack,” unless they are referring to the movie version ONLY. That’s how I know I am one, because that is one of my biggest pet peeves. LOL!!!

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Oh, the other way I know is that I have FOUR different ways of strolling down Broadway memory lane. My shelves of Playbills from every show I’ve seen (2 shelves full); my shelf of souvenir programs (1 shelf); my theater journals where each show I’ve seen has its own page on which is written the title, authors, directors, cast members, theater, seat location, date and time, how much I paid for the ticket, and who I saw the show with (3 journals so far); and finally (the newest addition thanks to a Christmas present) my ticket stub albums (3 albums and counting). Not to mention my collection of posters and other memorabilia, and the shrine I have to items I got from the show itself (like 2 roses from CHICAGO, an apple from GYPSY, ping pong balls from PRISCILLA, beads from a costume from LA CAGE, etc.)

  • Marshall says:

    I save Playbills for a more practical purpose. Casting a reading or show, I’ll think back to the shows and look up a particular actor. (Just terrible with remembering names!)

    Can’t even imagine framing them! Lordy! House would look like an episode of “Hoarders.” 🙂

  • Joseph Giglio says:

    yes I confess that I too second acted Falsettos ( but I did not need to see the first act because I had seen March off Broadway a few years before and forced a group of 5 to to to Second Stage to see Spelling Bee a few years later) but I do not have the obsessive compulsion to qualify as a Musical Theater nerd.

    I did as a teen peddle my bike to Camden County Music Theater Tent during the day to watch rehearsals and saw Angela Lansbury do Mame there ( the rehearsal I saw the champagne glass they set piece used to carry her in got demolished and was not in the performance that night)

    So I guess after 64 years I am a Musical Theater LOVER!

  • Patty K says:

    Musical theatre ‘geek’ works for me. Started saving programs in 1967–Broadway…Cabaret, The Apple Tree, Cactus Flower with Lauren Bacall. I really had no idea what I had seen until much later in life. I know NOW! I must have more that 100 programs saved–mostly from LA shows, and now Vegas. Really want to get back to Broadway before too long, although Vegas is getting amazing touring companies at our Smith Center. We are so blessed.

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