Who won the tickets to It’s Only A Play?


I’m still laughing at all of your terrifying, hysterical and embarrassing stories you submitted for this week’s giveaway.  Forgive my schadenfreude, but man oh man this was some funny stuff.  What you guys have gone through for the theater!  But despite all that, you’re still here, keepin’ on, keepin’ on, when others would have quit.  That’s how you know you really love something; when it can beat you up, and you want to get back up and get back in.

So which one of the 100+ stories is the random winner of the two tickets to It’s Only A Play?

Congratulations to . . . Laura Porter!

Laura, you won!  Email me to get your tickets and enjoy the show.

And the rest of you . . . I hope you never have a story like the one you submitted ever again . . . even though I know you will.  Just remember, It’s Only A You-Know-What!


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