Fun on a Friday: A Gentleman’s Guide to Subtle Marketing.

Like all of my Fun on a (Freezing) Friday blogs, this one will incite a few chuckles, for sure.

But what’s great about the video you’re about to see is that it’s a piece of fantastic marketing, without feeling like marketing.

When you click the link, you’ll see a Facebook video put together by A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, which features star Jefferson Mays, covering hits up for last week’s Grammys.  Fun, right?  Well, what’s even more fun is that each song is sung by a different Jefferson Mays character from Gentleman’s Guide.

It’s pretty hysterical.

But what’s brilliant about the vid is that it uses the greatest strength of the show, and one of the greatest word-of-mouth talking points (“How did that guy play so many different characters?”) as the vehicle to deliver the laughs.  So if you are laughing at the video, you are laughing at the same conceit used in the show.

On top of that, they ripped a story from the headlines (the Grammys), which is always a way to get to the top of Facebook Feeds (look for my blog on Brian Williams on Tuesday – I bet it has more likes than a non-topical story).

So enjoy the video, and enjoy the subtle marketing message you’re getting at the same time . . . and then start thinking about how you can do the same for your show.

Click here to watch.



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  • Paula says:

    Jefferson Mays—talented man. Fun show!

  • fran says:

    Loved it. Especially “I Am My Own Bass!” Saw the show and loved it. Besides being a brilliant performer, I was blown away (homage intended) by the scene he did standing only on one leg the whole time!

  • Starr says:

    It really brings it home about being contextual with your marketing. Too many theatre companies just talk about themselves and what they are doing. The geniuses over at #GGLAM are talking about other shows. Congratulating them. A true act to follow.

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