I saw the future. And it was BroadwayCon!

Well, it took awhile.

Back in 2011, I blogged about the “con” revolution.  You know, ComicCon, EmeraldCityCon, DragonCon, ILikeHungarianCabinetMakingCon, and so on.  With all the different “cons” out there, I had to wonder why there was no BroadwayCon.

Well, thank your lucky Broadway stars, there is one now.

Just this week, Co-Founder Anthony Rapp (yep that Anthony Rapp, of Rent fame) announced that the first ever BroadwayCon will take place one year from now, in January of 2016.  They’re planning on roundtables, master classes, autograph sessions and a whole lot more.  And please tell me that people are going to dress up like their favorite Broadway characters.  I’m dying to see a convention center filled with Mormons, Elphabas and a bunch of giant Pumbaas.

Sounds like a Broadway blast to me.

It’s going to be a great opportunity for fans to come together in person (instead of in a chat room – imagine that, actual offline communication) and share their love of all things Broadway.

And it’s going to be a great opportunity for shows to market to those fans, because they’ll be in one specific place.

That’s a win squared.

The tickets are a bit pricey, but maybe that’s because the programming hasn’t been announced yet so it’s hard to assign it a value.  And I do wish the tickets were actually on sale when they announced (side bar:  whenever I’m doing a show, I never announce until I can sell a ticket – because your announcement press break is usually your biggest publicity hit before you open, so you want to take advantage of it).  That said, I was correct in predicting that there would be a BroadwayCon someday.  And now I’m predicting that BroadwayCon is going to be a big hit.

I know I’ll be there.  And in fact, oh organizers, I’ll raise my hand right now and say I’d be happy to be on a panel, or even just work the popcorn machine, if you’ll have me.

Because BroadwayCon sounds like the place to be.

See you there!


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  • Iris says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m so excited but I’m quite certain that the things offered will be well worth it. After all, day the daily price is less than a Broadway ticket and you’ll be offered a whole day of panels, performances, workshops, compared to a 2.5h hour show. That is not saw that a 2.5h show isn’t worth the money (because it is), but I think the added-up awesomeness of that entire day will warrant the money. I only wish the 2-day pass was a little cheaper than buying two 1-day passes. And I do hope they will announce some of the program before tickets go on sale!
    That being said… why is January 2016 so far away? 😀

  • Amy says:

    this is awesome!! I am super thrilled and will totally book a trip to NYC for this! I don’t think it’s pricey, either, with what you get compared to other cons. so exciting!!

  • Jared W says:

    I agree its on the expensive side, especially for the inaugural event. Day passes to ComicCon in San Diego are only half that price.

    Now, if a ticket to a Broadway show is included in that price, well that’s a different story! (Which I actually think would be a great idea; let guests pick from a list of Broadway shows that have seats to sell during the notoriously slow winter months.)

  • Carvanpool says:

    Yes, much too expensive. Money better spent on seeing shows, but why shouldn’t Broadway compete with itself during the tough winter months?

    Bad idea, poorly executed. That’s Broadway for you!

  • Debbie says:

    This is a great idea! Let’s judge the price after we learn more about the product. I suspect smart marketers will offer some sort of show discounts for event attendees.

  • That sounds fun. I would go.

  • Tom Hartman says:

    A comment and a question

    Dressing up as your favorite character could be fun but as God is my witness, a room full of 50-something Little Orphan Annies would, well….make me go bonkers and end up in Yonkers.

    Did anyone from BroadwayCon take you up on your offer?

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