I’m so thrilled at the terrific response I got from my very first podcast.  I’ve gotten so many emails all I can think is that I let you down by not doing this for you sooner!  🙂

I’m gonna make it up to you . . . by continuing to bring you super peeps that make our beautiful business go round.

And the guest for our next podcast certainly does that.

On this week’s episode, I sit down and chat with Charlotte St. Martin, the Executive Director of The Broadway League, the trade organization that oversees all of Broadway.  If you’re not sure exactly what The Broadway League does, and who makes up its 800 or so members, then, well, you really need to listen to this podcast because Charlotte will explain the whole thing to you.   In addition she’ll talk about . . .

  • Why Broadway is booming and what we can do to keep it booming
  • What Broadway can learn from the hotel industry
  • Why having Theater Owners and Producers in the  same trade organization is a good thing

And a heck of a lot more.

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  • DrMike says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two podcasts. Your enthusiasm for Broadway certainly shines through. Living outside of NYC can make Broadway sometimes seem like a different planet, but your insights and perspectives on this blog and now the podcast pull me in time and again and make me excited for my next trip to NYC.
    Thank You!

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