Fun on a Friday: Techies get all musical on us.

If you thought yesterday’s blog was a little nerdified, wait until you hear about this.

Every year, there’s this massive tech festival in Vegas called the Consumer Electronics Show.  This is where gadget freaks get their technical rocks off.  See, CES is where all the e-companies out there debut their latest toys from hover boards to iPacifiers and things you can’t even imagine.

It’s like getting a glimpse at the future, no DeLorean required.

And this show is huge . . . like bigger than Spider-Man huge.  Over 3,300 booths of gizmos span over 35 football fields of convention floor space.  That’s a lot of distance for a nerd to cover!

Wait, you still don’t understand what CES is all about?

Well, what if there was a musical to explain it all for you?  That’s a language you’d understand, right?

Well sweet Rodgers and Hammerstein, there is one!

Sit back and enjoy David Pogue’s CES: The Musical!  That’s right, Mr. Pogue, who is a tech writer for Yahoo (and a former Broadway Conductor), wrote a mini-musical and shot it just for people like you.

And seeing tech and musicals combined, well, it makes me all teary-eyed.

So on this Friday, even if you don’t have a solar powered laptop that makes you coffee and tickles your feet when you’re down, turn up your speakers and enjoy CES: The Musical!  (Email subscribers click here if you can’t see the video below!)



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  • Barry Reszel says:

    Sound techies…check out this coming 3D sound technology being developed by Carnegie Mellon graduate Anthony Mattana. It’s beginning with a mass market launch and could revolutionize theatrical (and all) sound. Check out and scroll down to take a moment to watch the video.

  • Julie Weiner says:

    Ken, I just laughed myself silly watching this great video. Thanks for sharing: you just started my Saturday off on the right foot.



  • Paula says:

    Well done! Everything is happening in Vegas—Honeymoon in Vegas and C E Yes…. Thanks for the video.

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