If you want to work in the theater, you have to net-work in the theater. Start Saturday!

“It’s all about who you know,” right?

Well, in the theater, which only has about 18 people who work on every show, who you know is even more important.

Which is why networking (which isn’t what you do to a bunch of computer servers, all u tech-trained millennials) is more important than variable pricing.  And honestly, it’s one of the biggest regrets I had when I was dreaming of being in the biz.  I didn’t do enough of it!  (Honestly, you can’t do too much.)

Networking opps are hard to come by, though, I know (I’ve got some planned for the future – sign up here to be the first to hear about ’em), which is why I’m bringing you a big ol’ juicy one right now.

NYMF is holding their annual networking event this Saturday night from 6:30 – 8:30pm at the good ol’ theatrical hangout, Hurley’s, here in Times Square.  They want Producers, Designers, Directors, General Mangers, and anyone who might want to work on a NYMF show this summer (which is right around the corner, regardless of what the temperature tells you) to come on down and meet the writers of this year’s shows.

I send a lot of my consult clients who come to me looking for a way to break into the theater to events just like this.  You’re not going to make a lot of money.  But you’re going to make a lot of connections . . . and a lot of friends.  And friends help each other get where they want to go.

You’ve got to start somewhere.  So start this Saturday . . . at the NYMF Networking Party.

Click here to learn more and let ’em know you’re going!


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