Podcast Episode #3 – Broadway General Manager Nina Lannan on managing and more.

I’m one of the fortunate folks who have had the pleasure of working for Broadway GM and Executive Producer Nina Lannan, when I held the Company Manager post on Thoroughly Modern Millie and Gypsy.  (In case you didn’t know, Nina is the co-founder of Bespoke Theatricals and has a line of management credits longer than the lines at women’s restroom at intermission that include all sorts of shows from Cats to Mamma Mia! and the upcoming School of Rock.) I learned so much during my few years as her management foot soldier, and I wanted you to get just a sample of what I got every single day, which is why I asked Nina to be the first GM guest on my podcast.  And boy did she not disappoint. Listen to the podcast and hear Nina discuss:

  • How Cats went more than a million dollars over budget, and couldn’t pay their bills.
  • The difference between producing/managing in The West End compared to Broadway.
  • The importance of not getting pushed around, even if you make a mistake.
  • What super long running show she’s budgeting for a revival right now – that’s right guys, Nina gives us some scoop!

This 30 minute podcast is like a master class in General Management training.  Don’t miss it.

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  • David Merrick Jr says:

    Invaluable stuff here. Keep it up,ken, much appreciated!

    And thanks for throwing Dad’s name in there..

  • Sue says:

    I am loving the podcasts! All amazing professionals with a wealth of information to share. Any way you can improve the sound quality? Even with volume turned up to the max, it’s hard to hear. Sounds like everyone is speaking underwater with a helicopter buzzing overhead. Surely you know a sound expert or two!

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