Who won the tickets to Application Pending?

We had an interesting multiple choice question for this week’s giveaway . . . you played the role of the Admissions Officer in our kindergarten drama and had a choice of three students to accept:  The offspring of Bill/Hillary Clinton, Bill/Melinda Gates or Mother Teresa and God only knows (literally).

And here’s how you voted:

  •  8% for a Clinton kid
  • 32% for another Gates
  • 60% for the child of Mother Teresa!!!

Ahh, that’s the bummer about great nuns.  Their kids could have done so much!  (Although maybe MT’s kid would have rebelled and been a pot-smoking, punk rocker with 16 piercings in places you can’t see – hehe – that’s funny.)

But enough thinking about hypothetical gene pools, the winner of the two tickets to Application Pending is . . . Nancy Cohen-Koan!  Congrats, Nancy.  Email me and I’ll set you up with tickets.

And I hope all of you and your kids get into your first choice school.


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