The Top 10 Most Read Producer’s Perspective Blogs of 2014

Another year is in the history books.  And another year is in the bloggin’ books!

I don’t know about you, but at the close of every annum I like to take stock of what I’ve done over the past year, so I can set my goals and resolutions for the next year accordingly.

I’ve got all kinds of goals – personal goals, professional goals, and even, yep, bloggin’ goals.

My mission as a blogger is the same as my mission as a Producer . . . give the people what they want even if sometimes they may not know they want it.

Part of understanding that goal is trying to determine what my audience (in the theater and on this blog) enjoys.  That’s why I pour through my Google Analytics stats for the blog periodically, but especially now . . . and I come up with a list of the Top 10 Most Popular Blogs of the Year!

I thought I’d post them here for you, to remind you of stuff you’ve liked, to see if your opinion has changed on any of them, and, of course, if for some reason you missed one along the way (gasp!), this will give you a chance to see what captured the theatrical interest of the most readers.

So, as you shake off last night’s reverie, here’s some light reading for you.

And when you’re done . . . take a look at your year.  What did you do that worked?  What did you do that didn’t?  And what are you going to this year that’s different?


The Top 10 Most Read Producer’s Perspective Posts of 2014

  1. The Winners of the First Annual Ghostlight Awards Are…
  2. Why do people give Standing Ovations? We did a survey to find out.
  3. The most important review of Peter Pan.
  4. Hard Times for a Hardbody.
  5. The next gen of performers (and their schools) are serious, yo.
  6. The Last 20 Years of Best Musical Winners: A By the Numbers Infographic.
  7. My Take on Non Union Tours: Part I – A History
  8. Only Cameron can recoup a show the day after it opens.
  9. A Broadway opening night where you actually get to celebrate.
  10. Sure you get a refund if an above-the-title star is out, but what about…


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  • Dara Ely says:

    Thanks for sharing this top 10 list – interesting to see what the pure numbers said about people’s favorites. And – gasp – I had missed one or two as I’m a newish reader! With respect to theater, one thing I did right last year was see more shows.

    One thing I want to do this year is be more adventurous with my theater selections. In the past I have leaned toward shows I felt I had a predisposition to like (performers, composers, storylines). So I’m going to try to see more plays and musicals that will introduce me to something new. I’d also like to go to some cabaret events. Goes without saying I’ll keep reading this blog and I’d like to comment and interact more with my fellow readers.

    Happy New Year all.

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