This Sunday, It’s Off Broadway Shark Tank!

They beat me to it.

I’ve been brainstorming a way to do a live Broadway Shark Tank, and were just getting ready to firm up the details, when, leave it to those crafty folks over at the Off Broadway Alliance to beat me to it.  (Goes to show you, sometimes launching first, and perfecting second is the best way to go – especially when you’re dealing with a “hot” topic of an idea.)

But in this case, who cares about who came up with it first, because this is just awesome for everyone.

This Sunday, at high noon, the Off Broadway Alliance is sponsoring “Off Broadway Shark Tank” or “How to Pitch a Producer” which will feature three teams of Producers pitching their shows to the Off Broadway Sharks, who include veteran Producers Ken Waissman, Ed Gaynes, and Barbara Whitman.  Hugh Hysell, marketing expert, will keep the sharks from eating the contestants by moderating the discussion.

If you want to go see the sharks feed, then click here to register.

The seminar is free, but the Off Broadway Alliance requires registration.

And go early and stay late for free bagels and coffee and priceless networking.

Enjoy – and maybe I’ll announce my own version of Shark Tank soon enough.


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  • If I had a nickel for every time I watched Shark Tank wishing I could pitch my new musical to a producer, I’d be rich; still unfulfilled, but rich. Great minds!

    • Ken, I enjoy reading your blogs. They are so informative. I am actually the first one up on tomorrow’s panel. A little nervous, but excited. I joined the OBA after attending a Panel this last fall where you (among others) spoke.

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